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Found 5 results

  1. I have everything with the aa, roadside relay onward travel and breakdown. Car is serviced regularly too. The car is adapted to carry a ventilated child, thus the reason for the over the top cover. We had to call them on Saturday as we traveled to pick our son up from the hospital, we also had another disabled child in the car. Response time 24 minutes. - Bike AA rider. Nice guy took 3 trips to the shop for parts to fix, Sadly not resolved. 1.5 hours now sat on main dual carriageway with no pavement. Relay arranged and AA gave choice, pay up front with a VAT registered garage or use there repairer they would pay upto £500 per claim and i have to pay £35 excess. There repairer was Halfords Auto Centre. Sorted car for 3 days and they took my car without me to garage. Call back later from garage stating the car may have a blown number one cylinder after thaey ran diagnostics Asked to repair with AA Cover. Intially AA forgot who i was and could not find my car....... mmmmmmmm They they did, car repaired 6 days later. Collected car and was given a bill to pay of 495.00. This was in addition to the payment they claimed from AA. Looked at invoice from Halfords and found the following: Credit AA £465 (£500 - Excess £35.00) The charge from Halfords Insurance Excess £35.00 + VAT (£42.00) charged twice then as AA had also take the £35 excess from there payment........ I then look a little closer at the charges. Diagnostic Charge £49.99 + VAT Online you can submit a quote request giving your registration and garage you want to go too. I did my car that was repaired and named the garage conducting the repair The cost would have been £39.99 Incl. so that's another (VAT and Extra Charge) Fluid top up - Antifreeze £35 - They would charge me £20 if i book it in (Dont forget the VAT) In total I feel they have increased the charges between 15 - 30 % Knowing the car is needed to carry the disabled child, i feel they have done me over knowing i need the car urgently as it is adapted to carry my son ventilator. Complaint with AA - Nothing to do with them, Can i speak to a manager - No was first answer, then i insist, but sadly they not answering there telephone. Halfords had shut ............ Grrrrrrrrrr. Is this a contract breach. HELP
  2. I was left stranded last night on the A4, one of the main archeries into London, after my car broke down at 19:00 on the inside lane of the A4, near Hogarthroundabout, causing a major traffic hazard. The advisor told me my call would be a prioity, due to the circumstances and I was informed that I would be recoved within an hour. Two and half hours, I was still there until another garage I contacted recovered me (the short story). No customer services department to speak to, or anyone skilled to understand my frustration. I have been told if I cancel my membership I will not receive my money back. Has anyone been in a similar situation and can anyone advise how to get a refund? M
  3. Hi All Sorry but I was unsure where to post this issue so thought best to put it in the general forum. My main question is - Is there a legal meaning for 'wear and tear?' My claim for a Head Gasket failure has been rejected because of this. My car is an S reg so their clause of things they will not cover 'Failure of parts as a result of wear and tear' can surely be used against every claim I ever make which is surely unfair. When I applied for the cover they asked for my registration number and mileage and then increased my premium because of the age and mileage of my car. I am about to complain to the Financial Ombudsman but I am looking for help on how to put my point across with regards to a unfair clause which can be used against any claim for a car of its age taking into account I pay more because of that very issue. Thank you and I look forward to your help. Tony
  4. When my starter motor gave up the ghost in June the AA man assured me that if I dropped my car off at the local garage they would replace the starter motor and I would only have to pay the £35 excess as I had full cover. The garage called the AA to confirm the arrangements and were told the technical dept were 'too busy to talk to them'. I had to wait an extra 2 days without my car before the garage could get hold of the right person to talk to, They were then told I would have to pay the full amount of the bill and I would be refunded, meaning I had to borrow the £260 to get my car back. I am still waiting for the refund. I am appalled by the poor service. I work 20m from home so had to rely on colleagues to get me to and from work. I took out the full cover because, as a single parent living in a rural area I am fully reliant on my car and do not have the funds to pay large bills in the event of a major breakdown. the 4th emergency service have left me out of pocket, disappointed and vulnerable.
  5. Hi. Two weeks ago I called the AA out due to a rear axle fault and they towed my car to the nearest AA approved garage. Due to the fault they loaded it onto the dolly backwards so that the rear of the car was lifted from the road. 2 miles down the road the patrolman commented that smoke was coming from my car, he found a safe place to pull over, opened the drivers door, had a look, came back to the van and said that it was odd and he didn't know what it was. I stupidly assumed the what he thought was smoke was maybe fumes from the back of his van. My car was dropped off at the garage, and as second-hand axles are like gold dust the garage didn't move my car for six days, when they tried to the battery appeared flat. They pushed it onto the ramp, fitted the axle, went to charge the battery and also noticed an oil leak. On inspection of the car he noticed the engine had a hole in it and that was the real reason it wouldn't start. They inspected the vehicle and have said it was towed incorrectly, the car was in a low gear whilst being towed. The AA had ACE carry out an inspection and they have said that "the cylinder block was holed on it's rear face consistent with con rod impact". They have also stated that "no conclusive evidence that the recovery had led to the consequential damage apparent". Yet three other garages have said that towing a car at 50mph when in a low gear will cause the car to over rev, putting strain on the con rod from it rotating too quickly, which will cause it to break and therefore damaging my engine. They have the AA are at fault and that you don't even need to see the car to diagnose the problem, as it's obvious what would happen if you tow a car in low gear at 50mph. As a "good will gesture" the AA have offered me mid book value for my car, which is £1300, they state in their letter that the report is not able to conclude that they are at fault, that the amount is their final settlement and they want me to take the courtesy car back. Once I have paid the rear axle bill it leaves me with £780 to buy a car!!!! I have written back not accepting the claim. I can't use the money to repair my engine, as £1300 is not enough, plus the garage have said that they can't inspect the rest of the car (gear box etc) until the engine is running, so I can't afford to risk getting it repaired as there are probably other things wrong with it. Plus the ACE report said their inspection was limited. I am trying to get a better settlement, I need to recover the cost of the axle, as I would have had a perfectly roadworthy car if they hadn't blown the engine up, plus I need a higher amount to buy a car like for like (mine has a full service history, one lady owner and the engine was in great condition for it's age). Plus the patrolman saw me drive my car and he reversed it onto the dolly, so he knows there was no problems. I was told he had admitted he was at fault, but now the AA seem to be back peddling. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced problems with the AA, or if anyone can give me any info about towing a car incorrectly, or if people agree that they AA are at fault? I don't know how they can try and deny it was them!! My car was perfect before, sailed through it's MOT, and a major service in April and I've never had a problem with the engine.
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