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  1. Hi I have 2 overpayments currently being reccovered from my ctc these are for 2011/12 I have being disputing and complaing etc since then. I have all my sars data with parts missing have wrote complaint about missing data also contacted my mp who contacted them. What i am wondering now I have majorityof call reccords and screen shots I feel it should go to offical error, however was wondering if i should await response from ministerial complaints or carry on and submit letter of official error.
  2. :lol:couldnt of put it better lmao:madgrin:HAWC well they didnt return today n I will be bringin my account up to dat inc late fees tomorrow as I have told them, its not like I was trying to avoid paying or complaing about late fee just a bit of understanding and respect, certainly wasnt expecting them to react in such a harsh and unlawful manner and to some people probably probably very intimidating. For an temporary financial problem to which I had no controll over but had all responsibilty of the aftermath. Just gt to decide weather to go in shop n pay or do it over phn in morning Will let u kmw wot if anything is said do u advise to record any convos and if so do I have to tell them before hand
  3. So its within no interest of customer to pay extra on wkly payment then it just sits in there accounts gaining intrest for them and they never mention it if u fall behind on payments jeeeez
  4. Ohh it wouldnt suprise me as I knw of other similar stores who offer same product for half the wkly payments but personally am stering well clear after all of this. So what actually happens with yellow money then as I asumed any extra paid would come off what I owe them. Am just in process of looking through Oft site to make an official complaint.
  5. Oh and will keep this post upto date with anything else that goes on and also with my complaint to OFT.
  6. Ok thank you so mech again I really hope somthing happens soon within the laws to stop this company from targeting those who they obviously think dont or wont complain about treatment or knw ther rights and insist on them being respected just because you got bad credit or no credit rating dosent make you any less of a person or afraid to stand up for your rights and companies shouldnt be alkowed to take advantage of such individuals.
  7. Yes I agree totally. I am just greatfull I have only had one small relative cheap item through them if this is how they persue people my weekly payments are only 12. Odd and have missed 4 wks to date and they are threatening to tske goods I have not received any letters concerning missed payments or stating that they require the goods back nor have I received a default notice. Surly this is bad business practice. What do I need to include in a complaint to the oft how should it be worded and to where do I send the compkaint would eith of you knw . It also seems strange that they have switched from vans with bh signwritting to plan vans now not sure for what reasons and weather thats just my branch or across company another thing I can rember them breifly outlining when I took out agrement something about yellow money have also heard mention of this instire any ideas what this is. Again much thanks to all that have offered help and surpport with this issue
  8. Well bh turned up at my dr, I wouldnt ususlly not pay like this but it has been a knock on effect from an unauthorised payment been took out of bank over 3 weeks ago which has left me having to catch up on priority debts untill matter is sorted and money returned this I explaind to the two girls who came sat and said full payment or we take the goods. I also told them that I will bring my account up to date tomorrow but they wouldnt except this eith so I was ready for them to come out agin today and when they did I opened dr gave the letter explaing how with out any written correspondence from bh let alone anotice of default or the ones they send out about late fees they had no legal right to say they would take goods and stated that I will only correspond with them in writting and not to knock at my door again without permission and promtly closed dr. They stood shouting for a while then sat in van for aprox 5 mins then left. Will see if anything else happens today and what there attitudes are like when I go instore tomorrow to pay up to date.
  9. Hun you have no need to feel embarased articals are always goin to take this kind of veiw as its media that conditions us to want the latest things etc, and its also media that promotes an advertises them as a reliable way for people with less than perfect credit to get latest keep up with jones items, no mention of those who need necessary items such as fridge/frezzers washers etc.Please dont letmthis make you feel you are in the wrong it is bh and the mass media and gov that are all in wrong for letting them keep getting away with what they are doing.
  10. Nt sure if this will be of any help but re orrigiana bank account at barclays try emailing this guy Paul.maddox@barclays.com I was having issues of dif nature with barclays I emailed him at tea time after finding his email on a feed on a similar site to this and by morning had email back off one of his team who were extremely helpful set up a official complaint into my issue even put a goodwill gesture payment into my account and delt with my problem within a week its worth a shot and at keast they can look into what actually happened and why account was closed
  11. Ok will find out my details and forward to you wont be tonight though as im not at home at present thankyou.
  12. Yes its just unfortunate for those that have had thousands of pounds worth of goods through them or necessary items. Some of other post/feeds on hear just make u so mad how can a company get away with this for so long, surely there has to be a way of legally bringin this to the knowledge of all.Only not everyone would think to put a search in google n find this site and ask for help, they will just keep bending to these bullies demands and dobt even get me started on there customer relations there staff have to be some of the rudest I have ever had to deal with
  13. Lets hope so im glad I only had one item off them but still am gonna have paid over £600 for xbox 360 I could of gt for half that price in away glad this happened as was contemplating having an ottoman bed through them but saw price and that made me check online and there cat price is almost 4x the price you would pay online .
  14. Think im just gonna stick to living within my means n reducing my outgoings eg drstep lenders bh & cash converters bringing them all down slowly but surley but much thanks for advise 8)
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