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  1. I don't know if this is a question, a warning or a rant but having just experienced the worst car journey of my life, I am feeling pretty traumatised and having flashbacks of the nightmare I had yesterday. These are just the highlights. I was driving from North Perthshire to Lancashire and just as I was south of Glasgow, the car jolted and my car's amber engine light came on along with a red light with a message saying ENGINE SYSTEM ERROR. I pulled onto the hard shoulder, switched the engine off and then restarted. Everything seemed fine for about five minutes and then it happened again. The car's revs were capped at 2,000rpm and due to the road and driving conditions, this meant that there were long stretches of incline that I could only achieve 20mph. I have 'Silver' breakdown cover with Eversure/PEX (for reference only, I have included the details below) I phoned them and explained my situation but the operator refused to offer any assistance saying that my policy did not cover warning light issues. I tried to explain that it was not a just a warning light, there was an error light. I was told that so long as my vehicle could move, I had not broken down. I asked to speak to a manager and was passed to a supervisor and got the same story. Eventually, I got to speak to a manager but he just said the same although he did offer to send a truck to remove the car from the motorway for £100 but said that it would probably take an hour and a half before they arrived. I refused this because I was so outraged that I was being denied assistance and I had no way of paying it. I was told that it was standard within the breakdown industry not to cover warning light issues and kept telling me to read my policy documents (as if I had access to them right then - they were e-mailed to me and were on my laptop). Again, I tried to explain that it was an error light, not a warning light. In the heat of the moment, I said something which later realised was not true, I said that this was the first time I had ever needed breakdown assistance with any company and was disgusted that on the first occasion that I needed it, I was being refused. However, I later remembered that I had an old camper many years ago for which I needed assistance (with either the RAC or AA - I don't remember), once for a broken fan belt (the battery light had come on), once for a burst radiator and once for a detached exhaust, none of which, by their criteria, would qualify for assistance - I could have driven until the battery was flat, I could have kept filling the radiator with water and I could have carried on driving making a racket with no silencer. The upshot was that as far as they were concerned, there was no reason that I could not continue my journey, even if it meant limping along at 20mph with trucks driving three feet behind me flashing at me. Consequently, I had no choice but to drive up the hard shoulder until I reached the next exit which was Abingdon Services where I tried to think what to do. I was 190 miles from my destination. I figured that I could maybe take the back roads but no matter how I tried to configure CoPilot on my phone (strictly avoid motorways), it continued to present a route which took me onto the motorway. Eventually, I changed the satnav vehicle to bicycle and it got the message. I hadn't really got a clue where I was or where I was going. I drove about thirty winding miles along ancient bumpy, pot-holed roads linking villages and hamlets imagining the carts which passed a hundred years before me with my car juddering away thinking that I was in a nightmare that would not end. I then found an A road and after some time hit Carlisle at rush hour so it took almost an hour to get from the north to the south and heading to Penrith. Still having to stop to let the understandably impatient past and then stopped for half an hour to let the traffic calm down. In the outskirts of Penrith, at one point, the satnav told me to turn right but before I even considered it, immediately to my right, the road I was supposed to take was blocked by this: I just found the photo on a local news site. I had thought that my memory had exaggerated it. Still at the mercy of the satnav to avoid the motorway, I realised I was heading into the Lake District and followed it blindly until I saw a sign for Kirkstone Pass which, for anybody who does not know, is 1:5 in parts (20%) and by this time it was pitch black. The prospect of retracing my route was too much so I attacked Kirkstone Pass ascending in first gear at about 5mph. After a while, I then came to a turn which seemed a bit wild but did as I was instructed which led to a track crossing a dual carriageay. I followed this for a mile or so until I came to a farmyard with a locked gate. At this point, I reverted to car mode and I had no option but to go back and join the dual carriageway on which I just kept pulling over to let traffic past. Each time I pulled over, I switched the engine off and restarted it which gave me a few minutes of grace before the error came on and I suddenly had no power again. After struggling through Kendal and trying to get onto the A6 but found myself on the M6. Thankfully, by this time, the traffic was fairly light and although there were still lorries who seemed to enjoy driving right up my backside when there were two clear lanes to overtake, I eventually reached my destination. It