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Found 20 results

  1. Good evening all, I took out a unsecured personal loan around 2 years ago with Tesco bank. My financial situation has changed quite a bit in the past 6 months, lost a family member, dealing with depression and anxiety and due to this my self employment businesses sales have plummeted. I got a part time job to help cover my living expenses so i'm trying my best to keep up with all of my payments. My outstanding balance is just over £16k. Monthly payments just under £400. The past 4 months I've been paying late. At the end of every month I end up giving every single penny I have toward this loan payment. Tomorrow I am planning on sending this letter off I found in the forums. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387346-Ask-Creditor-to-Accept-Pro-Rata-Payments-**Correct-as-at-October-2013** I was just wondering where I can find a I/E sheet? and do I include this loan payment in that sheet? Also what is considered a reasonable offer that they would be inclined to accept? Is this the best way forward? Thank you in advance
  2. At the beginning of 2013 I was in the midst of payday-loan hell, mainly due to gambling. I have resolved all but one of those (who I am paying £2 a month to) I lost my job in Jan 2011. At some point Halifax allowed me to increase my overdraft from £3000 which I had from student account up to £5000. I spoke to them at the time (or a couple of months later) about the fees (£100 a month) and they agreed to pause for 6 months due to no job. They then paused them again for another 6 months. I had not gained employment in this time. After this period they would not freeze the fees which were £3/day. I was still using the account and had some money coming in at points and they got their fees. Sometimes I went over for a month or two so they charged more (£5/day for a maximuim of 100/month). At some point last summer I spoke to them and they said they would hold the fees on the basis I would begin to repay the overdraft. I could not agree to £50/month and at the time I didn't want them to close the account and pass it to DCA because some people still had these details. I made sure I stopped using this account. The fees appeared to freeze for 2 months and I called to lower the overdraft to £4900. This was my way to begin to repay it. As soon as I did this they started adding fees again. There were also some months they haven't added them (though they have this year) probably due to some error. They have called me on and off and sometimes I answer and the conversation has been cutoff or whatever. I have lately buried my head in the hand somewhat. All I want is for them to freeze the fees as I have requested many times and I will lower it as and when I can (I am working some at the moment, but still receiving housing benefit as it is not regular work) and then not start adding the fees again when I do reduce it. I would also like the most recent fees removed, if possible What is my best play? It was somewhat irresponsible lending but I'm not trying to get out of it (though I wouldn't mind and could easily have done a DRO before and had it cleared!) They currently don't have my correct address as I have moved and not told them, though I can get post at the old address still. Should I update them? My balance is currently -5189 Thanks for any advice!
  3. The flat I live in has had a problem with the roof, which has been "kicked down the road" for the last 8 or so years, and got progressively worse, to the point where there was a partial ceiling collapse in a communal stairway, and as a result, the managing agents (HML Anderton) have finally "sprung" into action. As the roof has got progressively worse, so has the bill, and there is a shortfall of just over £5k per flat, which we have received a section 20 demand to be paid immediately, money which I cannot afford. I have paid £1k, can shove £3k on a credit card (which I am reluctant to do, as my credit card has a high APR, due to my poor credit rating) but that still leaves me £1k short. Mortgage provider not interested for the reasons above. The question of what happens if we cannot afford it was raised in a residents meeting when this first came up, and the response was that they would contact the mortgage provider directly to seek the funds, but this was subsequently denied when I asked about this option. The agents have been continually chasing me, and advised that I was the "last to pay", although a neighbour told me last weekend that he had only just paid, so I know this not to be true ( at least when they said it). I think my question is, are they being unreasonable in demanding this money in such a short period of time. I really don't know what to do next. Any advise greatly received.
  4. The following news article featured on SCOOP today: http://www.publicsectorexecutive.com/Public-Sector-News/london-council-to-launch-ethical-debt-collection-for-residents?dorewrite=false/Page-1749 https://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  5. My Dad is in a care home and I just cant afford the top up fee's any more. The situation is this, my mum looked after my dad after he had a stroke, but in November of 2015 Mum became too ill and had to go into hospital, I was not able to meet for my dads needs so their social worker found a local care home and thats where he went - willingly because he knew it was right, sadly my Mum died on December 27th 2015. My mum told me to pay any bills etc using their money, I had to agree to pay a weekly £40 top up fee to the care home and this was being paid by Dad from his own savings [not technically allowed, but it was the only way], he had his DLA stopped, and then the bills from the council kept coming for his care home fees, added to by the top up fee's. In a year, his savings have been nearly wiped out, the main fee is paid direct to the care home now which is his entire weekly income, minus £24.50 [his allowance], dont forget I have been paying the £40 top ups from his own savings, because.. I am ill myself, I work 16 hours a week and cannot manage to do more than that as I struggle to do the 16 hours, I dont have any savings, and I do not get any benefits, life is a struggle. Soon, his savings will run out, I will be able to use the £24.50 of dads weekly money to go towards the top up fee, he requires very little for day to day things as everything is provided by the care home, I want to know if there is any help I can get for the top up fee, and what the consequences might be when the money runs out. At the time of dad going into a care home, he struck very lucky by getting into one locally, [stockport] but there was no choice of which care home, other care homes have no top up fee, but quite simply there are no places anywhere else and to move him would probably see him off as he is settled, happy, and well cared for. I just dont know what to do or who to speak to.
