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Found 13 results

  1. Have just returned from helping a family friend out this evening, she was stranded at road side with puncture, and no spare wheel, car jack, wheel brace or emergency puncture repair kit in the car.The car was the lady's first and she bought on the basis of colour and because it was cute, in other words the car dealer saw her coming and quickly worked out she was not aware of what to look for when buying a car. So, tonight in pouring rain and in the dark at the side of the road I had to give her and her son a lift and abandon her car at roadside.Before, I call the 2nd hand car dealer tomo
  2. Hi My partner recently noticed corrosion around the centre on both of her front wheels and also on the outer edge on the drivers side. Unfortunately it looks like there is also curb damage on the driver side wheel (image attached). The manufacturer will only replace the nearside wheel even though both have an obvious manufacturing defect. Would she have any recourse against the manufacturer and/or dealership for the replacement of the driver side wheel? The vehicle is under 1 year old.
  3. Tens of thousands of drivers get increased fines for using mobiles at wheel READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tens-of-thousands-of-drivers-get-increased-fines-for-using-mobiles-at-wheel
  4. Hi all, My brother has bought a used fold away wheelchair made by Careco, from a lady who bought it in Feb this year for her mother but she has since been put in a nursing home and could not use the chair anyway as she could not control it. My brother has emailed the company to enquire about transfer of the 12 month warranty and has been told that this is not transferable so he is not covered unless he bought it new from them. There was an additional insurance purchased by the buyer for 2 years at the cost of £209. He has enquired about transfer of this but been tol
  5. After having my car "serviced" at kwik-fit (they didn't actually succeed in completing all of the task - I'm not convinced that they even changed the oil), the manager mentioned that I needed the wheel alignment fixing as it was a few degrees out. This confused me as: 1. Checking the alignment is not part of the interim service 2. I had recently had the alignment fixed by another garage and the car drove perfectly well since then. So I questioned the manager about his figures and his reply worried me. He simply said that "the readings do tend to exagerate things a bit". This is not what
  6. I usually take my car to kwik fit regurarly although people have a stigma that they are "rip offs" but iv generaly found that you get what you pay for and the works always been good so dont see the issue of going back. Up untill the other day I asked for a wheel allignment which was fine as the price stated £44.95. So the guy asked me to sit in the waiting room while he carried out the work and I could see the progress on the screen they provided. Everything was great, guys were helpful and polite untill it came to the price! I was greeted with a price of £104 for the wheel allignm
  7. Last week yet another debtor appeared in court for cutting off a wheel clamp. In this case, a bailiff from JBW Group applied a wheel clamp to the debtors car in relation to a debt for council tax. The debtor 'claimed' that he thought that the clamp had been left on his car by a friend as a joke and accordingly, he used an angle grinder to remove the clamp. Clearly the court did not believe his story and after admitting causing criminal damage the court ordered him to pay £435 which was made up of a fine of £250, costs of £85, compensation of £75 and victims surcharge of £25.
  8. Hi all, Yesterday a breakdown firm helped me with a flat tyre (the tyre iron failed, so I couldn't do it myself). They sorted it out, but unfortunately the driver did not return my wheel lock key, and I was in a rush so I forgot to ask before I drove off. Now I'm stuck with the space-saver for now. The breakdown firm say they've asked the driver, and that he definitely doesn't have my key. This happened on the M4, so I'm crossing my fingers that the thing is lying on the hard shoulder where it presumably fell off the wheel nut when I drove away, but if not I'm go
  9. So i've purchased a 2nd hand BMW320i from a dealer. All was good until recently the car starts jerking violently. Ive sent it to KWIT- FIT and they couldnt find where the problem is, hence they advise me to bring it to the BMW manufacture. After the diagnostic test, they quoted me a 1600pounds replacement fee!!!!! The car was 5xxx pounds. Ive purchased it in october, and drove less than 3000miles. I've also tried to call the dealer but they refuse to take up any responsibility. The BMW manufacture told me the ABS wheel sensor for both rears and the rear drive shaft was corroded. I would like t
  10. I have a problem with a service I paid for and not sure where I stand. Bit of a long one so here goes. I took 3 damaged rims and a new rim to a local Alloy wheel specialist for a re-furb. The owner inspected the wheels and said they would weld up the damaged area and respray the rims so they all match. I was given a price to which i agreed and left them with him (I told him no hurry as they are summer wheels) About 6 to 7 weeks later I received a phone call to say they were ready so I went to collect them a few days later. When i arrived I saw the wheels that were repaired and I was impr
  11. Hi All I bought a used car from a garage and as part of the deal arranged to get the alloy wheels refurbished, the guy who sold the car advised the refurb guy was superb, and can do through the garage at trade price. So I did. I paid £140 in total. When I picked up the car, the refurbished job was terrible - they had not taken the wheels off and dirt with embedded grained in the paint work! The garage said that as they rushed to get things sorted on my car they went to another company to do the wheels and I can have my deposit back if I don't want the car. I needed a car (having sold
  12. I was hoping that someone may be able to give me some advice regarding a letter I have received from Sheila's wheels demanding payment of £46.33. my car insurance was due for renewal on 24th June. I had paid all of the premiums for the previous year, the last of which was debited from my account in April so as far as I was aware my account was clear. I looked for some new quotes & found similar cover for the year £60 cheaper. I tried to phone to cancel my renewal but lost the will to live waiting for someone to answer my call, I gave up in the end and I cancell
  13. If anyone can give me any advice or their experiences of anything similar I would be very grateful. Two months ago my car went to the garage for 2 new front tyres, last weekend we were driving to Wales from Yorkshire. We had travelled 60-70 miles (mostly motorway) with no problems, after about 10 minutes of leaving the motor and driving on country lanes, we approached a tight corner, fortunately slowly 30-35 mph and the car didn't corner the front drivers wheel came off and shot off into a field and we swerved across the road for about 100m and came to a stop at the opposite kerb, with c
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