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Found 17 results

  1. on the 18/05/2017 i received a parking charge through the post asking for £100 because 28 days has elapsed since they gave me ntk this wasn't true i sent them a email the same day told them what happened and i didn't received any ntk. the 9/06/2017 they send me a letter rejecting my appeal but reduced the charge to £60 if paid within 14 days. i refuse to pay and on the 6/09/2017 gladstones solicitors start bombarding me with letters to recover a total amount of £160. on the 20/09/2017 the send me another letter now they say its a final reminder after that the
  2. Tests for diesel cars and lorries are to be tightened up to ensure vehicles have a critical exhaust filter if one had originally been fitted as standard, Roads Minister Robert Goodwill has announced. Garages and testing stations will be required check for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the inspection of the exhaust system as part of the MOT test (or annual test for heavy vehicles) from February 2014. The vehicle will automatically fail the MOT test if the filter had been fitted as standard but is found to be no longer present. The filter works by trapping solid parti
  3. My father in law has received a final reminder from Britannia Parking its dated 8th of May he has his parking ticket from that day, nothing was fixed to the car and this is the first thing he has received from them despite the notice stating they have written in the past. Can anyone pls suggest the best way to proceed? Many Thanks
  4. Hi all, Im totally new to this forum and wanted some advice from you all. I've done the necessary searches for a case similar to mine but couldn't find anything. Here goes: Contravention happened on Bright Road in Purley, Surrey. There are 2 red route bays there that you can park in. One has the times of 7am-7pm and the other is 10am-4pm. I was unsure as to which was which and stopped in the 10-4 one at 09:55, got out of the car to check the board with the times on (as it faces the pavement as opposed to the road) and got back in my car to drive around the block a couple of times
  5. Hi, I recently lost an appeal via POPLA for a PCN. I never received a reminder with regards to the PCN having to be paid (I do have issues with mail in my flat, so things occasionally get lost etc). The original cost would have been £80. I now have a letter from Debt Recovery Plus stating that I owe £160. When I go back to the PCN website to pay the charge, it states it has been passed onto debt recovery. I know in the past the advise has been to ignore. However, a friend of mine did this continually and eventually had bailiffs round clamping cars etc.
  6. Seriously boiling mad - I have had RAC breakdown insurance for last 4 yrs . On auto renewal direct debit . Just discovered after checking my bank online they have taken out £113 ( Last years renewal was £85 ) with no letter sent to state new premium - straight on phone to wait 20 minutes for call center . I have used their service about twice in 4yrs . Demanded a full refund for the absolute cheek of them , got offered a check in the post . ( Firstly in was a £16 refund ) Now waiting for their Complaints section to contact me for a direct transfer as i
  7. Hello all Today (18/4/2016) my wife received a letter from Lowell Solitors reminding her of a CCJ. Letter states as follows. As you will now be aware, on the 17/09/2014 a CCJ was entered against you. The court has ordered you repay this debt as follows. Installment amount £50 Monthy First payment due 17/10/2014 Amount owed £299.49 The letter goes on to say 'we haven't heard from you' and urge repayment to avoid possible enforcement action. Ive spoken to my wife (of rather attempted too. She is very poorley with a number of conditions and has been
  8. Been caught out rolling off fixed term 'exclusive' contracts onto higher priced standard deals? Taken by surprise when a bill such as a TV licence has dropped on the doorstep with no warning? Lost track of when your bills are due? emindme from Which? is a free email reminder service that helps you stay on top of your household bills, contracts and insurance policies – you need never miss an important date again. Managing your bills can be complicated and time-consuming. Just add a few details and we'll send you a timely reminder email, giving you plenty of time to
  9. Hi all, It seemed like a horror story. This year was the first time that the round paper disks were abolished, and I then replaced the still valid disk with our parking permit to save space on the windscreen, and thought that I will always receive a tax reminder anyway. However, I have not received one and I have been waiting for one to arrive. So did not really thought about it, until tonight out of interest I was searching my car's number plate to see where it was registered, and found that it was UNTAXED since July! I then immediately went to DVLA website, and tried t
  10. Hello My wife parked in a bay 'reserved for a nearby college' on a large private car park in Birmingham City Centre. She had displayed a valid parking ticket for parking in the car park, (still have the ticket) but just mistakenly parked in a reserved space. She did not notice the signs stating that these bays were for the use of Matthew Boulton College only until she returned to the car to find the parking charge ticket. Only then did she notice the sign high up. Incidentally, the college was closed on this day as it was during Easter Holidays. They have sent photograp
  11. Hi All, Hoping you can assist... I have received a letter from Gemini Parking Solutions about a parking ticket that was issued on March 30th. I believe it is a notice to keeper because it references the POFA 2012 and mentions that they have requested my details from DVLA as the registered keeper. However, I have read that they are not allowed to do this earlier than 28 days after the PCN is issued. Which brings the first date that they can do this to April 29th. I sold my car (to We Buy Any Car, not sure if this is relevant) on the 3rd April. How did Gemini get my details, when from
  12. Ok guys alot of negatives comments could come out of this but im looking for the supportive comments I took out a contract back in December 2011 phone was a Samsung Galaxy S2 now what really miffs me off with these companies is they only offer a 12 month warranty with all phones and they give you a 24 month contract Now i had the S2 for 9 months brilliant phone i loved it only until one day i woke up and the phone wouldn't turn on took the back off to check for any signs of water damage and all the little strips was white so that indicates no damage to the phone so i sent it off
  13. Hi, Today I received a letter which says it is from merseyside magisrates court reminding me to pay fine of £108.75. However this is first I heard of it - I have had no correspondence about it at all. I tried to call the number on letter and they are closed. It doesnt say what fine is for. I do drive so maybe speeding buti have not been stopped by police. It says if I dont pay they can order bailiffs or arrest me. There are a few discepancies though. For example it says merseyside magistratescourt yet address is in cheshire. The letter is not signed and i
  14. Hi, I have received a letter this morning from a company called Rossendales titled "FINAL REMINDER - DO NOT IGNORE" in relation to a payment request of £785.09 for Colchester Borough Council for council tax. The letter goes on to state that despite previous correspondence I have not made payment of an overdue balance. There are several parts of this which are confusing to me: 1. I'm not aware of any correspondence being sent for any outstanding balances 2. I've never had any dealings with Colchester Borough Council as I live in Chelmsford! 3. Beyond council tax, it doesn't go i
  15. Hi Hope someone can assist. Car tax due end of September, however, up to last week reminder not arrived. Rang DVLA who told me there had been a problem earlier in the month so reminders would be late and should receive by 24th September - not arrived as yet! I was told I could renew online with my V5 document which I tried to do tonight. However, wouldn't let me, something about tax class etc. I have my V5 and MOT but cannot find my insurance certificate which has been mislaid!! Have searched high and low for it. Even if I try and get another certificate might not arrive by wee
  16. I'm living in Haringey Council and am late paying my council tax (two weeks late) and I've just received a summons for nonpayment of my council tax. Can they do this without sending a reminder or a final demand? It's come as a bit of a shock. Any wisdom appreciated. Thanks.
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