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  1. OK, let's see if they reply to your letters. If nothing by next Tuesday we'll start to draft your application for a hearing. do you have a printer at home ? you'll need to print out quite a few things
  2. OK, fingers crossed they receive them quickly. If you wait a few days yu can check on the royal mail website to check they have signed for them. You can then print out the proof and keep with the letters etc.
  3. When you start to receive demands for money - you can send them this (Special Delivery) and see what they come up with - usually gets rid of them for a long time as they don't want to send you that info Subject access request Please supply me with all data that you hold on me. This includes in particular, but is not limited to, the following:- Details of the agent(s) responsible for marketing the property, a list of the offers received and how they were reviewed. Copies of any newspaper or internet advertisements relating to the sale of the property. Copies of the valuations received on the property (minimum of two is required under the CML rules). Selling agent’s report on activity and any reports relating to visits to the property to ensure security of the property. If the property was sold under value please provide reports and supporting evidence to prove that the best offer was obtained. If the property was sold at auction, please provide reports to support the decision to sell at auction. Specific details of the fees or charges levied by any other agency in respect of this account and a detailed breakdown of said fees or charges and what each charge relates to and on what date said fees or charges were levied. 8. A genuine copy of any notice of fair use of my data as required by the Data Protection Act 1998. 9. A list of third party agencies to whom you have disclosed my personal data and a summary of the nature of the information you have disclosed. Yours faithfully, XXXXXX
  4. OK, keep the copy letters and receipts in a safe place - best to get a file/folder to keep everything in and in date order - then you will have everything together if we have to go to court. If you can print out the CAG budget you did sheet at some time it would be helpful to keep in the file - it will be needed for a court pack. You say you've sent them recorded (not Special Delivery) ? they may not get them by the end of the week and recorded don't always get signed for but SD does, helpful if you need to prove they got them.
  5. Make sure you take a couple of photocopies of the letters in case we need them for court.
  6. I really don't think you will lose your home for the sake of £1,000 of arrears which can be cleared in less than 12 months. Send the letters I've posted above and wait and see if an eviction notice appears - we can then defend that in court. Make sure you send by Special Delivery by 1pm so they definitely get them tomorrow (I'm afraid it will cost £5 per letter but worth it as it may stop them issuing an eviction notice)
  7. Hi Draft letter affixed. you need to put your address at the top, the lenders name & address under the date and also put in the mortgage account no . You should send these letters by Special Delivery and keep the postal receipts so you can check on royalmail website to print of proof they received them. Send one copy of the letter to Halifax (make sure you have the right department) and one copy to the solicitors with a covering letter as below: (your address, their address and mortgage account no as the other letter - then put: Please find enclosed copy of a letter send to your Client Halifax Building Society. Yours faithfully, XXXX Enc. Tash 1990 Letter.doc
  8. OK, I understand what you mean now - I think offering £115 is fine - that would mean you wold clear the arrears in less than a year, quite acceptable. I will draft a letter for you in the morning as I have to go out shortly.
  9. Also, what is the £75 for entertainament?
  10. Hi, you've only put 100 for mortgage arrears ? I thought you were going to offer 350/400?
  11. No problem. Just thinking - if you are not named on the mortgage why is the lender discussing with you?
  12. OK, in the meantime can you answer the following questions please: Is the mortgage in joint names What was the reason for missing the payments under the suspended order? How long is left to go on the mortgage term? If your arrears are only just over £1,000 then offering £400 per month is perhaps too much - you have children who will need things unexpectedly plus any unforseen items in the home breaking down, or car repairs? You need to make the payments completely maneageable. I have affixed the budget sheet we normally use - it calculates automatically as you fill it in and will show you what you can actually afford to offer. Let me know when you have done it. You can then send it with the letter and also it will come in handy if you need to apply to the court for a hearing. Budget Sheet.xls
  13. Hi, if you need help with the letter let me know and I'll draft something for you.
  14. Hi, if they won't allow you to make an arrangement with them and issue an eviction notice you can apply to the court on a N244 form to ask for a hearing to get the eviction suspended and we can help you with that application. Obviously it willl be better if you can get them to agree to you making payments to stop the eviction notice. I would notmally advise you send a letter to the solicitors (can help with wording if needed) then if you have to go to court you will be able to show you tried to come to an arrangement. Your arrears aren't high (in comparison to some cases) and I can't see a judge taking a home away from a family for an arrears amount that is manageable in a reasonably short space of time.
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