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  1. Just to let people know about the trouble I have had with budget insurance. I took out van insurance with them in May this year, as well as the insurance I took out break down cover. This month I had purchased a new van , when I tried changing the insurance over to my new van Budget wanted to double my premiums even thou through an online comparison site they were quoting £20 cheaper than I was paying. When I queried this they said that was for new customers and not for existing customers and they would not budge. I decided to cancel the insurance and has to pay £50 cancellati
  2. my wife had a ccj against her with payment of 100 a month when she lost her job i wrote to the firm saying that we cannot afford 100 we agreed on 30 a month now a letter containing a income sheet to filled by my wife has arrived on the ie shet they ask for my wifes works details as she is now working again do we have to comply with the work detais as my wife does not want them to be involved????
  3. Well today is the day. George Osborne has just left Downing Street with his little red box,full of secrets. What time is the Budget 2016? How to watch, predictions and more on George Osborne's spending announcement News UK News The Budget What time is the Budget 2016? How to watch, predictions and more on George Osborne's spending announcement George Osborne is set to unveil yet more cuts in his 2016 UK budget speech. Here's everything you need to know What will be in store when George Osborne unveils his 2016 budget? Will it be all doom and gloom? Or has he, once again,
  4. The budget is tomorrow but Morrisons have already increased price of fuel and fags---how do they know what increases the c hancellor man will make
  5. This has to be the best budget in decades. Labour may claim some of it was their idea, what rubbish, they don't have copyright on the few similar words that were used.
  6. Good morning all. I have not been on here for ages, mainly because of a lot of personal stuff going on with family and also problems with INGEUS and the DWP which I won't go in to but needless to say I am winning (along withmy MP) and hope to have apositive outcome shortly. So, the budget, I really am NOT looking forward to this - for me this budget will define the future direction of this country for decades. What do we all think will be in it? Not interested in things like booze and fags and petrol - I am interested in REAL things that could tip people over the edge or force them in to
  7. Does not affect me, but just wondered what it means to people if the government sell off the mortgage assets they bought from Northern Rock. Does this mean that some with a NR mortgage will at some point be asked to pay a different company ? If they are in arrears, could they be faced with a new company who take a much stronger position on dealing with the arrears ? I think the government have sold off mortgage assets previously. Were there any problems the last time this happened ?
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-31615218
  9. It would appear that I am one of many who have in the last couple of days have had a letter from Cabot relating to an old citi card debt. Citi were chasing me for this in 2006 and I was awaiting a phone call from their collections dept to discuss the debt then all of a sudden nothing more was heard ! I cannot afford to pay them this money now and they are charging 12% p a interest. I am busy trying to clear my credit record and repaying several old debts and cannot afford for them to put this into default now. A substantial part of this debt is charges.
  10. Dear All, I have been charged to cancel (set-up fees) an automatic renewal of a home contents policy I did not want. Budget Insurance claim that they sent me a letter 17.09.14 to remind me that my policy was due for renewal. I absolutely did not receive any correspondence from them. I received an email from them at 18:52 the day before to say that the policy would renew at midnight (giving me around 5 hours to contact them). After complaining over the telephone, they said they would not charge £35.00, but would instead charge me £17.00 to cancel the renewal (or rath
  11. Hi, I recently received an unsolicited settlement offer/letter from Marlin Financial Services which appears to relate to a BoS Budget account(no Bank reference number given) The settlement offer 40p in the £ appears to relate to an account which is currently being payed monthly via s/o to the BoS. This being an ongoing arrangement made via CAB which froze interest back in 2003. I have had no statements from BOS for years, so can not verify that the amount outstanding is correct. I have had no notification from BOS that they have sold the debt to Marlin. I am in
  12. What a complete rip-off they are and terrible service, Never met a company so bad, paid for van insurance, they asked for proof no-claims which i provided by return email as requested, no fewer than 5 times, they acknowledged receipt every time then cancelled insurance , i phoned customer service and they could never hear me. No emails or Online chat choices. Now have no insurance and say the are going to dab more charges on top, i have 15 years of no claims on two policies.