usually takes just under five hours but I was in the driving seat for eleven. Everybody I have spoken to is outraged that the breakdown company refused to help including the mechanic who is now hopefully fixing my car. The policy document does state under things which are not covered, 'Assistance whereby your vehicle dashboard warning lights are activated, however your vehicle has not broken down and is not immobilised'. As a former aircraft mechanic, I consider amber lights to be warning lights, red lights are faults. The LCD display said ENGINE SYSTEM ERROR, which is not a warning, it is saying that something is wrong. Every web page I have looked at today says that red dashboard lights tend to mean that the car requires immediate attention. Red means stop in every language, doesn't it? I'd be curious to know what other people think. When I get home, I intend to look into getting this clarified and make a formal complaint. Information from the insurance certificate: Section 1: Basic Cover Roadside Assistance 30 minutes Local Recovery Up to 25 miles National Recovery Transport to home or destination Section 3: Silver Cover Offers the following in addition to Basic Cover Benefits: Onward Travel i) Alternative transport ii) Overnight accommodation (£75 per person, £250 in total) iii) Replacement vehicle (£100) Home Start At or within 1 mile of home address Callout Limit 6 callouts Claim Limit Max £2,500 total claims per year
  2. I wonder if anyone could advise me on behalf of my son. His car recently had a problem and he called the RAC out to deal with it. The car, which is automatic, was towed to a garage. The car was hooked up and driven at 50 miles an hour or more, this resulted in his gear box being damaged. His car was repaired for the original problem when it broke down but the garage commented on the problem with the gear box. Renault recommended that a car being towed should not be over 15 miles per hour. This has been taken up with the RAC who have taken 3 weeks to get back to him to say after speaking with the RAC man concerned that they would not be able to help with the cost of repair to his car and other costs. They still had the tracking of the speed and have said it was only going at 30 miles per hour. My son has asked for a copy of the tracking information but the RAC spokesperson who is dealing with his complaint have said they cannot or will not supply him with a copy of the tracking. The garage where the car was repaired have said the tracking information would prove it was the speed that has caused the gear box failure. The car is old and that is what the RAC are saying, it is because of the age of the car. If that is their reckoning why do they not just supply the proof. Is there anything he can do to get the RAC to supply him with the tracking information? Any help greatly appreciated. His car is in the garage by the way and will cost over a £1000 to repair, as my son is self employed and uses his car for his business he has had to get a loan to buy another car.
  3. I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this please. I joined RAC breakdown cover in December. I have not used the service at all and hope to never need it, but it is there just in case. Other than the initial confirmation email and card arriving by post, that was that. Until 3 weeks ago when I started getting several emails from RAC and others in connection with the RAC, ie FeFoo who were doing a survey on behalf of the RAC. I never gave RAC permission to annoy me with emails and certainly never consented to them giving my email address to 3rd parties such as FeFoo. I contacted RAC initially by completing their online complaints for, An autoresponder said they would reply within 5 working days. They did not. I did the same again and again they did not respond, so I called them to register my complaint about my complaint. I received an email from RAC last week in which they apologised for not responding before and they offered me £15 compensation as an apology for the non-response. However, they told me in the same email that when I joined I did not opt out of emails. Firstly, I certainly did as I am one of those people that refused to give shops my email for this exact reason. Secondly, I thought the law had been changed in that you now have to ‘opt in’ and the default is not to be opted in instead of the old way of opting you in unless you remove the opt in selection – as used to be the case with the likes of Adobe Flash player that used to pause enough time to get you to click ‘accept’ then autofill the additional junk software you did not want, that has now been changed to NOT autofill. Can anyone please clarify if I am right on this? RAC should not be opting me in unless I specifically say that I want to be by ME selecting an opt-in box, rather than me having to look for and select selecting an opt-out box. Ironically, they said in the same e-mail that I had now been removed and would receive no more junk, then sent me more junk the very next day! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Just to let people know about the trouble I have had with budget insurance. I took out van insurance with them in May this year, as well as the insurance I took out break down cover. This month I had purchased a new van , when I tried changing the insurance over to my new van Budget wanted to double my premiums even thou through an online comparison site they were quoting £20 cheaper than I was paying. When I queried this they said that was for new customers and not for existing customers and they would not budge. I decided to cancel the insurance and has to pay £50 cancellation fee as well as £48 for the break down cover as this was non refundable. I raised a formal complaint with them and they did refund the cancellation fee but they will not refund the £48 breakdown cover, so I am now paying for breakdown cover that I cannot use and cannot transfer. Hope this helps some one else JJ
