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  1. Hi, glad to hear you have managed to come to an arrangement but I knew they'd pressurise you into paying more out of the surplus - I assume you told them you had that amount to spare? They will have calculated how much was needed to be paid each month to clear the arrears in the remaining 6 years of the mortgage. You must ensure you don't miss any payments going forward or they will simply issue an eviction warrant without notice. Have you had confirmation of the DWP mortgage help ?
  2. If they see you have 500 surplus they will expect you to pay that towards the arrears so you need to see where you might need some emergency funds. How many years are left on the mortgage? - 100 a month might not be enough to clear the arrears in a reasonable time.
  3. OK, under the Benefits section make sure you put a line in for the mortgage interest support (do you know how much it is?). Also - make sure the income you list will cover all the outgoings and debts - if it doesn't they'll say you can't afford what you're offering. If you have to forego some of the flexible or other unnecessary outgoings then do so. You need to complete the form before you call them so they can't trip you up - you just read off the figures you've entered. Don't let them fluster you and don't agree to anything over the phone - tell them you'll make your offer in writing by special delivery (get the correct address or email address). Stay strong
  4. Hi, you should most definitely make the payment asap - and get printed proof from your bank account. You also need to call the lender and ask for the address and name of the exact department to send the mortgage interest payment forms to. If you can scan and email them to the correct email address for that department then all the better. If you have to post them then you should take a photocopy beforehand and send by special delivery so they have to sign for them (think it costs about £7 but will be worth it), make sure you keep the postal receipt in a safe place. Let me know when you have made the payment and I will draft a letter for you to send to the lender with your offer of payment arrangement. I guess you'll have to complete the income and expenditure form they sent (are you able to scan the form and post on here so I can see what info they want?) You need to be on top of all this as you only have 2 weeks to get some agreement in place in order to avoid having to go to court to defend an eviction order.
  5. The lender could apply for an eviction warrant if you haven't left by 1st November which would involve bailiffs, but you can apply to the court for a hearing to stop the eviction - we can help with that. However you need to start being proactive in getting things in order so we have something to base a defence on. You should pay the 8,000 as soon as possible so we can show evidence to the court and you need the proof of mortgage interest payments also. Any evidence of applying for jobs would also be helpful
  6. Hi, it's a shame you didn't ask for help in preparing and that there wasn't a legal advisor available at court. Unfortunately the only way to challenge the judge's decision is if they made an error in a point of law in their judgement which it doesn't sound as if they did. If you managed to get a job and could prove the job offer, start date and salary you might have a chance to go back to court and show you can pay going forward - it's not guaranteed and it sounds like your lender is pretty set on possession of the property. Did you ask for time to sell ?
  7. Hi, looking at your budget sheet how much can you afford to pay towards the arrears on the second mortgage in addition to the normal monthly payment? Have you received confirmation of how much the arrears are?
  8. Hi, you should fill in the affixed budget sheet - it calculates as you complete it) - as you'll need to send it with your offer letter to the lender. This will help your case if we have to defend in court as the judge will see you've made an effort to come to an arrangement with the lender. Let me know when you have completed it. Are these mortgages in joint names or just yours ? I have to go out this evening but will check back with you tomorrow. Budget Sheet - Blank.xlsx
  9. Are you making payments towards the arrears on your primary mortgage?
  10. Hi there, firstly you need to work out what you can afford to pay towards the arrears in addition to the normal monthly payment - if the lender does apply for a warrant of possession then the only action you can take is to defend by applying to the court for a hearing to suspend possession and you would need to have offered a payment plan that you are able to maintain. We also need to know the following: How much are the arrears? How long has the mortgage left to run? Is your primary mortgage up to date? I can help you with a letter to the lender once you have worked out what you can offer and have answered the above questions.
  11. Sorry - I was away yesterday and didn't see your post. Did you send the statement to the court?
  12. Yes, take your statement to the court or email it
  13. Did you take the statement to the court ?
  14. Great - don't forget to keep us updated. If by any chance Natwest say they will cancel the hearing, you should ring the court to confirm as lenders have a bad habit of "forgetting" to follow it through and if you didn't turn up at the hearing they would get a possession order by default - I'm afraid you just can't trust them
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