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  1. Hello, first of all I would like to say I'm really glad I found this forum. After looking through some of these recent posts, I've noticed that others have had invalid 16+ oyster cards made for them and also got into trouble with inspectors. My case however, seems to be slightly different. I am an 18-year old student currently in full time education. This means that I am entitled to a 16+ oyster card already, and eligible for free travel. However, I couldn't figure out how to make the account and actually get the oyster card. I've noticed a lot of people on social med
  2. Where do i start, i really need some advice, ill give you a bit of background information. Around 6 years ago i got into some financial trouble, my business ran into trouble and i had to stop trading, this cause me to change my finances quite drastically and i had to get a job. a job i still do now. I also lost my rented house a couple of years later and had to live in a caravan while my wife stayed with relatives, winding forward we managed to save enough for a deposit to buy a house last year, this had a knock on effect because we sold everything to get the house. This caused
  3. Just to let people know about the trouble I have had with budget insurance. I took out van insurance with them in May this year, as well as the insurance I took out break down cover. This month I had purchased a new van , when I tried changing the insurance over to my new van Budget wanted to double my premiums even thou through an online comparison site they were quoting £20 cheaper than I was paying. When I queried this they said that was for new customers and not for existing customers and they would not budge. I decided to cancel the insurance and has to pay £50 cancellati
  4. I found this forum online after I got myself into a spot of trouble and I'm looking for advice.
  5. Colleague at work bought a car from a private seller on Friday last week - 2003 BMW for £750. She needed car to get her 4 kids to school and her to work etc as previous car had conked out completely. Seemed nice old guy, had all service history etc. Saturday morning a warning light came on for coolant so she went to a petrol station, bough some and put it in. Same thing happened again on Sunday and Monday. Took car to a garage yesterday and it seems cylinder head gasket has gone. She has contacted the guy who says there was nothing wrong with the car when he sold it and
  6. I can't log into my account today with my PC, although it still works most of the time with my phone. I keep getting a message about AOL being called Oath now and it says that before I continue it wants me to confirm I'm in the UK and to confirm their new privacy policy. When I try to accept their conditions or manage my options, it says 'Oops something went wrong, please try again later.' Every time I try, I go through the same loop. What am I doing wrong please? Thank you for any help. HB
  7. I am writing this on behalf of someone else. Where i use the words me i or us means the person involved. Not me. I was employed as a mobile with a well known security company. My main job was to respond to alarms and deal with them. When i started my job off i was told that i was on a gauranteed 24 hour contract (weekly). I was not given any paperwork apart from some paperwork to show how and what i should be doing. I was told be my manager that i would recieve my contract in the post during the next 4-6 weeks. I also emailed my manager and he confirmed that i h
  8. I'm finally starting to get my credit file looking better but I now feel I may need to start a DMP. I can probably just about pay bills + debts but I'm struggling and in Feb I *may* be going to uni so my income will reduce to about half. I pay the household bills through my bank account and my OH pays me his share. How would I work that into a DMP? Would I ignore his money and budget only my half of everything etc? My debts are: Natwest loan - £5000 Credit Union loan - £1550 (paid through wage so isn't an issue yet) Avant loan - £1900
  9. Hi all - first post on these forums, hoping to find a solution to this problem! Over the last few weeks I've received a number of letters from Pastdue Credit Solutions about a supposed debt of £32.40 that I owe to Three Mobile. These letters have demanded that I pay up or face further debt collection procedures or legal action. I held an account with Three Mobile for two years, but closed my account in October 2016 when I switched to Virgin. When I called to close my account, the man in Three's call centre remarked that I had been a model customer, with no late or
  10. I am a new member and seeking for help and hope I will get a help and guidance to sort out TAX Credit rejection. I am a single mother of 2 children. In Feb 2015 my husband and I went thru separation due to our every other day arguments which was going on for past 3 years and eventually he moved out in Feb 2015 and left me no money to pay for the bills. While I was with him he used to get child tax credits and help from local council towards the house rent as he was on low wages and I was just a house wife. At time of separation my daughter was 13 yrs and son 6 yr old. Onc
  11. Hello all, not sure whether or not this is worth mentioning on CAG forums but will post here anyway in case answers to this question might be helpful to other forum members. I joined 3SixtyFitness, in Newark on Trent, a couple of months ago. I paid for personal training sessions upfront and also signed a six-month contract, with Ashbourne Payments for use of the gym itself when I wasn't training. I rang the gym owner today to tell him that, owing to health issues/family troubles etc. I would have to cancel my gym membership. He said that would be no problem and that I should contact
  12. Hi, My business partner and I are going to be registering our company very soon. I know that somewhere into the process, we're going to need to open a business bank account and designate that as our main account for the business. About 3 years ago, I opened a business account and had a business loan that was connected with that account when I opened it (by Lloyds TSB). This company was as a sole trader and wasn't a registered company. I had some payment issues and the business account was eventually closed, as I'd missed some loan repayments/late payments, etc. Ultimately, the
  13. Just been alerted to this. http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/enforcement/competition-bulletins/open-cases/all-open-cases/cw_01160/?utm_source=updates&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cw_01160 We all know that VF have some serious issues at the moment and it seems that OFCOM agree. PAYG users paying for services not supplied Wrong amounts on bills for customers After all this time, you would have thought that Vodafone could get its act together and train their staff to recognise a problem and deal with it insted of doing nothing of value. No wonder they are los
  14. The EU has barred the NHS from checking the qualifications of EU doctors and nurse, that means thousands of European doctors and nurses will be able to practice in this country without checks on their qualifications. These new rules in the EU, mean they will be given electronic passports’ which will automatically allow them to practice in hospitals and GP’s surgeries. Europe will issue these passports to nurses, midwives and some other medical staff from January 1st, and doctors in two years’ time, without checking their qualifications or whether they have lied or been suspended.
