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  1. Comebackjimmy, Wow! Thank you for sharing this, it’s scary how they can screw over your business with one move with no comeback (although not in the least surprising ). Earlier this week, the money was returned to the account and we could access the account finally. Certainly a lot quicker than we expected but still no communication until this afternoon. Someone from the complaints department rang my husband and asked him to go through the issue again (?!), didn’t comment on how their call centre adviser almost lost us £6000, but did finally take the details of the account it was to be transferred to, and the [EDIT]’s phone number (obviously a Lyca mobile burner). There was no mention of why it happened, only “it’s for your protection”. Ha!! They also gave us a £100 apology payment which I suppose covers the hours and phone minutes lost fixing this. My husband is now looking for another business account but doesn’t want to end up with a bank that will screw us over just as much, and have zero customer service.
  2. Thank you for the links Other half ended up going to our “local” branch (6 miles away) and it turns out that not only have Barclays put a hold on the £6000, they have frozen the account We are an innocent party who almost got screwed for £6k, and we are getting treated by criminals by Barclays. 15 days to investigate fraud with the account - you couldn’t make this up!
  3. Is the CEO Ashok Viswani? Is his email address available?
  4. Certainly going to escalate this. Tweeted on Barclays account but only so much they have access to isnt there (they replied asking for PM)
  5. No idea, I did suggest to my husband that he rings him but I think he'd end up letting rip at the guy. Even the woman at Barclays call centre on Wed thought how did they do that without checking it. The whole thing stinks and Barclays have made it worse by pulling this stunt with no info. Husbands gone into the local branch but they're too busy and he needs an appointment ffs
  6. I am so stressed at the moment because Barclays have pulled a real good'un from their bag if crap. An old customer accidentally sent us £6000 by bank transfer on Wednesday morning, rang us up to explain and asked if we could get it back to him. Stupid us rang Barclays and told them what had happened and to return it back to the account it came from because it wasn't our money. After an hour on the phone, a reversal was done on the payment. Next morning, another £6000 gets removed out of the account. No warning, nothing. Several long calls to call centres abroad (around 4hrs worth) and it may be that the fraud department has pulled the funds and investigating. They've said it will take 10 days. We've got bills to pay and none of this is our fault. All we did was tell Barclays to put the original £6k back where it came from. Have we been caught up in some weird [problem] where the guy who transferred the funds gets his money back twice or are Barclays incompetent. We raised the issue, we are getting penalised. No wonder people keep their mouths shut when unexpected money lands in their account!
  7. Thank you, your help is invaluable! I'll sit on it and see what happens next (probably another set of identical paperwork in 4 weeks time!)
  8. Drydens have sent a 3rd identical pap letter!! Are they even allowed to keep doing this month after month (until I give up sending them back?!)? I’m pretty sure this is getting close to being statute barred, if not already, but they’ve given me nothing that I can say when it was deferred, when I last spoke to SLC, nowt! Keep sending these back as before?
  9. Won't they just say that they have provided the info with the last disputed PAP letter? As they are identical, they've supplied an envelope full of docs from SLC/Erudio so is it cheeky to say they haven't supplied the info (one of the dispute reasons in post 4 of the advice)? Trying to figure out what they are up to
  10. Snap, they've done the same with me!
  11. Sorry for not replying sooner. I've found the first letter from September and side by side they are identical, customer reference number, date allegedly entered into with SLC and the figure they reckon I owe. The only difference is the date at the top of the letter.
  12. They didn’t show anything like that, nor when I last had contact with them. Also, they have now sent another PAP letter, identical to the last one. Confused. Can they do this?
  13. Dryden have sent me a big envelope with the agreements from 93/94 (turns out they are both 1994). There is also SLC yearly statements, balances and adjustments when it went to erudite, crap quest, arrow, a default notice warning from 2016 to an old address which I wasn’t living at, notice of assignment pack from sac to erudio. Although you can see my name and address and date of signing the agreements, the terns are illegible, a really bad photocopy. Additional terms are dated 1997, way past when these were taken out. No deferment forms from years back before erudio took the loans, no way of knowing my last contact with these companies but I’m pretty sure they will soon be statute barred. What next? Do I sit on these or should I be getting ready for court papers? They’ve asked nicely for a repayment plan!
  14. But if they can't produce the original agreements (there are two), then surely they wouldn't be able to pursue the full amount they are attempting to claim I owe, which seem to have been bundled together in one debt when in fact it was two and the earliest is over the 25yr threshold? I'm just going back to how I dealt with the credit card companies years ago, and thought this may be similar. Will follow post 4. Sorry, quick question... does the SAR go to SLC or Erudio? I know I ask a lot of questions, I have ASD.
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