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  1. Hello Everyone. I visited a friend on 29/04/17 in the early evening. Today, 20/05/17 I received a letter from CPM UK Car Park Management that a PCN was issued on 16/05/17 in relation to my visit on 29/04/17. An operative did not attend to see the apparent parking, a tennant at the flats takes photos of cars, sends them to CPM who then issue PCN's The area is split into two parking areas, one on the left, one on the right, with main entry driveway down the middle. I have attached 11 photos for you to look at. The block of flats is owned by a social housing association that has its head office in Newbury, West Berkshire. As you can see from the photos there is : 1 - no mention of permits being needed on any of the signs, 2 - only a couple of the bays have numbers which I think relates to flat number 3 - there are no designated visitor parking bays 4 - even though its private land, surely visitors are allowed to drive to the site and park up to visit a tennant. CPM001 - Location of Parking sign nearest to where my car was parked CPM002 - Close up picture of the sign CPM003 - The bay my car was parked in when receiving the PCN CPM004 - A parking bay with a designated flat number CPM005 - Majority of the bays do not have designated flat numbers, or visitor parking signs CPM006 - Sign on entry stating it is private parking CPM007 - Parking sign in right hand side car park CPM008 - Cars parked in bays with no designated flat numbers, or visitor parking CPM009 - Vehicles park on the main entry road / pavement CPM010 - Vehicles park on the main entry road / pavement CPM011 - Vehicles park on the main entry road / pavement I read that as its private land, then the PCN is actually an invoice (contract law), and that by appealing you are agreeing that the invoice is valid. I have also emailed DVLA today to see if CPM are legally allowed to get driver vehicle details from DVLA. But Im bothered by the fact that the "Offence" took place on 29/04, The offence wasnt recorded at CPM for 17 days, and then it took fours days for the letter to arrive. I wanted to know if there is a nice letter to send, which doesnt accept liability, but tells CPM they're talking rubbish and Im not paying. Sorry trying to upload photos, whats the spec needed ? Thanks Phillip
  2. Hi, i had a non refundable deposit paid for a service that ultimately did not proceed by the client, but now they have contacted my children by private message on Facebook and told them that I owe them money. Is this permitted? Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, Just had a quick thought and wondered if anyone could clarify if there may be a legal avenue here. I noticed that many providers of services to the DWP make use of this fund. Is there a case to be made that t he use of sanctions and the behaviour of some of these companies is at least not in the spirit of the European Social Fund agenda? I don't really know much about European law, I understand though that you generally have to exhaust things here before going up a level but surely there must be a way to raise this there. I'm email my MEP about the behaviour of some organisations who run the work programme, but just wondered if any of you could give any insights.
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/penalties-for-social-security-fraud-and-error/penalties-policy-in-respect-of-social-security-fraud-and-error#introduction Dated 14/07/2017
  5. Scottish Housing Regulator Fire Safety Advice - Letter to all social landlords can be download here: https://www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk/publications/fire-safety-advice-letter-all-social-landlords
  6. Hi all My Wife was dissmised for alleged gross misconduct for chasing on social media about work all though no mention of her work name or any second names used during conversation ( she thought she was in chat mode with a friend not on live site). Went to C.A.B. got told can't do anything as she had only been at her job nine months. Today she has received her final wage slip after waiting a month they paid the 3 weeks wages and any owed holiday pay then took back the full wages for the month before. What I need to know is can we appellant the sacking and what do I do about the wages they also owe her for 300 pound worth of overtime short paid over Christmas.
  7. Not sure if I am on the right site but here goes! My husband and I are both 66 and live in a housing association bungalow. We both receive state pensions and my husband receives DLA at the highest level. My mother sadly passed away last November and I will be receiving an inheritance although I don't know how much as her estate is going through probate at the moment. I would think it would be between 60K and 90K but that is an educated guess. At the moment we receive housing and council tax benefits but I know that will not continue once I receive my inheritance. My two main concerns are firstly, will we have to leave our home in which we have lived for seven years when my husband became too poorly to work? Secondly I have read a bit about "depravation of income" but am still confused. Will I be able to help my daughter financially by paying for things that need doing and also will I be able to put money into a trust or something similar for my two young grandchildren? I would very much appreciate your advice on this as at the moment it is giving me sleepless nights particularly thinking we might lose our home. Many thanks.
