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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help regarding whistleblowing and subsequent victimisation? I am asking on behalf of someone else. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, I need to be a little vague, I apologise. The person complained at work about a situation that is definitely unethical and probably fraudulent. It involves vulnerable people and a high profile national organisation's name. The person was as a result bullied quite badly and the CEO made barely veiled threats about their job. About 2 weeks after the complaint, a whistleblowing policy retroactively appeared saying workers have a right to whistleblow and they support that, despite it not being the case when the person complained to management. The bullying involved being excluded from decisions/meetings relating to the persons job, being shouted at several times publically for no reasonable reason (causing the person to break down in tears) and various other nasty behaviours including being excluded from talking to anyone as the issue was being concealed and they specified that they were worried the person would talk about it. The person has now, 4-6 weeks on, been handed a reduced hours letter. This will put the person in a financial position of possibly having to reject the new hours, dismissal and possible claim. So to my question: does this sound like a constructive process to you? I feel the timing of the reduced hours is rather pointed given what has been happening recently and a desire to either force the person to resign or get a new contract in to dismiss (the person has been there 11-12 years.) And I am frustrated that this person is in tears daily about how they are being treated just for speaking out against an injustice. I am not even joking that if any of this was given to the media they would have a field day (even just the bullying, if we were to take out the other thing, would make an amazing headline given who they are and where they work). Is that too vague to even understand? I'm sorry, I guess just venting it all out helps. Thanks.
  2. Hello CAG posters, Any advice on my current predicament would be MUCH appreciated: Last July I was caught on the TFL network for using a friend's Freedom Pass. I provided my parents' address (genuine, and it was checked via a phone call to Inland Revenue). I admitted that I was trying to save money and when asked why I did this, I replied that I would be leaving the country to volunteer abroad for a year and needed to save some money. My parents received a bailiff letter last week to collect a sum of over 800 pounds. I imagine this is because I received a court summons and did not attend the hearing. However, I left the country mid-August last year (I have evidence to prove this: contract with NGO; entry stamp at airport). I am due to return to the UK in a couple of months but am really worried about: a) getting arrested at the airport b) having to pay the new sum of over 800 pounds What are my options and how I can limit these hefty costs? Please, I know I have been very stupid in this regard, but don't need any more guilt trips. I have registered on this forum for professional advice and would be very grateful for any such posts. Many thanks
  3. Hello all, Thankyou for taking the time to read this and hopefully helping me, I recently had a pinion seal fitted to my Navara at a Nissan Garage in Wellington Somerset. The following week I drove to Germany for leave. I drove back (or started to) on saturday (just gone) and about 150 mile into the journey I started smelling burning oil. I pulled over and saw the transfer box was leaking badly. After several hours of waiting with my wife and son (1 yrs old) the breakdown arrived and diagnosed the fault as the pinion seal. By this time it was late saturday night and in a town called Wankum I had little choice but to leave the vehicle at the garage and arrange onward travel myself. The garage said the car would be fixed by the following Saturday so I booked flights to get my family home (so we could work) and a flight back to collect the car. I also paid £10 to change my ferry crossing Nissan have been very unhelpful. I have been pushed from pillar to post betweeb Nissan Wellington Nissan UK and Nissan Germany No one wants to help and Nissan UK even said I may not even be covered for parts warranty. I have written an email to the MD of Nissan UK and have just emailed the owner of Wellington Motors but I am worried non of my expenses will be coivered. Has anyone else had any experience like this? are they likely to refuse to pay and would it be worth taking it to a small claims court? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you want more information let me know I will send it right away. Thanks again Dave
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