  5. anyone used eta breakdown service as im thinking of joining it for my motorcycle they said they use local recovery
  6. me and my partner have decided to end our marriage and go our separate ways. we have tax credits and housing benefits claims that both have overpayment recovery on them. I am the one that will be leaving the house we currently rent leaving my husband and 2 kids in the house. I have been told that i will have to cancel the tax credits and housing benefit and my husband will have to make a new claim for universal credits (both our names are on both claims). I will just be living off my wages and will not be able to afford to give my husband any money (I will be paying the bills while universal credit is being processed and all the things we have on finance anyway). He is fine with this but I am wondering what will happen about the overpayments. I will not receive anything in terms of benefits and I will not be able to afford to make any payments. any help would be much appreciated
  7. Hi guys, I need some advice i got my car broke down two days ago and by mistake i contacted my previous breakdown company instead of current one. The guy over the phone asked for policy number which i told him that i dont have with me right now, then the guy got my car reg details and my details and arranged recovery without telling me any cost or about my policy. Today i received an invoice from them asking me £98 to pay as my policy was expired in July. I got my call recorded and it clearly tells that it was their fault not to inform me that my policy has expired and there will be a cost for the call out. I rang their debt department and lady told me that she is going to listen that call and will get back to me. Any advice what shall i do next if they still refuse to accept their fault. Thanks
  8. Just needed some advice please . I took out breakdown cover in july on the go compare website . It was £27 with max 4 call outs. In august i had a flat battery at my home called them they came out and jump started me everything sorted drove and got a new battery , no problem . Today i get an invoice for £ 30 saying that there is an excess on every call out and i should of seen it on the go compare website . I read all documents sent to me , and it does not mention £30 excess on them , also the lady i spoke to when i needed them never once mentioned there would be an excess cgarge . I rung them today furious and this was there reply below . Dear XXXXXX Thank your call please see attached documention and screenshots of the go compare site were you puchased the policy. I must make you aware unless you pay the excess on the policy you will invalidate the insurance and as a result will be liable for the full cost of the recovery ( cira £204 + VAT ) if you fail to pay the outstanding in 5 working days we will be instrycting our debt collection team to procede to follow official avenues to collect the amount of recovery and you may also be liable for our costs in collection aswell. signed XXXXXX Just wondered if anyone has any advice . The guy has cancelled the policy and was very threating on the phone .
  9. For many years I've religiously renewed my breakdown coverage because it's very cheap - £15. During that period I think I've used them only once before, but recently I punctured five miles from home. Ordinarily I would put the spare on myself but, Sod's Law, only that morning had lent someone my repair kit and didn't have it back yet. Rather than walk home, I decided to use breakdown. When I rang, they told me they couldn't find my details and said I hadn't renewed, but I was adamant that I had. They agreed to send someone in good faith providing my details could be clarified (I was also given the impression that if there had been a problem with the renewal, it could be rectified). As it was, it took them four hours to get to me (had I known it would be that long, I'd have walked home!). This prompted them to, the following day, ring me and offer £50 compensation. Now I've received a threatening letter saying I didn't renew and they want paying for everything. I'm assuming they mean the £50 and the cost of the (third party) breakdown guy. They haven't put a figure on this but I dread to think what it is. Having now checked, I found that I haven't a renewal policy. Further investigation shows that I sent them a cheque (which I have proof off) but, again Sod's Law kicking in, the £15 cheque that was subsequently cashed on my bank statement, and that I therefore assumed was for the renewal, was actually a late cheque that I'd written three months earlier, cashed late. So what now? I know that I sent them the cheque, so feel like I'm being punished because they lost the cheque. I know that I won't be able to afford whatever figure they come out with, and most certainly wouldn't have willy nilly rang for a breakdown guy to come out had I not thought I had coverage. Thanks in advance.
