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  1. I think you should get a statutory declaration done - this is a legal document which states that all property within the address and boundary belong to your mother. You can have it notarised at a solicitors, not sure how much it is these days might be £10. I have affixed a blank stat dec which you could print off, fill in and take to solicitors. When it's done take a couple of photocopies and show it through the window to the B&S guy when he next shows up. Keep your door locked and push a copy of the stat dec through the letter box for him. Statutory Declaration.doc
  2. You don't need to do their income and expenditure forms, it's none of their business what you do with your finances as long as you keep up payments and pay down the arrears. How many months does the £800 represent ? have you written to them offering the extra 200 per month ?
  3. OK, using the Norgan rule payments of £100 per month towards the arrears would clear them in the remaining term of the mortgage, but only just - you would need to keep those payments up for 12 years without fail. However the lender might not be too happy about waiting 12 years and may force your hand by applying for an eviction warrant in which case you'd have to get a hearing before a judge for them to decide. £200 per month would halve the time it takes to clear arrears. You have to decide what sum you can afford to maintain for a long period.
  4. Any payment you make towards the arrears is a positive step. Going forward you should only offer and then pay what you can comfortably afford each month. If you keep stopping and starting payments they will keep harassing you.
  5. I thought you had made an offer earlier this year to pay a certain amount towards the arrears? You say you are currently not paying towards the arrears - why is that ?
  6. I thought you were already paying an amount towards the arrears? you should always pay something towards them. They won't capitalize the arrears while you're not paying.... and you are at risk of them applying for eviction which, if you were to defend, the judge would want to know why you haven't paid towards the arrears. You're placing yourself in a very precarious position. It's not a good idea to stop paying towards the arrears just because you haven't had a response to your letter.
  7. I would have sent it to the eviction team as they are the ones threatening you................. guess you'll just have to wait and see if complaints pass it on. You could always email a copy to the eviction team if you have their email add.
  8. Hi, managed to get letter done, (affixed) make sure it is sent by special delivery so they get it the next day. WA 1306 letter Nov 19.doc
  9. Hi there you need to write to them again explaining the August payment. I can help you with the letter but it will be later this morning as I am at work and quite busy at the moment.
  10. Hi there, if the judge today still orders the eviction, ask for more time to put things in place. You should stress that you didn't feel your case was given enough consideration and was rushed. Most definitely ask at the court if they have any duty legal advisors who can accompany you into the hearing and support your case.
  11. I'm going out shortly but will take a look tomorrow.
  12. OK, you'll have to enter an N244 at court to get a hearing before the eviction to have it stopped. We can help you with thatt.
  13. If you have received an eviction notice I assume there has been a repossession hearing prior to this? did you attend the hearing ? If so what was the outcome ?
  14. Hi, how much could you afford to pay towards the arrears each month in addition to the normal monthly payment ? If you can show the court you have the ability to pay off the arrears over a period of time then the judge will suspend possession. Let us know if you need help with defending the claim.
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