  15. I moved back into my parent's house at the start of this year which was also when I registered as self-employed. I currently haven't been paying any council tax since I assume I have to let the council know I've moved in. My Dad doesn't have to pay any council tax. I have the money to pay for it but what sort of trouble can I expect to be in when I let the council know about this? Also I've so far earned around £8k this year so I think I may be able to benefit from working tax credits. Am I allowed to back date this benefit to the start of the year from whe
  16. Hi. My friend bought car on finance, total payable including fees and interesta was 19.356.72 Last payment he made got him down to 12.935.39 MotoNovo started repossession. The taken the car and now want him to pay another 6.920.22 I'm looking at his statement and don't get what all this means, can someone explain please: Write off rebate: Credit 2.259.03 Write-off option fee: Credit 125 Write off: Credit 5436.76 at this point debt is 5.683.93 than we have: Transfer to recoveries: Debit 6.920.22 which make debt back to 12.604.15 then:
  17. So. This is a long story - sorry about that! In March 2014, my husband and I received a very large back bill. Apparently, they discovered they hadn't input what few meter readings they had into their system upon changing the account from my husband's name to mine. We'd originally wanted the account in both of our names, for visa purposes, but they refused. We were completely shocked, and there was/is no way for us to pay it, as we just barely scrape by paying the normal bills. The amount was also very high for our living situation, and I still don't think the
  18. Hi-I was just wondering if anyone knows how far they can actually make you travel to these appointments, at the moment they are making me travel 30 miles just to do job searches on the computer etc. its an hours drive at least cos the traffic is awful or 2hours on public transport. Also, am currently on a sanction because my wonderful "advisor" sent me an email telling me to attend the wrong office for my appointment so obviously I missed it (they have one 12 miles away from me as well but she reckons they only see esa people there...?) so obviously I have no money whatsoever until my ha
  19. OK guys, here we go. Made redundant from work in october 2000, long story short all my creditors went default before I got back into work. RBS particularly harsh, really dragged their heels concerning my PPI claim etc. When my personal loan and royalties account overfdraft went default, I got battered for charges. Been paying them back since may 2001, never missed a payment, always made the increases when asked. Over the years I've received letters from their CMS in telford and another company (whose name escapes me but I will dig it out)
  20. if you read this and provide advice, thank you it's much appreciated. Secondly, yes I'm stupid and finally I know ignorance is not a defence (I have a Masters in Law, though you probably won't believe it after reading this). I'm expecting to receive a letter at some point from TfL and wanted to understand how to proceed... I mentioned to my dad last week that I was going to London on Saturday 15th for a day trip and he offered to lend me his Oyster card that gets him on the tube for 'free'. Thanks dad. Readers, I'm sure you can see where this ends up. I trave
  21. Afternoon all, first post on here. Need some help really. Didn't pay council tax because I'm a 24 year old child. Didn't set up a payment plan with Birmingham city council quick enough, so went to equita, did set up a plan with them which I thought was by direct debit. Apparently not, as I didn't pay them 7 days ago they've sent a bailiff out to my house today who put a notice after taking control of goods on my car. However this car is on finance, the reg they've written is wrong and on all correspondence they've called me Lexxx my names Lxxx. Anyway, have tried calling bailif
  22. Hi there, new to these forums, but I googled the issue I faced this morning, and saw a couple of related threads here, so hoping I might be able to get some advice, or at least confirmation of what I believe! My situation is that after 17 years of using annual season tickets between my Hertfordshire home and work in the city, I switched to the carnet + oyster method, because I often do not need to travel to the office and it would save money. 1 week later, and I now have had to deal with an inspector this morning that wrote me up for altering the date on my ticket. I don't dispute th
  23. Over the past few months a large number of Facebook pages have been set up (mainly by Sovereign Citizen/Freeman on the Land activists). A common feature of these pages is the use of highly dubious methods of 'beating the bailiff'. The most common feature, and one that is sadly costing debtors dearly is the advice to refuse to speak or correspond with the enforcement agent and instead, to pay the amount of the actual 'debt' (Liability Order, parking penalty notice, court fine) direct to the creditor (minus bailiff fees of course). From further reading it would appear that the reason for
  24. Hi all, I'm here to seek some experienced advice. I made the mistake of jumping on the DLR without tapping in when I was in a hurry. When I arrived at my destination there were revenue inspectors waiting at the exits. I knew I made a mistake so handed in my contactless card to be scanned and awaited my fate. The handheld detector flashed red, then green and the inspector just let me go on my way. When I checked my online account, that journey has been flagged as "revenue inspector" and have been charged the maximum fare. Will I also be gettin
  25. The following customers have posted about their Npower problems on the My Npower Nightmare Facebook Group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/517771428350844 - but apparently aren't sure how to proceed. [ATTACH=CONFIG]58708[/ATTACH] https://www.facebook.com/david.hillstaylor?fref=ufi https://www.facebook.com/kreedman1?fref=ufi https://www.facebook.com/nicky.vaughan?fref=ufi https://www.facebook.com/michelle.piper?fref=ufi Unfortunately the administrator of My Npower Nightmare has blocked us because we criticised his approach and said that he was acting like some kind
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