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  1. Hi everyone, I am hoping somebody can provide some help for me because I am really unsure of what to do regarding my car. It was serviced by a garage next to my workplace and returned to me yesterday after a full service and MOT. The service included a full inspection and I was advised that "Cylinder head core plugs are badly corroded. Recommend relacement ASAP to avoid antifreeze leakage". The receptionist did not know what this meant, however I booked my car in for tomorrow and she seemed surprised and actually asked if I was treating my car. On the drive home, the car initially drove fine at a range of speeds but after three miles or so I noticed a sudden loss of power when I tried accelerating, this became an intermittent problem and the check engine light flicked on for a millisecond near my home. Today, I took the car straight back and they kept it in all day, ringing me to say it was likely to cause significant damage if driven (!) and they did not have a courtesy car available. I was told that there was significant water under the bonnet due to a leak from the washer jets, and this is a common known problem, but was much worse than they thought yesterday. I know the component is not a MOT requirement, but surely having a car serviced and receiving a "full inspection" should be sufficient to ensure peace of mind that the car is not a 'ticking time bomb' and is fit to be driven home? Is there a legal standing or precendent here? Or, should I rely on my bargaining skills in the hope they will look after me... they have quoted £200 to fix the issue. Thanks for reading, James
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