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  1. Glad to hear you had a successful outcome, but as Andyorch says , you must contact the lender if you feel you have a problem looming - don't miss a payment then contact them - you need to contact before you even think about not making payment. If you don't adhere to the suspended order you will find yourself back in court defending eviction again and you may not be so lucky next time. Hope all goes well for you from now on
  2. Get to the court as early as you can and see if there are any duty legals in attendance. If there are then you should approach them and ask for their assistance - they can accompany you into the hearing and support your case.
  3. Hi, I've just found your old post regarding Leichner Blend of Beige during on what has been for me a frustrating search with no luck. I too have used this foundation for 30+ years, I need it now more than ever as i find all other foundations i try either set dry in my lines and make me look older or are too wet and look greasy and dont last. I've tried loads - Pause for sad sigh! Can i ask what you started using as an alternative?

    1. Ell-enn


      Hi, it is indeed frustrating that we can't get our much loved Leichner :(   I managed to get a couple of pots of Blend of Creme Caramel which is the closest to Blend of Beige, but while I was looking round my friend's daughter who is a make up artist gave me Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear colour number 045 Sable Beige, this is a lovely foundation and when applied with a brush stays on all day - so a really good alternative.


      I hope you have some success in your search.

  4. If there are no arrears on the account then the can't take any further action provided you make monthly payments on time.
  5. OK, keep us updated about what happens
  6. Did you make your proposal in writing and have they responded in writing? Are you able to make the payment they want on Wednesday? What have you offered to pay each month towards the arrears?
  7. I've helped someone in the past with Mortimer Clark issues - they will never leave you alone and every 6 months or so write asking for a payment review which means they are trying to get you to pay more. If you go with the N245 then they can only ever get what the court says.
  8. Well done ! Thanks for letting us know Tony, it might be helpful for others in similar positions to know that with help they can get a positive outcome. When you get the written order from the court (might take a week or so), can you let us know what conditions are on it i.e. possession suspended upon monthly payments being maintained etc. Now relax and make sure your payments are made on time.
  9. Actually I don't see any harm in calling them back, after all you have the upper hand at the moment with a court hearing date when their behaviour will be scrutinised by a judge. I suspect they have been emailed a copy of your N244 by the court and are now thinking it's not such a good idea to have served you with an eviction notice as you are not taking it lying down. At the end of the day you don't need to get into a long conversation with them, just find out what they want and if they are being awkward just say you will wait for a judge to decide in your favour and end the conversation We can then do a further statement to take to the hearing stating what they have responded.
  10. Stay positive - if you can make payments to the arrears each month then you should be OK. Post back on here before the hearing and we can go through the process or see if anything else needs to be done.
  11. Have you made any proposal to the lender to pay back the arrears ?
  12. Hi, are you now working and able to offer payments towards the arrears ?
  13. I've heard of some courts having an appointment system for submission of forms. Good that they can see you on Thursday and you should get the date for the hearing then.
  14. You don't take the form to a solicitor - you complete and sign the form as per the instructions I gave you in a previous post (144) Your wife cannot sign the form as she is not a party to the mortgage - you have to sign and attend the hearing. Why would you want your wife to sign ?
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