  10. I signed up for a year of cover on a washer dryer and have just found out that they have been taking the payments since 2011 without me realising or indeed authorising it. I spoke to them and they were incredibly unhelpful - a rude and arrogant woman on the phone who said that they were not regulated by anyone and fundamentally they could do what they liked. They claim to have been sending me renewal notices each year which I have not received - I moved property so cannot verify this. Their main line of defence is that when they sent the first renewal letter it said that unless you cancel then it will automatically renew. I cannot believe that this is allowed?!? Can anyone please help me claim my hundreds of pounds back? I could have purchased about 3 new machines now for the amount they have charged!!! Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Seriously boiling mad - I have had RAC breakdown insurance for last 4 yrs . On auto renewal direct debit . Just discovered after checking my bank online they have taken out £113 ( Last years renewal was £85 ) with no letter sent to state new premium - straight on phone to wait 20 minutes for call center . I have used their service about twice in 4yrs . Demanded a full refund for the absolute cheek of them , got offered a check in the post . ( Firstly in was a £16 refund ) Now waiting for their Complaints section to contact me for a direct transfer as it has maxed out my poor account - will not be using them again or recommending these shysters . Beware if yr on DD payments
  12. Hi Guys We recently purchased a new car for my girlfriend to the sum of almost £4000. The car was bought from a trader. Service history was good and the car drove well, and we negotiated in a fresh MOT which came back with only minor advisories. TDi car on 54K. We also forked out for a 'Silver' warranty package from Warranty Wise (more on them in a minute). After 11 days, the turbo has gone back and looks like complete failure. Warrantywise want me to take it into a VAT registered garage, pay for diagnosis & have the turbo stripped & sent to them for assessment. Having read up on various sites about warranty wise I'm starting to think it isn't worth the paper it's written on and they will do anything to get out of paying and will most likely cite "wear & tear" even though the car has only done 54K. Their silver cover level also says that it doesn't cover the oil seals on the turbo and things like consequential damage is a grey area.. .so if the turbo going has damaged other parts of the engine then we could be in even more trouble. Also, after having enquired with 3 local garages, they were unwilling to deal with warranty wise due to being messed around with them in the past. called the trader who said that there was nothing he could do and that it was for the warranty company to sort out. I told him that under SOGA the responsibility lies with him as the seller to remedy the car, or that I wanted a full refund as it was only 11 days since purchase. He said he would call warranty wise and discuss it with them and call me back the same day. That was 48 hours ago and I've had no phone call from him. The car is really nice and we would like to keep it if it worked, but can't help feeling this could spiral out of control and the best bet would just be to reject the goods under SOGA and ask for the car to be collected (it's over 60 miles from trader so towing at own cost would be expensive). Are we within our rights to do this, and how do we go about it formally if the trader won't play nice? I am going to call Trading standards / Citizens advice this morning, but any advice from you guys would be much appreciated. Kind Regards
  13. Hi all, Yesterday a breakdown firm helped me with a flat tyre (the tyre iron failed, so I couldn't do it myself). They sorted it out, but unfortunately the driver did not return my wheel lock key, and I was in a rush so I forgot to ask before I drove off. Now I'm stuck with the space-saver for now. The breakdown firm say they've asked the driver, and that he definitely doesn't have my key. This happened on the M4, so I'm crossing my fingers that the thing is lying on the hard shoulder where it presumably fell off the wheel nut when I drove away, but if not I'm going to have to pay to have four wheel lock nuts drilled out, and a replacement set. Are the breakdown company to blame for not returning my key, or am I to blame for not asking for it back? It was done through my insurance, if that makes any difference. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Travelling down the M5 to my 78 year old mother to bring here back to Nottingham for Christmas, my rear wheel bears were failing, so I limped the car into Michael woods services, to do repairs on both sides, under a lamp post as it was late, and raining, I had to ask for grease at the petrol station they had none, so I approached lorry drivers for help. Having missed the car area parking, which is easy to, aspecially at night, I ended up under parking under a low lamp post which was I thought a good position to see. there were 3 drivers which I spoke to, and no warning, in regard to charges, from them, as the man in the station also never warned me. I made repairs with to tools I had brought with me, because I could not afford AA, or RAC, cover, there was a recovery truck were I was pulling up and thought I could get some grease from him, but as I approatched he drove off, I was ,disappointed I asked a truck driver If they had any grease, and one said I could take some from under his artic. Repairs done, I exited Michael wood services and travelled down to Portland Dorset to my mothers. Before retuning back to Nottingham I purchased new bearing and put them in the rear wheels, return journey was good. This morning received charges for over staying from parking eye, why would I want to stay longer than is nessarey repairs took 2 hours 52 mins,in the cold dark wet night!! niper