  8. I've received a letter from a dca ccscollect regardinng a £600 social fund loan I took out in 2010. I've just started getting benefits again so that's how they found me. The DWP won't deduct it from my benefits so have instructed a dca. When I enquired what the debt was for I asked if it should be statute barred and was told no that it comes social security law and not consumer law. Is this correct?
  9. Got this letter today from the Department of Work and Pensions telling me I owe them £300+. I gave them a call, and apparently this relates to a social fund crisis loan they claim I took out in the early 90s??? (I have no recolection of this)! For some reason the woman said she couldn't access the social fund section on her computer, all she could tell me was it was dated back to the 90s and said she is going to send me some details in writing next week. (After I refused her offer to call me back). Aren't these type of loans statute barred? She made no mention of any court judgement? Any help appreciated! DWP 28082011.pdf
  10. I have mentioned before on the forum of the dangers that debtors face when they visit popular 'social media' sites and apply to join 'closed groups' that claim to offer advice to anyone who has received a letter or a visit from a bailiff. These sites profess to help debtors. Don't be fooled. In the case of this particular thread, the social media site page in question has one aim only and that is to ensure that payment is never made to a bailiff. That is their overriding aim. Debtors joining these 'closed groups' wrongly believe that what they post remains a secret. It does not. Almost all bailiff companies, debt collection agencies, mobile phone providers and banks etc are members of these groups and can recognise the debtor immediately from the documentation frequently exhibited. Yesterday was one of the most serious examples of appalling bad advice from inexperienced members of the public that ultimately led to the debtors vehicle (worth £4,000) being taken by a High Court Enforcement Agent. The poor and inaccurate advice also led to the debt increasing by well over a £1,000.
  11. Up at 4am talking to a friend on facebook, her situation is that she is the sole carer for her 61 year old Husband who has early onset dementia, she has had problems with the 'authorities' when her husband was in hospital, first of all there was a deprivation of liberty order put on him and then a DNR so she has total mistrust of medical professionals. Now he is out of hospital she has district nurses in once a week, only one of them decided to report her to social services because her house was 'dirty' even though the nurse KNEW that two days before she had broken 2 ribs and could hardly move let alone sweep the @@@@@@ floor buts that's another story. Now she has had visits from SS and has been worried they are looking for an excuse to put him into a home and again they seem to be more interested in the state of her house then her well being and her husbands condition. Talking to her today its clear that she is suffering from depression ( I don't blame her) the catalyst is Christmas as her family don't support her and she is dreading spending the day looking at 4 walls with no celebration I, alas am too far away to get to her on Christmas day and strangers actually cause her Husband extreme distress so my being there will only make things worse. I have suggested she sees her GP, but she wont as she believes that if she does so and is put on medication her GP will inform SS and that she will not be deemed fit to look after her Husband So I need to know the process, would her GP actually give medical information to SS as a matter of course or would her GP have to ask her permission or ask her to sign a confidentiality waiver before they did so. I have suggested respite care, but again she is scared that once he goes into a home he will be kept there.
  12. Hello I'm writing this request for information on behalf of a dear close friend of mine who is disabled. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any information on the following. I would like to ask. Is it possible, and within your rights to change your Social Worker if you feel that they do not represent your best interests? Taking into account my friend is bedridden. My friend has only had contact with the Social Worker once in the last 8 months. My friend has been in touch with the local social services and explained the reasons, but they seem reluctant to help in anyway. Can someone please advise to what can been done, if the local social services won't help? Thank you
  13. Hi, Hope someone can give me some advice. I received a letter from DWP saying that they were going to start stopping money from my ESA to pay back a loan of £345. I rang them and told them I have not had a loan or applied for one, they told me it is for a loan I had in 2007 (9 years ago), I told them I am sure it was paid back as it is stopped automatically. He was adamant it was not paid back, and they will be stopping the money. I said surely after 6 years it is statute barred but he said this does not apply to them. Does anyone know if this is correct please.
