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  1. Depending what was in the email - that could be your offer of employment.
  2. How did you know what you were going to be paid, hours of work etc? was nothing written down at all? The fact that you have payslips shows there is a contract formed between you and the employer, but you should have had your statutory terms and conditions of employment in writing before you started work and certainly within 8 weeks of starting.
  3. Did you ever get a letter offering you employment before you started work? i.e. stating what your hourly rate/salary would be, place of work, holidays, pension etc? Have you had payslips each month you have been working?
  4. Did you ring really early ? bailiffs tend only to be in their office up to 9-10 am then they go out enforcing warrants etc.
  5. No, but they will be able to advise you what court to send the N244 to.
  6. What is the eviction date? Ring the bailiffs office number on the eviction notice on monday morning - you'll have to do it early as they usually go out around 9-10 am.
  7. Which court has the eviction notice come from? are there any telephone contact details on it? Normally you would apply to the court where the original repossession hearing took place and where you have been corresponding with.
  8. Hi, the eviction notice could be either hand delivered or come by post, I've known it both ways. Have you tried emailing the court to see if they know when it will be issued and by which method. Usually the eviction date will be around 14 days from when you receive the notice or sometimes a little longer, I've not known it be only a few days.
  9. At this stage, unless you can pay all the arrears there is no way they will stop the process, so I think you'd be wasting your time.
  10. OK, I'll leave you to do what you think best. Let us know when you get an eviction notice and if you need any support for the actual hearing.
  11. They certainly won't cancel the proceedings at this stage. I don't think you've been berated for asking questions - all I'm trying to do is to get you to stop stressing yourself further by looking for other avenues which don't exist. Furthermore I don't think you can complain about the support you've had - it's certainly more than most - 201 posts in fact
  12. If the eviction was applied for on 3rd June, it would take some days for the court to register it - as most courts are extremely busy it could be up to 2 weeks before you actually get an eviction notice - it could be hand delivered or delivered in the post , I've known it be either way -and the date for eviction could be up to 2 weeks after that - so the court will give you a hearing date before the actual date the eviction is due to take place. You could email the court and ask if they have a date yet - but I wouldn't send too many emails, it won't make it happen any faster and they may get irritated by having to answer too many times. No point in emailing the solicitors - they won't know any more than you do - they will be advised of the hearing date at the same time as you. You don't have to tell the solicitors you are defending - the court will do that, they send them a copy of your N244. You also asked " Should I also mabe put my offer of normal monthly payments plus amount towards arrears from August onwards forward to Britannia, along with completed I&e and fit note from GP? " which is why I asked What for? - it will make no difference whatsoever at this stage. All you can do at the moment is wait for the eviction notice. You don't need to be constantly going over what else you can do - there is nothing else to do. I know it must be frustrating having to wait, but that's just the way it is I'm afraid.
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