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  1. Hi I have received a letter this morning from DWP saying I owe them £1939.17 and advising me that they will proceed with either debt collectors or Attachment of Earnings order to recover this unless I agree a repayment plan. I rang them to ask what the debt is for and they told me it was for overpayment of child tax credits from Sept 1993-Dec 1993 and for Oct 1995-Nov 1995. They have agreed to send me the relevant paperwork but said they will still proceed with collection while I am waiting for the papers. I have recently requested a pension forecast and am presuming this is how it has all come to light. Am I still liable after all this time? This is the first time I have heard about this `debt`. Thanks for any help
  2. Hallowitch, the threat to get court order and locksmiths was made over the phone last week and again this morning when i rang the bailiff to try once again to organise weekly payments. They have never been over the door. My offers of payment have only been verbal so far but i will follow your advice and use the letter template. Should I start making weekly payments now on the website? I have just taken on a second job which is weekly paid so this would be more convenient. Thanks again
  3. Please help, am out of my mind with worry. I have had a visit from Equita about my council tax and they are now telling me that they have applied to the court for a break in warrant and locksmith as i will not let them in the house. I have offered payment plans but they are never enough and they want the whole amount of £1337. I have contacted the council to try and arrange payment with them but they have refused saying there is nothing they can do now it is in the hands of the bailiffs. Are they allowed to do this?
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