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  1. Thanking you for any assistance, will be sending a email too parking eye, explaining the incident/ repairs on that dark, cold, wet night,
  2. Travelling down the M5 to my 78 year old mother to bring here back to Nottingham for Christmas, my rear wheel bears were failing, so I limped the car into Michael woods services, to do repairs on both sides, under a lamp post as it was late, and raining, I had to ask for grease at the petrol station they had none, so I approached lorry drivers for help. Having missed the car area parking, which is easy to, aspecially at night, I ended up under parking under a low lamp post which was I thought a good position to see. there were 3 drivers which I spoke to, and no warning, in regard to charges, from them, as the man in the station also never warned me. I made repairs with to tools I had brought with me, because I could not afford AA, or RAC, cover, there was a recovery truck were I was pulling up and thought I could get some grease from him, but as I approatched he drove off, I was ,disappointed I asked a truck driver If they had any grease, and one said I could take some from under his artic. Repairs done, I exited Michael wood services and travelled down to Portland Dorset to my mothers. Before retuning back to Nottingham I purchased new bearing and put them in the rear wheels, return journey was good. This morning received charges for over staying from parking eye, why would I want to stay longer than is nessarey repairs took 2 hours 52 mins,in the cold dark wet night!! niper
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