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  1. Thanks Andy The date for the judgement notice is 31st Jan 2020. Thanks for the exemption check list, I will check this out.
  2. Thanks Andy and Ell-enn for getting back to me. Andy the Order states 'on or before 14th Feb 2020', so does that not mean that i need to sort this out by 14th Feb, this coming Friday?... .. Also regarding the N245 Form, it costs £50 and is that definite that it would be used against the Judgment?.... Also could i be exempt from the £50 fee for the N245 as I am on Working Tax Credits?.... Regards, Roland
  3. Hi there I received the Judgement Order yesterday stating that the Claimant to be paid the sum on or before 14th Feb 2020, as the judge only allowed me 14 days. When we came out of the court room the advocate for the claimant said that we can call up the Mortimer Solicitors and do a payment plan...... What would you recommend I should do.. .. contact the solicitors or do the N245 form... .. bearing in mind that i only have till Friday to sort this out..... Previously in a similar situation to this, I dealt with Lowell directly and
  4. Yes Andy, very unfair, it wasn't the same judge as the last hearing, if only it was he would have definitely struck the claim out as they argued the same points as the last hearing. How can judges be allowed to make such rulings without knowledge of the issue in front of them and then to read my WSs when we are sat there, still shocked!
  5. Hi everyone I had my day in court on Friday, it was a very unfair trial, judge was clueless, the advocate for Mortimer Sols winged it, and I ended up with a CCJ! My hearing started 2&1/2 hours late and it was nearly 12.30pm, bearing in mind the hearing was allocated 2 hours, as soon as we entered the hearing, the judge said looking at the time, lunch is coming up! He then went on to say he hadn’t read either of MY WSs and needed a couple of minutes! He then went on to say he was only interested in my Amended Defence! I found this very odd as my WSs both had a bear
  6. Thanks Andy & DX, I will email it over to court later today, will post it to Cabot Sols in the morning. Regards, Roland
  7. I have also changed this to be my point 5 in the WS2 post #81 and deleted the current point 5. Thanks, Roland
  8. Hi Andy, I'm going to go with the para you have mentioned in post #94, as the hearing is this Friday and I want to get this in the post today and emailed to court in the hope of Cabot calling the court and discontinuing the claim before Friday! I made a slight adjustment, is this ok? 1. Since the last hearing dated 4thDecember 2019 I have discovered that I have in fact held two agreements with Capital One Bank (Europe) Plc in the past. One branded a Luma Credit Card Account Number XXXX which was issued in 2012 and a Capital One Credit Card Account Number XXXX which was
  9. Yes DX, both come up as Cap 1, one a classic Card and the other a Mastercard.
  10. Thanks Andy, the screenshot of the Luma Card from the internet bears the first 4 digits matching the account number they are using in this claim. There are other images with different numbers on them too......
  11. Thanks Andy, I think it might be a good idea to put your post #94 in the WS2, what could be the possible risks with putting this in, just so that I am prepared for it.... Also I took an image off the internet for a Luma Card which actually shows the first 4 numbers of my Luma card, would this be useful at all? Thanks, Roland
  12. Thanks DX for the info, I was worried there maybe a link but that clears that up.
  13. It’s inactive and there is a debt on it, and it has been with a company called Debt Management Operations for a while now.
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