  13. Hi Just wondering if anybody has experience with Social services for personal health care budget for MH conditions? I'm wondering how sucessful applications are for educational courses. I can't afford to pay for any more courses and it is helping me access my community. Any info would be a great help, thanks.
  14. Is there an ulterior motive to the pension change ? If people with a pension pot reach 55 under the new rules, they will be able to access the money, without having to buy an annuity. This could have implications for people with debts or who are receiving any state benefits. If you have debts, it is possible that you could be made to access the pension pot by a court to pay off any debts. If you are on any state benefits, you will have to disclose the pension pot as savings, which could mean that benefit entitlement may be cancelled or reduced. Keep an eye on the government when t
  15. Don't say you weren't warned. This is actually a bit spooky! http://simply-wrong.com/dont-say-we-werent-warned/
  16. I have been working out my budget sheets firstly for my own benefit and second to prove that i really am skint to my creditors. I have based my income on half of everything that comes in in joint names. Problem is that when I do that and then put half the bills down i am already at a negative number. Is this OK? Also, is there a list anywhere of acceptable budget amounts for food etc?
  17. Prices are hiked by as much as 433%, according to a new survey Typical examples include charging £1.60p for a 30p can of coke Costs were compared to identical products sold in supermarkets Ryanair says customers are 'free to bring their own snacks' if they wish Read More ...
  18. Hi- I'm hoping someone can advise me on this ongoing situation with Budget Home Insurance! In Nov 2011- I applied for home insurance as per mortgage requirements. They took a payment of £17.46 and sent me policy documents and I thought nothing of it, assuming that I was covered and they would direct debit me monthly. I didn't monitor them as it was a very busy period and then subsequently forgot about it. I did not notice that this was the only payment they took from me, and nothing more. Now in 2013 I have received a letter from them saying that I owe them £80 for cancellation and
  19. Hi All, I'm paying off a debt that is in the hands of a DCA. There's no problem with the agreement; it's my debt, it'll be paid off in 18 months and it's not causing me particular hardship. They called me last week 'to review' and I told them I was fine as I am, to stop calling me and write to me instead. They've now sent me a 'budget' form to fill in with my earnings and expenditure. What do you think? Can I just ignore this? Cheers Caggers! Jack
  20. I am preparing a budget to send to my creditors and am not sure if I am supposed to include certain benefits. Between my wife and me we obtain income support, employment and support allowance, carers allowance, child benefit, child tax credits and disability living allowance. On most forms we've filled in we get told not to include DLA as this is paid to cover the extra cost of my living becauseof my disability - taxis, my specialised chair etc Do I include this in the income for budget for creditors? It makes a big difference to my overall income. Thanks in advance for any help
  21. Hi iv decided to go down the bankruptcy route and looking some advice I live in northern ireland. My mortgage company our going to start repossion soon so I think iv got around 6 months till this happens. Iv read that You may be asked to sign an 'income payments agreement' to pay fixed monthly instalments from your income for three years. So I want to look at what im allowed in my budget for the Official Receiver. There r 5 of us in total 2 adults and 3 children all below 12 years of age. Thanks in advance.
  22. In a bid to keep my finances in check I am looking for a good budget planner, can anyone recommend one? I'm in a debt management plan and would like to try to save for my wedding too. I've found this one from Vanquis, but has anyone got any others they would recommend?
  23. Been looking on the forum but not having any luck but is there on the forum any thread discussing what was in the budget ? Anna x
  24. Chancellor George Osborne today confirmed he has held talks with the Bank of England about the possibility of extending the Funding for Lending scheme. Announcing today’s Budget, Osborne hinted the scheme could be extended but did not provide any further details. More: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/budget-2013/budget-13-osborne-reveals-talks-with-boe-to-extend-fls/1068069.article
  25. Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed money raised through FSA fines will be donated to the armed forces. Speaking in his Budget announcement today, Osborne said money from regulatory fines including Libor will be used to fund combat stress help initiatives and Christmas boxes given to armed troops serving abroad for the next two years. Osborne said: “Those in the financial sector who have demonstrated the very worst of values are paying to support those in the armed forces who are demonstrating the very best of values.” In October, prime minister David Cameron said the Government will
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