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  1. 1.5 Renault scenic dynamique 100 , 2004 ,108000 ,£900. test drive I/4 mile said he was on his own and there was very little diesel in it .dealer did not come out I jumped it by another car drove home . 30mins later still would not start normally .now in local garage because dealer is not answering messages approved used cars whittlesey
  2. they are mixed up cos I don't seem to be able to delete them ,posted more cos did not think they posted
  3. only drove home stopped to get diesel then problem started injector fault showing on dash
  4. done a 20mile run to first non start now total 50 mile battery good showing injection fault
  5. now showing injection fault which it didn't in dealers. now had a 50ml run , battery is good,
  6. it had a long run showing injection fault which did not at dealers
  7. hi,i bought a car from a dealer which broke down on the way home(20mls of a 50ml journey),when I told the dealer here is the reply on email---hi, un-fortunetly we don't work with the warranty company which is why you signed the no warranty sales form on purchase. It's designed to work with your local garage but it does take a week to get validated, we would and have never sold any vehicle with pre existing faults. You are welcome to bring the car back to us and we can take it to a garage around the corner who works with the warranty company but it would be off the road for 1 week until the warranty is active.------ he sold me a warranty for a twelve month period saying I now had 15 months ,I presumed that the other 3 months were his.as I had only had the car for less than a hour what is his liability.i cannot drive car back as non starter .when I looked at the car it would not start .he put a power pack on it and said it only needs a run , he is claiming that it is nothing to do with him because I bought the warranty.what is the law regarding this please
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