  6. How much rent can you afford? An interesting article with links to government and local authority calculators. It points out that you need to consider far more than just any fees and the rent itself, but all other utility bills, council tax, water bills and in some cases, service charges.
  7. How much rent can you afford? An interesting article with links to government and local authority calculators. It points out that you need to consider far more than just any fees and the rent itself, but all other utility bills, council tax, water bills and in some cases, service charges.
  8. For many years I've religiously renewed my breakdown coverage because it's very cheap - £15. During that period I think I've used them only once before, but recently I punctured five miles from home. Ordinarily I would put the spare on myself but, Sod's Law, only that morning had lent someone my repair kit and didn't have it back yet. Rather than walk home, I decided to use breakdown. When I rang, they told me they couldn't find my details and said I hadn't renewed, but I was adamant that I had. They agreed to send someone in good faith providing my details could be clarified (I was also given the impression that if there had been a problem with the renewal, it could be rectified). As it was, it took them four hours to get to me (had I known it would be that long, I'd have walked home!). This prompted them to, the following day, ring me and offer £50 compensation. Now I've received a threatening letter saying I didn't renew and they want paying for everything. I'm assuming they mean the £50 and the cost of the (third party) breakdown guy. They haven't put a figure on this but I dread to think what it is. Having now checked, I found that I haven't a renewal policy. Further investigation shows that I sent them a cheque (which I have proof off) but, again Sod's Law kicking in, the £15 cheque that was subsequently cashed on my bank statement, and that I therefore assumed was for the renewal, was actually a late cheque that I'd written three months earlier, cashed late. So what now? I know that I sent them the cheque, so feel like I'm being punished because they lost the cheque. I know that I won't be able to afford whatever figure they come out with, and most certainly wouldn't have willy nilly rang for a breakdown guy to come out had I not thought I had coverage. Thanks in advance.
  9. I must be getting old. Child Care costs can cost upto 164.00 a week. People borrowing off payday lenders and using credit cards to pay for this. Can you believe this.It must be like a nightmare for many. How do you manage for you out there who have to pay this charge. 2 kids more than some earn i feel.328.00. I am feeling quite sorry for those that have no choice but to pay this. You may have a decent job,studied for years,even have perhaps degrees but wiped out with these costs. It has truly shocked me how times have changed and changing now day to day across the UK As the cost of a childcare place hits £164 a week, one in four of Northern Ireland parents say they have to use credit cards or payday loans to pay for it http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/as-the-cost-of-a-childcare-place-hits-164-a-week-one-in-four-of-northern-ireland-parents-say-they-have-to-use-credit-cards-or-payday-loans-to-pay-for-it-34180903.html
  10. Hey, I'm hoping I can get some advice here for my problem. I finally got a job this week after a few years grabbing my ankles for Mr David Cameron at the Sanction Centre! It starts on Monday, and I've got exactly £9.30 in my bank till my final JSA comes through on Wednesday. The job is monthly salaried. My train fare will be £12 a day 6 days a week, (maybe actually a bit less on the Saturday as that'll be Off-Peak travel) but e'en so, even if find a way to borrow Monday and Tuesday's fare, then I can't afford to pay that for the next 5 weeks until I first get paid! I signed on today and asked my "adviser", (ha! I love that word - the only advice he's actually given me over the years is about the best way to kill myself and get off his beloved system! Sorry if I sound bitter, but looking around some of these threads I know I'm not alone on this), my adviser told me that I MUST sign off the day I start work or I'll get in trouble, and there was NO run on or help available for the intervening 4+ weeks till I get paid! Great! I've finally got a job, got off their books, the first time I actually ask for REAL help from him - NO, nothing we can do. I told him that I might actually have to turn down the job as I'm not blessed with rich friends or family who can loan me the train fare that long, nor do I have access to credit as it's shot to **** after years on the dole! They don't make it easy for someone who's actually trying do they!!! Anyone got any judgment-free advice on how I can afford to go to work rather than stay on benefits. Thanks.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this...hope so. I wonder if I share a story, if anyone can offer advice please. 9 years ago, due to illness and family tragedy, my husband got into financial difficulty. Via the CCCS, token repayments to creditors were agreed an interest suspended. Since then, payments have increased in line with affordability. We have reapid a considerable amount, but still have a fair way to go. I know some will say, 'why didn't you try to go the non-cca, unenforceable route' but, all apart from one were helpful (I did get SD set aside re Arrow Global as they wouldn't play ball) so did not want to pursue the fight with the others. Fast forward to now and our circumstances have taken a turn for the worse and, due to a reduction in income (husband self-employed and work slowed, loss of income due to ongoing health issues and hospital visits), we can no longer afford the current repayment levels, so we have written to the remaining creditors to explain the situation (and included an up-to-date I&E). The one I would like to ask advice on is Idem. ORIGINAL DEBT TO MBNA APPROX £7800 APPROX MBNA PAID £4400 APPROX PAID TO IDEM SO FAR £2000 