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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've tried to have a good look through the website, which has always been a great help over the years (thank you so much!!) but I just need to clarify a few things before I end up doing something stupid. I had the old mortgage style student loans with the Student Loans Company back in 1993 and 1994, and deferred them over the years due to low income and poor mental health. I don't know if I'm remembering right but I think the last time I acknowledged the debt and tried to defer again was 2012 or 2013 (not a good year personally, don't remember much). Fast forward a few years, find out the account was sold to Erudio - never acknowledged any debt, but now in the past week, I've received a Letter Of Claim from DrydensFairfax to my current address which starts with the following: "This is a Letter of Claim sent to you in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims...". They are trying to claim both 1993 and 1994 loans together under one account number and the account summary only states balance on 11th September 2018 (debits/credits/interest), along with adjustments for menial amounts between 6/9/2018 and 11/9/2018. So, how much of this is hot air or are they trying to get a backdoor CCJ? Should I send a CCA request to them (is it s.77 or s.78, sure its s.77 but better to be sure)? Do I send the new GDPR SAR request and if so, who do I send it to - SLC, Erudio or Drydens? Do I bother to fill in the Income and Expenditure form, repayment offer, or reply form they've sent? Apologies for the questions, need to make sure I don't screw it up. ta
  2. Hi I have received a letter this morning from DWP saying I owe them £1939.17 and advising me that they will proceed with either debt collectors or Attachment of Earnings order to recover this unless I agree a repayment plan. I rang them to ask what the debt is for and they told me it was for overpayment of child tax credits from Sept 1993-Dec 1993 and for Oct 1995-Nov 1995. They have agreed to send me the relevant paperwork but said they will still proceed with collection while I am waiting for the papers. I have recently requested a pension forecast and am presuming this is how it has all come to light. Am I still liable after all this time? This is the first time I have heard about this `debt`. Thanks for any help
  3. hi, am new on here and probably in the wrong place but here goes. We have had our mortgage since 1993 not sure if there is some kind of timescale for making a complaint we feel we were missold our protection due to the fact my husband was on full pay for 6 months in the event off sickness or accident. Also we were led to believe that we might not get the mortgage if we didnt take this policy- I actually have this in writing from the britannia. It does state on the letter our right to cancel, but immediately after that it states in bold capital letters NOTE- THIS PRODUCT MAY BE COMPULSORY WITH YOUR MORTGAGE. Would that have been correct?? Thanks in advance
  4. In 1993, our lender was granted a possession order which was suspended as we came to an arrangement with them. Recently, our lender became very aggressive and applied to the court for permission to enforce the order which they were granted by a judge who refused to hear our arguments for it not to be granted. Can anyone advise on this? Many thanks. PS Sorry (it's my 1st post) I've just noticed I should have posted this in the "repossessions" section?
  5. at the end of 80s beginning on 90's we got ourself into financial difficulties, mainy due to the recession at the time (mortgage interests rates 15% etc) and my husband ran a small building company, just started a family etc. In September 1991, the Bank we had our current account, business account and mortgage with decided to pull the plug on us and requested immediate repayment of overdrafts and a small loan we had taken out. At that time the total debt was £9000, albeit mostly made up of bank charges, I still have some of the old bank statements. They tried to repossess our house (we had a mortgage with them too), but in Oct 1992 the bank decided to stop repossession proceedings and pursue the monetary debt via a CCJ. The CCJ happened in Jan 1993 and the debt had spiralled from £9000 to £15,000 (which was a further £6000 in charges in a year), the accounts were closed back in Sept 1991, so we were unable to use them. A figure of £40 a month was agreed to be paid to clear debt and it was agreed that interest would be stopped. Whilst all this was happening the small business ceased and my husband was unable to find alternative work for a long while so we lived on benefits for 3/4 years. We have more or less religiously paid this £40 payment for the past 19 years and have therefore paid off over £9000, in our estimations. The Bank still send us budget plans to complete every year, but we have refused to complete them for a while now. Our children have grown up and I am now able to work too, so household income has increased. The Bank cannot let us know exactly how much is outstanding, they have threatened in the past to reinstate interest charges and take us back to Court as they want us to increase our monthly repayment figure. With the bank charge fiasco over past year or so, are we able to claim back these bank charges through the Courts? Also as we have paid the original debt off shouldn't the bank write off the amount left. Any advice would be welcolmed, as we feel bullied by this Bank, we have a property with some equity in it, not sure a Judge would justify a second charge on the house for this remaining debt 20 years on. We have never had even so much as an overdraft since then and have an excellent credit rating.
  6. Just had a letter saying I owe The DWP £1180.79 and to make a payment by 24/9/2012. Phoned and asked what it related to and it appears to be for income support from 1993!! where do I stand and can I fight this or do I just have to pay up. I haven't got that kind of money and it was not what I needed in the run up to christmas. I hope someone can give me some advice please.
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