  15. Hello all, Thankyou for taking the time to read this and hopefully helping me, I recently had a pinion seal fitted to my Navara at a Nissan Garage in Wellington Somerset. The following week I drove to Germany for leave. I drove back (or started to) on saturday (just gone) and about 150 mile into the journey I started smelling burning oil. I pulled over and saw the transfer box was leaking badly. After several hours of waiting with my wife and son (1 yrs old) the breakdown arrived and diagnosed the fault as the pinion seal. By this time it was late saturday night and in a town called Wankum I had little choice but to leave the vehicle at the garage and arrange onward travel myself. The garage said the car would be fixed by the following Saturday so I booked flights to get my family home (so we could work) and a flight back to collect the car. I also paid £10 to change my ferry crossing Nissan have been very unhelpful. I have been pushed from pillar to post betweeb Nissan Wellington Nissan UK and Nissan Germany No one wants to help and Nissan UK even said I may not even be covered for parts warranty. I have written an email to the MD of Nissan UK and have just emailed the owner of Wellington Motors but I am worried non of my expenses will be coivered. Has anyone else had any experience like this? are they likely to refuse to pay and would it be worth taking it to a small claims court? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you want more information let me know I will send it right away. Thanks again Dave
  16. I have been a valued member of the AA for the past 2 years with the Maximum family Cover, I have always thought very highly of them and have recommended them to numerous people. Within one day, when my renewal dropped through the door, my perception has totally changed and I am totally shocked at their lack of customer service. My renewal quote was 90% more than I paid last year, initially i thought they had made a mistake and called them, they clarified the price and said this was because my family (with 3 cars) had called them out 10 times over the past year, they would not budge on or reduce the price !! I know for a fact this is wrong as i keep records, i informed the advisor that in fact it was only seven times as a few of the times i had cancelled due to a long wait time for assistance, 2 of the call outs were also within 24 hours as the patrol said nothing was wrong first time ?? I was told to write in with my concerns, An email was immediately sent but they have not even had the courtesy to reply to me. The same cover for a new member is available at half the price i have been quoted, they are insistent on charging loyal customers alot more money. The same cover is also available with competitors at alot cheaper price, dont want to leave them, but feel i have no choice !! What has happened to the AA ???? Not Looking after customers !!!!! Not responding to their emails !!!! VERY POOR - AVOID AT ALL COSTS
  17. hi,i bought a car from a dealer which broke down on the way home(20mls of a 50ml journey),when I told the dealer here is the reply on email---hi, un-fortunetly we don't work with the warranty company which is why you signed the no warranty sales form on purchase. It's designed to work with your local garage but it does take a week to get validated, we would and have never sold any vehicle with pre existing faults. You are welcome to bring the car back to us and we can take it to a garage around the corner who works with the warranty company but it would be off the road for 1 week until the warranty is active.------ he sold me a warranty for a twelve month period saying I now had 15 months ,I presumed that the other 3 months were his.as I had only had the car for less than a hour what is his liability.i cannot drive car back as non starter .when I looked at the car it would not start .he put a power pack on it and said it only needs a run , he is claiming that it is nothing to do with him because I bought the warranty.what is the law regarding this please
  18. The clutch pedal went without warning on my 2004 Mondeo. I called the AA, they sent a very helpful mechanic who, after trying the clutch, confirmed it had gone and needed to go to a garage. He towed me to Mr Clutch, gave them my details and collected a courtesy car. When the garage phoned me they said the Duel Mass Flywheel had gone, this had damaged the slave cylinder and soaked the clutch plate with oil. Mr Clutch then told me they had been in contact with the AA and had been told this was wear and tear so would not be covering this under my breakdown cover. I was, to say the least, baffled by the decision of the AA, as to how they can make this assumption without seeing the faulty parts. I asked the garage to strip down the flywheel to see if the springs were intact but on inspection the spring was found to have broken, which is failure not wear and tear. I asked the AA to send out an engineer to inspect the broken item which they did, but still came to the same conclusion. I then went through the complaints procedure, and have just heard back to say they think it is down to wear and tear. To my mind if a clutch goes all of a sudden and is due to the springs in the Duel Mass Flywheel breaking causing the slave cylinder to break up and soaking the clutch plate with oil, this is breakage, not wear and tear. I do not know where to go from here, I still have the clutch parts. Any suggestions?
