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  1. Hello Everyone, I took out a car insurance policy with Tesco Bank Car Insurance on 16.03.2015 and emailed my proof of NCB on 19.03.2015. I was told by them that I should receive an 'auto-response' email, which I did. It was stressed to me however that I should receive a confirmation email that the NCB had been accepted and applied to the policy, which I haven't. I therefore rang them today to ask them for this confirmation and they said that all calls were recorded and could confirm that they had indeed received and applied the NCB. They said that because I hadn't supplied a mobile number they couldn't send the confirmation of NCB, as they usually do this by email and text message (even though they have my email address). After hearing horror stories about Tesco Bank Car Insurance I was immediately concerned as something didn't feel quite right. I stated that I would still prefer something in writing, and they said (begrudgingly) that they'll get "someone from the back office" to put it in writing and I should receive something within 10 working days. I also rang them because their policy states that the main driver (me) and the named driver had held a licence for 10 years, when in fact I've held a licence for 17 years, and the named driver 25 years. They said that because I applied online it defaults to a 10 years maximum. Could this be classed as incorrect information should a claim be made? After hearing that people have had their insurance cancelled without their knowledge, the question is, should I be worried about any of this? Best wishes, Milly
  2. The flat I'm in now is a 3 bedroom property. I'm not in receipt of benefits, so I suppose renting privately is an option, but I'd lose all the tenancy protections I currently have (having lived here 4 years+). I merely made a 'small/minor' complaint about the noise made by the cleaner. It is the HA who have needlessly escalated the complaint and involved the police.
  3. In summary, it states (I can't copy and paste due to the legal wording on the email): Re: Verbal aggression - this is a very serious matter and - HA will not tolerate or accept this type of behaviour - breaches the terms of your tenancy agreement - should this behaviour continue then the HA may consider legal action. It looks to me like they're making it up as they go along. It also appears to me to be a malicious counter-complaint. Cheers, Milly
  4. It was around 8.45am, she was singing and banging loudly (slamming a manual vacuum cleaner against every skirting board). The problem is that the flats do not have sealed front doors, they just have fire doors that don't buffer any noise (or drafts) from the hallway. If someone is speaking when entering their flat, it sounds as though they are in another room to your own. I explained this to her before Xmas, but since then the noise has increased. I appreciate the type of door isn't the cleaner's fault. Best wishes, Milly
  5. Hello caro, and thanks for your message, I received an email response from the HA, which corroborates my version of what happened, in that the HA suggested police intervention, which I declined as being heavy-handed and unnecessary. They also state in their email that the cleaner made a complaint about me (only after I had complained about her) and took the next step and reported me to the police. I clearly stated to the HA that neither me, nor the cleaner were aggressive, but I did say that I was disturbed by the confrontation. It is the HA who suggested police intervention. I believe that the HA would have also encouraged the cleaner to report me to the police. All I did was request that the cleaner stop being noisy. The email then goes on to state that I am in breech of my tenancy agreement and threatens me with legal action. I just don't know what to do...Shan't be sleeping tonight methinks. Best wishes, Milly
  6. Hello citizenB, and thank you for your reply. I made the complaint over the phone, but sent the following email as a follow up: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Dear XXXX, Thank you for your email. Further to our telephone conversation earlier today, I would like to enquire as to whether or not [name of housing assoc.] have any 2 or 3 bedroom properties available that I could potentially move to (I am not in receipt of any benefits, and therefore would not be liable for the 'bedroom tax' and can thus afford more than one bedroom)? I ask this as I no longer feel safe or secure residing at XXXX, especially as a single occupant. So far I have had to call the police due to harassment from the resident in number X, there have been several incidents of anti-social behaviour from the residents at number X, there have been incidents of criminal damage to cars parked outside (car tyres slashed), we were informed prior to the new year that there had been a burglary, and finally today's incident. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. Yours sincerely, Milly --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suppose the email shows that I had made a complaint, but it doesn't show the nature of the complaint. Best wishes, Milly