Original Creditor MBNA agreed a repayment programme that, provided we kept to until they were repaid, they would leave us alone (which they did). We continued the payments, then in September 2012, we were advised that they had sold the remaining debt to Idem Capital Securities Ltd, but that the agreement would continue (which it did). We began paying the same payments to Idem but, we cannot afford these now. Idem has written (see letter C) saying that they need express consent to process the information in our letter and I&E, either in writing or by a phone call. As we won't deal with any of this at the telephone, the signed confirmation is the only option. DO WE HAVE TO SIGN AND RETURN THIS? WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS IF WE DO? WHAT IF WE DON'T? What we don't want is for them to 'get heavy' with us, because we can't pay what we can't currently afford. If the repayment programme with MBNA was in place and a default notice never issued as a result (don't have one in file anyway), when the debt was sold to Idem, did that terminate the account and could Idem take us to Court if we can't agree on continued repayments? Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks Sorry, forgot how to attach copy letter, it's been so long since I posted on here!! Think this should work. Didn't-too small, sorry. Hoping this works. Can someone let me know if you can see this copy ok. If not, I'll try the other suggested method. Stigman, Thanks for the response. Yes we do have our own house (with equity, I'm afraid). You said send a CCA request (to Idem I presume). Is that n preference to a SAR (to MBNA)? Also, do you know anything about the request to sign the 'express consent' letter and whether we have to do this in order for them to look at our chnge of circumstances/I&E? I've got all the MBNA statements so I can look at them with regard to charges and a possible reclaim. How far can I go back?
  12. Hi, My husband took out a Wonga loan back in July and has been extending it each month as we've not been able to afford to pay it back. Please do not give me any lectures or tell me he shouldn't have taken it out in the first place, etc, I do know this. I just need to know what happens next. I've been on their "help" page and it says that 3 days before the loan is due you can apply to pay in installments. Can anybody tell me what will then happen? Do you need to speak to anyone on the phone? Do they send you anything in the post to sign? Do you have to provide a financial statement? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi guys My car insurance payment was due 08-08-13 and i have not paid i cannot afford to pay and i am going to sell car will it be ok if i drive for the time being and wait for them to cancel my policy or will they take further action? thanks
  14. My partner and I split up and she moved out of the house we rented together. I have had the assessment from the CSA and I have been moved onto the New Rules (having previously been on the old rules with a child from a previous relationship). So I now have to pay 20% of my net earnings. Due to now paying the full rent, bills etc. the figure they have quoted me will push me into a position very quickly where I am unable to afford to live i.e. a lot more going out than coming each month. I do not have a high paid job and I want to support my child financially as best I can. If I sublet a room in the house, with the land ladies consent, would this effect my payments to the CSA? Would it be better to have the tenancy agreement re-drafted to show both names or better to keep it just in mine. My understanding is that under the new rules you are adjudged on your net earnings so would this change in circumstance constitute "income"? i don't really want to share my home with a stranger as I help raise my children and I'm not trying to get out of payment, just be able to pay maintenance without loosing my home and then not be able to provide anything! I have discussed it with the CSA but so far their responses have been underwhelming! I was quite up together with the old rules but am new to the "New Rules"
  15. Article from the Guardian Read the full story : http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/mar/13/whats-the-plan-for-disabled-people?CMP=twt_gu
  16. I wasn't going to post about this (because I'm pretty sure I know what the answer will be), but I'm getting it from all sides so I'll ask anyway. I've been working for my new employer for the last month, it's a position I had major reservations about taking but had no choice in the matter because a JCP adviser found it for me. I was supposed to get paid yesterday, that didn't happen. After a lot of pushing on my part, I got an email last night saying that they hadn't paid me because they had incorrect bank details, however, they would get a payment to me straight away (so clearly they did have the right details). At 10.30-ish last night, £250 materialised in my bank - definitely not a month's wage. This morning, a very senior member of personnel rather bluntly told me that I hadn't been paid because they've had a rough month and they don't have the money - I might get the rest tomorrow or Monday. I'm not even going to go into the havoc and arguments this has caused, nor the fact that I've had to have a conversation with my letting agent where I inform them I'm onto the second employer in a year who doesn't pay on time, thus making my rent late. I know I have zero rights as an employee, and I know that it's just a question of finding another job, preferably quickly. What I want to know is, if they don't pay me the rest of my wage (and I have reason to think that they won't), at what point am I allowed to leave and sign back on? Is that even possible or will they just say that I left voluntarily so I'm not entitled? It's all very well, but I can't live on thin air. It's incredible, I'm actually working late tonight to try to claw some money in for them so I can get paid, but the thought that I've just worked for a month for £250 is making the steam come out of my ears!!
