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  1. Hi, It was MBNA originally who I think passed it to a company called Equidebt who then got Weightmans involved all them years ago, was defiantly not Cabot as never heard of them
  2. The company who owned the Debt was Weightmans, now Cabot say they own it ?
  3. Hi All In February 2012 (over 7 years ago) I was taken to court over a large credit card debt which I was unable to pay and the company successfully obtained a CCJ against me (which no loner appears on my credit files). I agreed on the court forms that I could afford to pay £35.00 per month to the company and this was accepted by the court and company who obtained the CCJ, I have been paying the agreed amount with no missed payments since the CCJ was obtained over 7 years ago. For the past few weeks i have been receiving daily calls from a DCA i have never h
  4. Hi Mantinkr, did you get anywhere with this, in the same situation ?
  5. Thanks Lookin, no haven't received anything and thought it was dead and buried in 2013.
  6. Hi All, Need some Advice please from you knowledgeable bunch. Back in Sept 2007 I defaulted and stopped my payments on an Argos Store Card which i had due to financial issues, I had the usual debt collection letters for approx 1 year which i ignored and made no payments on due to not being able to. The default was registered on my Credit File as Nov 2007 and disappeared off my file in Nov 2013, by which time the debt was Statue Barred, During this time no contact was made with any DCA and NO payments were made to the account, and none have been made since
  7. Id wait for them to offer you a 50% reduction !!
  8. I have been a valued member of the AA for the past 2 years with the Maximum family Cover, I have always thought very highly of them and have recommended them to numerous people. Within one day, when my renewal dropped through the door, my perception has totally changed and I am totally shocked at their lack of customer service. My renewal quote was 90% more than I paid last year, initially i thought they had made a mistake and called them, they clarified the price and said this was because my family (with 3 cars) had called them out 10 times over the past year, they would not budge o
  9. Ims / dx - Thanks for the input No idea why they havent chased me, about two months after the house got repossessed, they traced me to my new rented accommodation, I received one letter of a debt company saying that i owed First Plus £43K and that I had 14 days to pay it, obviously i wasn't in a position to pay it, so ignored the letter, one more letter sent about a month later asking to make an arrangement, nothing ever received since. I stayed in that property for another four years and moved last year, no more letters ever received, If they want to trace me
  10. ims21 - Thanks for the reply:- Initial thoughts are the PPI was sold with pressure, the loan being front loaded, only covering for 5 years but now realising it was added to the full 20 year term, hence 20 years of interest ! No questions on existing illnesses or existing life insurance i had etc Regards
  11. Hi, All, after some advice please on PPI, this is a tricky one. Originally took a loan out with First Plus via a broker called DialaLoan in 2002 with all the PPI etc added. In 2005 to pay off some more debts, I then cleared the loan by taking out a new loan direct with First Plus, the new loan obviously had PPI added again. In 2007, the worst possible scenario happened, My partner lost her main job and we fell behind on mortgage payments and First Plus loan payments as we couldn't afford to pay both, We Eventually lost the house as it was reposseed by the main lender.
  12. Have to say, had a very similar conversation with TXTLOAN, they are very easy to deal with and are helpful and understanding, agreed repayment plan and agreed to no extra charges or interest, wish they were all like this.
  13. Well, Update for you fellow CAGers Sent off my CPR 31.14 request and also a CPR 18 request asking numerous questions. Letter in post from them today stating 'After reviewing my account, they have decided to drop the claim against me and that they have let the court know' Not sure why they have changed their minds ??? Thanks to all of you that have given me the advice and help i needed.
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