  7. Dear All, I made a formal complaint to my housing assoc. about excessive noise made by one of their cleaners (who cleans the communal stairs in the flats where I live, and who I've asked not to make noise before). When I asked the cleaner to stop making such excessive noise, she was rude toward me and I was a bit shaken up about it. When making my complaint to the housing assoc., they suggested that I complain to the police about the cleaner if I thought they'd been aggressive. I declined and said that I thought it was unnecessary to involve the police and that complaining to them was sufficient. Two days later (today) I have been visited by two police officers, who claimed that the cleaner had now said that it was me who had been aggressive ! They advised me that should she be noisy again not to speak to her directly and to contact the housing assoc. I asked if I was being charged with anything, and they said not. I also asked why it was deemed necessary to send the police, when an email from the housing assoc. would have been sufficient?! I feel utterly intimidated by the whole thing, and believe that the housing assoc. are abusing their power and authority. Can I be arrested/prosecuted for this specious complaint? Anyone know what my rights are? Or if there's anything I can do about this? Best wishes, Milly (worried)
  8. Thank you for your response unclebulgaria67...they've already taken the money (within 29 hours of the alleged reminder) and said they'll make a refund, minus the charge. I've got time on my hands, so I'll write a letter of complaint (once my money's back in the bank!) then take it to the FOS
  9. Dear All, I have been charged to cancel (set-up fees) an automatic renewal of a home contents policy I did not want. Budget Insurance claim that they sent me a letter 17.09.14 to remind me that my policy was due for renewal. I absolutely did not receive any correspondence from them. I received an email from them at 18:52 the day before to say that the policy would renew at midnight (giving me around 5 hours to contact them). After complaining over the telephone, they said they would not charge £35.00, but would instead charge me £17.00 to cancel the renewal (or rather the set-up fees). It might not be a great deal of money, but it is to a full-time student like me. Anything I can do? All the best, Milly
  10. Dear All I moved into a Housing Association flat 28.10.2011 and my rent has increased by the following: 1 – Originally, the flat was advertised on the Internet (an Estate Agents web site) for: £420.00/month (£96.92/week). 2 – My mother and I were told whilst viewing the flat that it was: £424.00/month (£98.00/week). 3 – Prior to the commencement of my tenancy, after I had given notice on my previous accommodation, I was then informed the rent would be: £444.12/month (£102.48/week), to include service charges. 4 – After April's rent increase, my rent is now: £464.96/month (£107.30/week) - looking through my tenancy agreement, it states that the rent will always increase every April The increases in rent are hard to factor into my very limited income as a single person. Is there anything I can do? Sincere regards Milly Weeble
  11. Hello Everybody, Just received a letter from Lowell's making an offer, as follows: Pay in full - 75% as full and final settlement. Pay 85% in 2 installments - as full and final settlement. Set up a Direct Debit to pay the balance. Any advice before I contact them with a view to getting rid of them for good! All the best, Milly
  12. Hello Everyone, I have a dear friend who has just told me of their financial situation...worrying is not the word. I wondered why they were so distant and obviously worried recently and asked them. Please, if you have any advice you could impart, it would be most welcome... According to my friend, they have 4 credit cards, the balance of said credit cards amounts to £40,000.00!!!! All credit cards have no tie-in, i.e. they can move money from place to place. More details as follows: Credit Card 1 = CC company have reduced the credit limit. Balance still within credit limit. Credit Card 2 = CC company have just increased %age being charged to 26% from 14%. Credit Card 3 = Paying minimum repayments = Balance is increasing month on month. Credit Card 4 = Paying minimum repayments = Balance remaining approximately the same. I am extremely worried about my friend's financial situation. Although debt collection hasn't started as yet, it's not far off. Any advice as to how they can sort this mess out would be greatly appreciated. All the best, Milly
  13. Thanks for your comment...I've just had enough of them and can't face going through all the harassment again
  14. Hi and thanks for your reply, The last time I paid anything on this 'alleged debt' was 23rd August 2006 (4 years, 4 months ago). This was paid to the fifth DCA (Wescot Credit Services). Lowell are the sixth DCA, so far. All the best, Milly
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