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  1. Thanks for your response, sailor sam. To be honest, I'd be happy with a like for like replacement. I just want something I can rely on. I shall see what they have to say before making any requests. (If they ever get back to me - I guess they'll want their own car back at some point).
  2. Hi, I purchased a Brand New Kia Cee'd in December 2010. Now, two years later it has started breaking down. After the first time, I took it back to the dealer who said it was the Starter Motor. They replaced this under warranty and I thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later, it broke down again. The RAC identified that the ECU fuse had blown, and advised I take it back to the dealer. I did as advised, and the dealer kept the car for about a week. They identified an issue in the fuse box with a loose wire that was causing the issue. So having fixed this, I was happily driving along and it broke down for a third time. ECU fuse had blown again. It's now still with the dealer where it has been for two weeks. I've not heard anything apart from one call asking if I had one of their courtesy cars. When asking for an update they said they'd ring back, but they never did. All three times it broke down, it cut out in an identical way. This makes me think that the first time it happened, it wasn't really the starter motor, it was whatever is causing the ECU fuse to blow. This would make sense in that the dealer apparently ordered two replacement Starter Motors that both turned out to be 'faulty'. Could it be that there was never an issue with that in the first place? What can I do as I've lost any faith in the vehicle, and won't feel safe driving it once it's returned. It's clear they don't know what the issue is, as the next step was to try and replace the circuit board. Am I within my rights to ask for a replacement if it happens again?
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