  19. I’ve been a member of the AA now for some years. It’s only this year that I’m disappointed with the service I have received. In January my car blew its intercooler pipe and they refused to pay for the repair stating it was due to a blockage. We are still currently arguing about this one. In fact I have made a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service and we are awaiting the response. My car has since then broke down again. The day before the bank holiday (17th April) we left our home towing a caravan for a six day holiday to the forest of dean. We didn’t get very far. Just 45min down the road before the clutch went, or so we thought. When the service man came, he diagnosed the fault as a turbo issue. First we dropped off the caravan to our house and then the car to our local garage. On the way to the garage I gave my mechanic a quick heads up we’re coming. He said that the turbo if ordered today wouldn’t get delivered until the following Tuesday / Wednesday and we were hoping to try and get away again that Wednesday. The campsite that we had booked with let us move our booking to that Wednesday. The mechanic said that we could drop off the old turbo and pick up a new one if we went ourself to collect. he removed the old turbo that night and then Friday morning I went and exchanged the turbo. I was curious, so while I was there I asked, “Why it had failed?” The man said the fan thing inside the turbo had come loose. I dropped the new / exchanged turbo to the mechanic Friday morning and by the Tuesday we had our car back. Then on the Wednesday night we went Holiday. It was that Tuesday when the problems started. I had just got the car back and so I got the receipts for the new turbo and mechanic bill. I rang my mechanic and gave him the telephone for claims and my details. The next second my mechanic rang me back saying that the AA wouldn't take his word that the turbo is faulty and wanted to see it. Which was impossible as it was exchanged for a new one. And so when I rang them up they said they wouldn't pay as they haven't seen the turbo. It seems to me that the AA are making anything as an excuse not to pay. The reason given for wanting to see the old turbo was they wanted to check for wear and tear. My mechanic said "Everything is wear and tear". As soon as you drive a new car off the forecourt you will have some degree of wear and tear. What is the point of having insurance when every time I go to claim, the AA refuses to pay out? Anyone would think that they are trying to get me to cancel my insurance because my car is getting old. They are quite eager to take my money but very reluctant to pay out. Am I right to be asking to cover this cost. What do you think?