  14. Does anyone know anything about these? Just got position number one for a property, after bidding for it last week, went through income and expenditure and I'm shaking and nervous, forgot to tell her about the three things debt wise I pay out only my partners .... didn't tell her about debts were not paying as it was income and expenditure and I'm currently not paying on some of them. Then she say shes going off to do a credit check and will call me back, that was over an hour ago. So I guess that's game over then? I didn't know social did credit checks? How are we supposed to get anywhere to live? Been living at my mums since January now with my partner and 3 children. I feel like I have literally just hit rock bottom ...
  15. I was caught stealing at tk maxx today. It was a very foolish thing of me I admit. Something that costed £7.99 and I didn't want to pay for it as I had already purchase worth £70.01 at tk maxx and didn't have enough money for what I wanted. I took of the security plastic tag off the box and put the item in my bag while I got busy with my daughter as she was crying and kicking a fuss. I continued to checkout with all my other items amounting to £70! Then left the premises. A security came running down the stairs and spoke to me saying I believe you have something in your bag which you haven't paid for. I said ok let's check I opened my bag and saw the item then remembered I put it in my bag. I forgot about it as I spent nearly 2hours in the store looking for lots of things. He escorted me to the back security room and asked me to place everything not paid for on the table. I then placed the only item that was in my bag worth £7.99!! He asked me did you steal the item. I said I didn't mean to they were so rude and shouting. He then said look I'm calling the police and I cannot wait for that woman to tell me. Then I was obliged to say I stole it so that he doesn't call the police. Then he cut off the phone and said to me if I admit I stole it I said yes and started talking again he was angry saying that I'm fed up now I'm calling the police cause you're not ready to tell me. Then said that how are you going to explain to your partner if I call the social services because you stole £7 your daughter got taken away!! I stayed quiet and didn't wana say anything so they don't call the police. Now reading other threads I guess there will be a letter coming for me to pay for god knows what because the item was left un damaged. Shall I tell my partner �� I'm scared. I do not work to pay off any money to anyone. Please help me. They took my ID CARD with my details on it . And forced me to take my provisional license out of my wallet to show my address.
  16. Morning Everyone, This Forum has helped me on a previous a Previous occasion and i was hoping for further advice on a new problem. Ive been contacted via mobile text from a company called CCS. Upon searching , I Discovered that they are a debt collection agency for the DWP. I Called The DWP debt dept this morning and asked them if I owed them funds. I was informed that I had indeed taken out a social fund loan of £250 out in 2008. I had just left a spell in rehab and had forgotten all about it. I did'nt claim benefit until July 2013 Until Nov 2013, J.S.A, so no repayments toward the social fund loan were taken until then. I have gone through my letters this morning, and found that i had being paying the DWP back at £2.96 per week for this JSA period. No payments have been made since Nov 2013 , the last time i received Benefit. I am not on benefits and not in paid work, living at home with my partner, Which i informed the DWP of this morning.The DWP debt department have been sending their letters to my old address for the last 2 years.I have given them my current Address tHis morning.Although i have received other documentation i.e pension statements from them at my current address, The Lady at the DWP informed me that the debt has been passed to CCS, and they cannot deal with me directly. I informed the DWP that i will not be dealing or responding to the CCS debt collection agency in any way shape or form , and i will throw away any letters that i recieve from them. I will only deal directly with the DWP. The DWP Lady said she will e mail CCS with the conversation we have had telling them that i will ignore all their letters. Can anyone advise my of my next step , im willing to pay the approx £200 back at £5 per month either by direct debit or cheque/payment card. Sorry for going on and on. Hope to get some advice to ease my nerves. thanks. xx:|
