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  1. I just wondered if anyone else might know anything about this that may help me, as I would really appreciate as much advice as I can get before Monday. Thankyou in advance.
  2. I have all the statements, but unfortunately I haven't looked at one of them since I had to stop paying. I have given them to my partner to open and just tell me if it's from the court or not. Sorry, I know that's bad, but at the point when I had to stop paying I was at my wits end, (Except see below*) and have lacked the courage to do anything since. *The exception above is that I contacted the CCCS (now step change I believe) and after going through all my finances they said my only way out was bankruptcy. I have read my tenancy agreement, and have a not-very-nice-landlord (although
  3. Thankyou for your reply. On the budgeting forms I have read on www, it says (roughly) "benefits received and how much?" Which is the reason for my uncertainties. As I do receive x amount of money in my name but it isn't all mine! Is it wrong to get some paid into my partners account and then just not mention it? Officially and truly, I now have £20 cash in my hand per month for me for personal items etc.. this means I can't spend any of the money when I have a high and is helping get things on track food wise etc... My partner has my bank card to get
  4. I have a lot of debt. I can't go bankrupt willingly as CCCS said I should, as I will lose my rent agreement on my house and I have 3 children, the eldest is disabled. I paid all my debts solidly, (borrowing from Peter to pay Paul) until a couple of months ago. I sold everything I had to pay for them as well. Now I've just stopped paying as I can't do it anymore. I have nothing left to sell. I have also recently been diagnosed with Bipolar-disorder and, yes I spent an awful lot of money during my highs, which I then tried to recuperate by selling during m
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