  17. Hi, i am on jsa with 2 children who have just left school. .neither are going to college, so are looking for work as i am. I have been un-employed 18 months theres nothing here, and living in a small villiage i also have transport issues..but i still want work.. jsa i get is 120.00 per fortnight as they are taking 7.00 ish to pay a crissis loan.. 2 years ago i was on a diff benifit due to health issues but had to change to jsa when the health one was resolved, i got told the change of benifit would be straight away no break in money. .hum well short of it was they stopped my moeny so i had to get another crissis loan to cover the weeks of no money. right my problem now is this.. .i get 120.00 every 2 weeks thats it money wise into the home. .my lads are 16 and finished school so any benifit i had for them has also stopped so.. 120 a fortnight for 3 people to live on, my gas n elect are on payment meters as this is the only way i can pay those bills 20.00 a week elect and 10.00 a week gas this leaves..30.00 to use for food A WEEK.. hard enought ..now i have been informed that the crisis loan i took out to cover me is due to be repaid and that they are going to take 23.93 a WEEK to repay this...how can they justify that, i rang them explained that i only have 30.00 for food so cant pay back the load at their rate. .i was told As my benifits for my children have stopped i am not responsible for them any more so dont have to supply them with anything also as the pay back amount has been sorted (by them) it WILL be taken at that rate.. . this now leave me (us) with... just over 6.00 a week for food for 3 people what can i do??? i am scared/terrified how can we live please please anyone help me i dont know what to do??
  18. Hi All I have business debts from late 2008 when I closed my business. There have been some ongoing legal issues with my landlord who was responsible for it's closure but these have come to nothing as we can't find him! This is why I am only now dealing with these debts. I was advised by the National Debtline to write to my creditors letting them know I was pursuing a DRO. However, my income is so low that I just can't save up the money to enter into a DRO. I am now so ill with all of this that I am considering writing to my creditors to ask them to write off my debt. How would I go about this when I have already told them I am entering into a DRO? Most of my debt has been given over to credit agencies, however I owe a large amount of VAT and I'm worried HMRC won't accept a write off of the debt. My debts are to VAT (HMRC) Water (UU)(was with Moorcroft but they gave it back when I mentioned a DRO!) Business loan (from a small firms 'helper')(have CCJ with this but have never paid it by agreement) Small overdraft with Barclays (now with Lowells) Utilities (UW)(has been with two DCAs but haven't heard from anyone for a while) Any advice would be much appreciated.
  19. A desperate borrower had her account emptied, leaving her unable to afford rent, bills and food, by a payday lender she had agreed a repayment plan with. The This is Money reader, who wants to remain anonymous, borrowed £900 from payday lender Quick Quid. But despite the lender agreeing a new repayment plan to help her out after she was left unable to work, it then took a large payment that cleared out her bank account and left her stranded. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2168712/QuickQuid-agreed-help-took-money.html#ixzz20B7mfYtg
  20. A desperate borrower had her account emptied, leaving her unable to afford rent, bills and food, by a payday lender she had agreed a repayment plan with. The This is Money reader, who wants to remain anonymous, borrowed £900 from payday lender Quick Quid. But despite the lender agreeing a new repayment plan to help her out after she was left unable to work, it then took a large payment that cleared out her bank account and left her stranded. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2168712/QuickQuid-agreed-help-took-money.html#ixzz20B7mfYtg
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