  20. Hi, i was wondering if someone could help me. i am sure I'm not the first or last to report such a problem. i have been a member of AA for about 6 years and have the additional breakdown repair cover. i own a vw golf 1.9tdi 2005 model last week i broke down whilst driving, i lost total power however it was intermittent, even with the full foot down on the accelerator. i suspected it was the turbo or MAF as the warning light appeared on the dash board. i parked up in a safe location, called the AA and they sent a patrol, in favour of the AA, the patrol did arrive within 20 minutes. i explained to the patrol what had happened and he advised that most likely cause was the MAF, as the error code from his machine pointed to that. he cleaned the MAF (Mass air flow Meter) and the light went off. he advised me to drive to a garage of my choice so i did, as he followed me, more black smoke, he flashed me down and recovered me to the garage. the garage inspected the car and advised the MAF was faulty and also the turbo had failed. the garage called the AA and advised of the issues related to the breakdown and that it was a sudden mechanical failure. AA refused to give an authorisation number, i spoke to them today and they advised me they want to send an inspector out and based on his report they may overturn their decision to cover the repair. i hope someone can help me. just dont feel the warranty serves its purpose. thanks
  21. Hi, I purchased a Brand New Kia Cee'd in December 2010. Now, two years later it has started breaking down. After the first time, I took it back to the dealer who said it was the Starter Motor. They replaced this under warranty and I thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later, it broke down again. The RAC identified that the ECU fuse had blown, and advised I take it back to the dealer. I did as advised, and the dealer kept the car for about a week. They identified an issue in the fuse box with a loose wire that was causing the issue. So having fixed this, I was happily driving along and it broke down for a third time. ECU fuse had blown again. It's now still with the dealer where it has been for two weeks. I've not heard anything apart from one call asking if I had one of their courtesy cars. When asking for an update they said they'd ring back, but they never did. All three times it broke down, it cut out in an identical way. This makes me think that the first time it happened, it wasn't really the starter motor, it was whatever is causing the ECU fuse to blow. This would make sense in that the dealer apparently ordered two replacement Starter Motors that both turned out to be 'faulty'. Could it be that there was never an issue with that in the first place? What can I do as I've lost any faith in the vehicle, and won't feel safe driving it once it's returned. It's clear they don't know what the issue is, as the next step was to try and replace the circuit board. Am I within my rights to ask for a replacement if it happens again?
  22. Hi All, We broke-down in France last week and have been flown home by the AA. We then got a call to say it was the clutch and it would cost 800 Euro's. I've checked and it seems this is a lot of money and in the UK for example it would only cost about £300. It does appear it would cost more in france but still not as much as the quote. Do I have any rights to dispute this amount? Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, I am hoping somebody can provide some help for me because I am really unsure of what to do regarding my car. It was serviced by a garage next to my workplace and returned to me yesterday after a full service and MOT. The service included a full inspection and I was advised that "Cylinder head core plugs are badly corroded. Recommend relacement ASAP to avoid antifreeze leakage". The receptionist did not know what this meant, however I booked my car in for tomorrow and she seemed surprised and actually asked if I was treating my car. On the drive home, the car initially drove fine at a range of speeds but after three miles or so I noticed a sudden loss of power when I tried accelerating, this became an intermittent problem and the check engine light flicked on for a millisecond near my home. Today, I took the car straight back and they kept it in all day, ringing me to say it was likely to cause significant damage if driven (!) and they did not have a courtesy car available. I was told that there was significant water under the bonnet due to a leak from the washer jets, and this is a common known problem, but was much worse than they thought yesterday. I know the component is not a MOT requirement, but surely having a car serviced and receiving a "full inspection" should be sufficient to ensure peace of mind that the car is not a 'ticking time bomb' and is fit to be driven home? Is there a legal standing or precendent here? Or, should I rely on my bargaining skills in the hope they will look after me... they have quoted £200 to fix the issue. Thanks for reading, James
  24. Hi, Can somebody please help as I can't for the life of me get my head round the figures we have been given by Black Horse for our ppi offer. We had two loans, both with ppi added on top. First loan was consolidated into second loan 9mths after taking it out. The second loan ran for 4 years with ppi and we did make a claim for one month on it, but this is listed separately in the calcs. The one part which has confused us is this... "Less Payments Due if Pro-Rata Basis" Black Horse have knocked a hefty £750 off the balance under this heading and we've no idea why? Can anyone shed any light on what it means so we can decide whether their figures tally up correctly? Thanks, Dawn
  25. Hi All Sorry but I was unsure where to post this issue so thought best to put it in the general forum. My main question is - Is there a legal meaning for 'wear and tear?' My claim for a Head Gasket failure has been rejected because of this. My car is an S reg so their clause of things they will not cover 'Failure of parts as a result of wear and tear' can surely be used against every claim I ever make which is surely unfair. When I applied for the cover they asked for my registration number and mileage and then increased my premium because of the age and mileage of my car. I am about to complain to the Financial Ombudsman but I am looking for help on how to put my point across with regards to a unfair clause which can be used against any claim for a car of its age taking into account I pay more because of that very issue. Thank you and I look forward to your help. Tony
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