  17. Hi all, I hope you are well. I have been in foster care since I was 3 until I was 21, and now I am 22. However social said they would keep supporting me until I was 25 as long as I am in full time education. I completed three years at university and got my degree, I then decided to do a masters. However when I was barely a month or so into the masters I had to come home because I was taken ill. I wasn’t in a fit state to continue with mental health problem, thus at this point so I decided to defer my masters. I was realised from hospital and came home, at this point social services were being fantastic about things. However, I relied on my social worker to sort things out as I was in no fit state to sort it myself. When I say thing like defer me from the masters, sort things out with the uni, accommodation etc. 3-4 months have gone by since coming home and I have recently discovered my social worker hasn’t done any of these things. I have had an e-mail from the university saying what’s going on, we know you are ill. Today, I discovered my accommodation contract hasn’t been sorted, in which they said I could get out if I provided substantial documentation from a GP. Obviously at the time I left things with my social worker and just assumed it was done, I now owe almost £1000. The thing is that in the summer we agreed social will pay for a certain amount and I pay roughly a £10 deficit each month, this was agreed verbally. I believe social have stopped paying the bill therefore I am lumbered with the whole amount. In addition, when a student usually comes out of university social usually help said student get on their feet. However, the contact has been scarce over time. I received a cheque for £1,900 which was because my masters was on a scholarship and the uni said I can keep it as I was still enrolled at the time the incident happened. I was honest with social which was all good. At the time I said I would put it to good use and have driving lesson, with the aim of increasing my employability. Contact has lessened and I feel in the lurch, as I am living with a relative and can’t stay here much longer, social haven’t helped in finding me a flat of my own, I found a flat on my own which was affordable, but I could get it as I had no guarantor and none of my family were in a position to help. Social then said they won’t help me because I have this cheque. However with various expenses including Christmas, I have spent a little of it, but now I am just using it to live essentially. I have had to go to the council and declare myself homeless. I am jobless at the moment and have been doing everything in my power such as updating my CV, applying for jobs and even been to a job interview today. I have applied for JSA in which I wasn't helped with, which can be trick given the circumstances. I spoke to my social worker last week and she only wanted to see if I had applied for JSA so she could stop paying me Independent living allowance which is fair, because that has been good deed from them to me. However I feel slightly overwhelmed at the minute as I am trying to find a flat, a job. And now I have discovered that nothing has been done since coming back from university and find out I have this £980 debt. I feel it wouldn’t have been this much if my social worker had got me out of the contract. And uni fees are still being charged I believe. Sorry, I don’t mean to paint social services in a bad light, I am only speaking from experience. And I haven’t ever had a problem with them before. But it’s agitating and everything is playing on my mind, which is not good for my mental health, as I have had to overcome a lot to get to this point. Any advice is welcome and thanks for reading. Many thanks, Abc12321
  18. Morning all, I'm new to the site so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong section. I am currently signed off work and have been since June 15 with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome and depression. Recent blood tests also show that I now have (what my GP called) 'A very severe vitamin D deficiency' I am a social housing tenant and live on the top floor of a 2 story block of maisonettes. There is no communal lift in the block and I have to walk up and down over 50 stairs to get in/out of my property. The pain I constantly suffer makes it difficult to move very far or at any speed and I only usually go out to GP appointments. My condition has gotten worse over the past 7 months and I have been moved up a band on the housing register, but am still a good year away before my bidding makes any difference. I have also joined Homeswapper, but unfortunately no joy yet. I approached my housing officer to try and get a managed move due to my condition and she said that the HA no longer accepts managed move requests on medical grounds? Does the HA have a duty of care to move me to a more suitable property? I explained to my HO that I have no quality of life as I am virtually imprisoned in my home. I sleep on the sofa downstairs (which doesn't help my condition) because I have started having panic attacks that there will be a fire in the block during the night and I wouldn't be able to make it out of the property quick enough. My depression is getting worse because of this situation. I asked her for the names of the people responsible for the decision on managed moves so that I could make a complaint, but have not had any response and I would appreciate some advice if possible before contacting them again. If anyone has any advice I will be extremely grateful Thanks, Cay
