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  1. Will do in the morning. In the meantime, how can bailiffs deal with this, aren’t cases supposed to go to court first? What should the normal process for this type of debt be?
  2. My mother in Law died in 2018 from dementia, which she was diagnose with in 2013, when she was deemed to have lost mental capacity. In 2019, the council got in touch with us with a long list of invoices from 2014 to 2015 (when she received chc funding) as my husband was the executor. We have been trying to find out why they didn’t chase sooner with other sibling, as they had DWP appointee ship at the time, and were the only person the council ever spoke to (we knew nothing, the council kept us out of everything). There was money in MILs account to pay for t
  3. Drydens sent a letter back eventually saying they would refer back to Erudio. This week Erudio have sent me a statement of account for the two statute barred loans and the yearly "you are in arrears" letters. Ignore or tell them to shove it up their bum?
  4. A museum and camping/caravanning. The wanted to also turn one of their barns into a holiday let.
  5. There were particulars on the back sheet of the sales blurb but the estate agents and solicitor never mentioned the importance of this, so we only glanced at it (in hindsight a totally naive and stupid thing to do). During the sale the council asked our intentions and we told them we needed to run a joinery business, so we have an email saying they don’t have an issue with it - thought this covered us and they wouldn’t be added. Solicitor, on the day of signing, went through the paperwork, skipped over a chunk saying we didn’t need to read it all as it was just the usua
  6. Local authority hold a restrictive covenant over our property and land. It says we can only use the land and buildings for agricultural and horticultural use, no fixing cars, no catteries or kennels, no cattle. It is an ex-farm and as far as I am concerned, due to the asbestos on the barns and the state of the house, we paid a fair market price. At the time, we didn't realise there were any restrictions but they asked what we were going to do with the place and so we got permission (email) several years ago to run our joinery business from the barn. We now wan
  7. So I should write to them? I filed a defence which they have totally ignored and want to get a judgement against me. Wouldn't the courts need to know that they're trying to pull a fast one by ignoring my defence?
  8. The claim number on both the MCOL claim and their latest letter are the same. The amount outstanding has changed though, they have added an extra £22.00 to the letter.
  9. There is no CCJ number, just the MCOL claim number and also the account number, along with outstanding amount.
  10. Right, now I am worried! I've just received a letter from Drydens Fairfax, dated 2nd August 2019 telling me that an application has been made to enter a County Court Judgement against me!! What the hell? I entered my defence on 28th May 2019 through MCOL and have heard nothing back since. They've not uploaded anything, they've not been in touch since sending me what I already had (and after the cut off point). What do I do?
  11. Okay, so I've double checked the MCOL website and the last thing on there is my defence on 28/5/19. Drydens have not done anything on there. The paperwork I received from HMTCS stated that they would need to go back to the court with a good reason if they wanted to do anything after 28 days. So, no more hassle?
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