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Found 4 results

  1. I have a continuing issue with my 2005 Ford Mondeo TDCI continually losing power and cutting out completely under "load" - under acceleration. This is clearly a VERY dangerous situation especially if attempting overtaking on a busy motorway. The vehicle engine cuts out but can be immediately restarted by turning the ignition on and off and restarting the car - even while still moving. What alarms me is that FORD must obviously know there is a problem with this happening - a short investigation on various web "forums" shows this problem to be widespread.......the additional worrying aspect is that NO-ONE appears to have the definitive solution to this! even Ford garages do not seem to have a cure or knowledge of the cause of this dangerous occurrence. Does ANYONE have the answer???? Without ' try this / try that/ and if it's not that it could be this !!!!!! All expensive attempts!
  2. sofaman


    I put my mondeo in local garage end of march 2014 for mot they failed on tyre /seatbelt /emissions ( smoking) they replaced tyre fitted belt & said would put injector cleaner in to solve smoking problem this did not work they then said that due to faulty scanner they would do a leak off test they now say 3 injectors are at fault they said I can supply injectors to save money I supplied 3 recon injectors after fitting car would not start ? they say injectors are faulty ? returned them to be told that metallic contamination was in injectors which garage should have tested for ? garage say this test was done & no contamination found ? supplier returned repaired injectors after a dispute over contamination my garage then say that after further testing contamination is found in tank ? this was they say stripped & cleaned. Refitted injectors still not starting ? they tested injector pump said it was ok ? replaced new diesel filter with another new one suspect filter? US still not going. 24/5 14 I called again( after numerous visits) car running rough another mechanic said they bought used injectors to send back to satisfy supplier. & car would not run on recons due to low pump pressure? I said this was tested previously ? & was ok. This means car is running on original injectors ? I told them I was not happy & would be taking action have left car with them tax expired end of april. I am sure I seen a m-o-t certificate on back seat( how did it pass ) HELP:mad2:
  3. The clutch pedal went without warning on my 2004 Mondeo. I called the AA, they sent a very helpful mechanic who, after trying the clutch, confirmed it had gone and needed to go to a garage. He towed me to Mr Clutch, gave them my details and collected a courtesy car. When the garage phoned me they said the Duel Mass Flywheel had gone, this had damaged the slave cylinder and soaked the clutch plate with oil. Mr Clutch then told me they had been in contact with the AA and had been told this was wear and tear so would not be covering this under my breakdown cover. I was, to say the least, baffled by the decision of the AA, as to how they can make this assumption without seeing the faulty parts. I asked the garage to strip down the flywheel to see if the springs were intact but on inspection the spring was found to have broken, which is failure not wear and tear. I asked the AA to send out an engineer to inspect the broken item which they did, but still came to the same conclusion. I then went through the complaints procedure, and have just heard back to say they think it is down to wear and tear. To my mind if a clutch goes all of a sudden and is due to the springs in the Duel Mass Flywheel breaking causing the slave cylinder to break up and soaking the clutch plate with oil, this is breakage, not wear and tear. I do not know where to go from here, I still have the clutch parts. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello. our 53 plate diesel estate has developed problems. The dashboard light for the glow plus comes on and off as you are driving and limits the acceleration. The engine has (so far) never cut out whilst driving and always starts. Any idea anyone? Many thanks.
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