  19. Not sure if this is the right forum for this question but I can't find any other suitable for this issue. I'm looking for some advice regarding the data protection act and a bit of a long story but I will try to be as brief as possible. I am a foster carer of a 15 year old boy (B) who has autism, ADHD, and social emotional behavioural problems. I have been his foster carer for over 3 years and it has not been easy, he has temper tantrums like a 2 year old, has trashed my house on several occasions and trashed his room on a regular basis. He has been placed with me on a permanent basis. There has been a lady ® involved via social services who has been brought in to give specialist interventions for some particular problems he has and she has visited regularly with B's social worker. Myself and my adult son and girlfriend who live with us have been very open and honest with her about the difficulties hoping that he will get the help he needs to resolve some of his issues. I have another child in placement who will be leaving soon to return home and there has been suggestions that B, because of his difficulties then becomes a lone placement and that they will pay me for 2 placements so that i don't need another placement and can manage financially. In October the social worker and R visited and while they were here looked at his bedroom. I will admit that the bedroom was awful, he won't keep it clean and tidy and won't let me do it, he has damaged the walls, broken things and collects junk etc. When the social worker suggested to him that she would come round to help him sort it out he totally lost his rag over it, and with me too when I suggested helping him to get it sorted and said no-one is touching his room and if I do anything to his room he will trash mine! He has since been making a bit of an effort to get it tidied up and sorted out a bit under the threat of someone else doing it for him. A couple of weeks ago my supervisor told me the social worker and R were coming round to discuss how we can help B sort his room out. When they arrived R immediately said she had been asked to do a placement report and had brought it to share (absolutely nothing to do with what I thought they were coming for). I was totally shocked and unprepared for this and I had around 45 interrupted minutes (kids coming home from school) to go through a report containing at least 30 pages and tell her all the bits I disagreed with. The report was full of inaccuracies, assumptions, comments taken out of context and inferences. It was very derogatory regarding my family and home and made me out to be a dotty old lady who only cares about the garden, cats and chickens. I am actually a very intelligent, knowledgeable, and experienced carer. Yes my home is a bit tatty and everything is old but it's clean (apart from his bedroom) and it wasn't nearly so tatty before B came and trashed everything, broke furniture etc. I was very aggrieved that I was unprepared and did not have time to go through the report properly and point out all the inaccuracies and unjustified comments, She even got my son's age wrong and his university degree. She said of my garden that the veggies were all in straight rows with no weeds! Well she obviously hadn't looked because my veggies are not in rows and there are plenty of weeds. It said nothing about how B has settled, progressed and developed since coming here and how his temper tantrums have reduced significantly and how he will now talk about things upsetting him rather than throwing things. I felt like giving notice on B there and then but I won't do that to him, as this is the first place he has settled since coming into care - he went through about 6 placements in 2 years due to his behaviour - prior to coming here. Following this meeting I emailed R and told her I was not happy with the report and the fact that I did not have enough time to read it properly and challenge everything that was inaccurate or that I didn't agree with. I also said I was grossly insulted by the fact that she came into my home under the guise of providing specialist interventions for B and then used the information given freely for that purpose to write a report which was derogatory towards my home and family. I asked to revisit the report with her so I could have time to read it properly and give a considered response. That was over two weeks ago and I haven't had a response from her. The social worker, who I copied in did tell me her manager was going to call me but this hasn't happened either. If anyone can advise me I would like to know if I have a case under the Data Protection Act, due to the inaccuracy of the information and also the fact that it was gathered for a different purpose to which it has been put and what I should do about it. This information they now have could be very damaging to my good reputation as a very competent foster carer and could affect me getting other placements in the future. I have looked at the ICO website but it's quite complicated and there seem to be different rules regarding social services. It's also difficult to be very specific about what is wrong with the report as I do not have a copy and am relying on memory and I do not know what has happened since the meeting, whether anything has been corrected (the things I did manage to challenge). Sorry this is a bit long but if anyone has time to ready it I would be grateful for any advice.
  20. Hi, I'm having some neighbour issues at the moment - loud music, aggressive and threatening behaviour. We're at the 'complain to landlord and council' stage. My issue is this: It turns out that the previous tenant here was probably moved out due to the issues with this neighbour (possibly a management transfer), and we believe that there was also police involvement. The neighbour gloats that he 'saw them off (the previous tenants) and gave them what for'. The tenants had complained about the noise and the neighbour breached a court order just before we moved in and had his music system seized (actually he threw the music system out of the window when they came to enforce the order). BUT when we viewed the property, both the tenant and housing officer lied and said there were no noise issues. We feel really angry about this and I've put in a complaint to the housing association about this issue - placing us - vulnerable disabled people next door to someone with known anti-social and aggressive behaviour, and lying when we asked about there being issues. What duty of care does the HA have in this situation to new vulnerable tenants, when placing them? I know that when buying a house, any neighbour issues have to be disclosed - but where do social landlords stand with this? Any advice anyone could offer would be great - as you can probably understand, we're pretty stressed about this at the moment.
  21. Hi Guys and thanks for the acceptance to this forum - I am normally quite good when it comes to debt and have managed well but In February of this year I received a 'DOE' letter to my Ltd company for a debt in 2002, which I have no recollection of, nor have they attempted to notify me in the last 14yrs about any outstanding amounts (Social loan). I called the number supplied on the letter with some confusion as you can imagine asking what this is all about and why a DOE has been sent without previous contact from DWP to resolve this matter, the debt company (refused to issue name other than 'we work for DWP') advised me to speak with the Social loan team, I called them and they said I needed to speak with the debt company, I called them back and advised this is in dispute and a letter will follow since no proof has been provided to myself previous to the DOE, I also advised that since I had taken 3hrs aside to learn if this debt stands, did I need to pay it? (Yes is the answer). So I sent the letter in March advising them to supply me with information regarding this debt. I also included that if I have to do further work to resolve this matter when they clearly should have provided me with it then my time is chargeable at £14ph +call charges if it occurs. I heard nothing until July this year again another DOE but this time it is accompanied with another amount owed! What is going on? is this maladministration on their part or is it simply they have no clue what they are doing??? I called and advised them that I still have no proof to work with and it is disputed... I hear nothing until 2 days ago... GUESS WHAT!! another DOE... this time, no subject, no reference, no amounts or proof included just a calculation sheet for my Ltd company.. I called them yesterday and all they say is 'contact Social loan' but enforcement/recovery will continue by them. My question is this, I have asked for proof 3 times, x1 by letter and x7 by phone, I have yet to receive this signature, breakdown sheet or anything else so what do I do next? I will obviously send a letter confirming the actions taken and proof of my previous letter sent by recorded delivery along with photo evidence of my phone statements showing calls made and duration but is there anything I can do to get these off my back since they have waited 14 years to follow this up with no correspondence at all sent to me (I am listed on every system and register so no excuse), no proof and failed to do so since my original letter 6mths ago?? I await in anticipation guys because I am getting frustrated with debt company's who act as recovery but will not request further information from their clients, all you get is 'its not our job' guess what ... it is, you took on the role of recovery so surely you must request all related information to complete the task before enforcing.. is this not illegal to enforce without proof?? Cheers guys
  22. Hi there, I am new to this and would kindly welcome some advice if anyone could help? I'll keep it brief and to the point. Work for global corporation, my head office based in UK. Employed by this company for nine years, no complaints at all. Had various directors, regional managers and line managers over these 9 years. Company was restructured late December 2014, I inherited a different regional manager and line manager in January (both who work in a different division and have no knowledge of the job I do, regional manger been there for at least 7 years, line manager only promoted to line manager in January 2015, previously same job spec as mine only different division). Was given a complete new territory in January unannounced (had been consultant for a different territory for over three years and built up good trust and sales with these customers). Regardless, went out and done my job, hit my sales target in January despite the whole territory being new. Two weeks into February had a conversation with my new line manager who was enquiring why the mood was so low in our team ( a team of ten consultants) and I had offered a suggestion that "maybe the constant negativity wasn't helping" . I said this as we had all received a barrage of negative emails and phonecalls from said line manager, and everyone was moaning about it, seen as we were a new team that had been put together in January, me being the longest serving employee out of the whole team said what I said. The day after, at 7.30pm I received a friendly txt from line manager asking if I could meet him the following day to have a chat about figures, I agreed as didn't think anything of it, went to the meeting location the next day, was invited into a room by line manager, next thing regional manager walks in (unannounced) asks me "do you know what youre here for" when I replied "it was my understanding I was here to have a chat about figures with line manager, he said "no, youre going to pick your way to leave this company". He said "you can either resign, or I will make your life hell and make you leave". You have until Tuesday the following week to decide. I told him after a barrage of abuse from him, I wasn't resigning. The next morning the abuse continued, wont go into detail just now but will if anyone wants to know the details, just want to get the main points out just now. The next day I met with HR as I was disgusted at what had happened and told HR everything that had been said and proposed etc. HR (after hearing my side of the story), two days later, they wrote back saying they had spoke to both concerned and that they had all agreed that they would all meet with me to have a discussion. I was horrified at this, I had been duped into a meeting were it was a 2 vs 1 scenario, no witnesses, was totally bullied and intimidated, no witnesses, and HR wanted me to meet with them again under the same set up, ( HR are supposed to be impartial but in our company they are not). Before this week came around I was that ill after the original meeting, had nearly crashed my car on a busy motorway after suffering a severe panic attack, more followed, that my GP signed me off work and prescribed anti anxiety medication. To cut a long story short, I raised a grievance, it was heard by same HR I had spoken to initially and another manager who offered me a "new position" when accompanying me down in the lift out of the meeting room once the grievance had been heard, I said nothing. It took them 5 months to conclude the grievance stating time out of office and work commitments. When the notes came out it was clear that both managers had colluded, also my notes were missing, when I asked about these, they then sent a diluted version of my notes, when I asked them that I wished them to be amended to what I actually said, they thanked me for the ammendum but stated it wouldn't change anything. They also added parts to my grievance which were not included, to absolve themselves I guess. My post was on a recruitment site straight after (I know this is not against the law but trying to give an insight). None of it was upheld. The two investigating, made the conclusion. In between the grievance conclusion and me stating I wished to appeal, the person I raised the grievance about was promoted. The Grievance appeal was heard by same HR person and finance director, was cut short as they had a flight to catch. I was then sent the notes of said meeting, it was so heavily diluted that anyone who didn't know about it would have a hard time working out what all of the fuss was about, my witness emailed their notes, after that, although a conclusion was promised by the end of last week, straight after my witness submitted their notes I received a "without prejudice" email asking me to accept a paltry amount of money. I would gratefully accept any advice on what to do next, if anyone has any questions please ask, I just tried to keep this post short (ish) and to the point. Thanking you all in advance.
  23. Last year the social fund contacted me and stated i owed £500 from 1997-98 in the UK. I did the usual SAR, Dispute etc and they were unable to substantiate the debt. They still started taking £15.00 out of my ESA every two weeks despite my objections. After transferring to Northern Ireland and my ESA is back up and running, the Northern Ireland Social fund has sent me a letter. They state i owe the social fund £111.00 and must pay it back at £7.19 a week Northern Ireland has not recognised the Governments welfare reforms so we still have the social security office, not the DWP. This is interesting The say i can pay it by cheque in one lump sum, in cash, postal order, or standing order and first payment to reach them within 7 days. They also asked me to sign the letter saying I AGREE I OWE THE SOCIAL FUND THIS MONEY. My question has to be why they are being so nice about it? Why have they not just started taking the deductions from my ESA like the DWP did without my consent?
  24. If a company openly admits using social media and search engines to confirm identities etc EG fraud, Is that unlawful?
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