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  1. success, RBS accounts from 1995. Total award £5048.68 but some deducted to repay insurance claims - actually received £1788.08
  2. yes, I did send in a SAR but the information supplied was of such quantity and so complex that it is only recently I have been making headway into preparing my claim - I simply did not have time to devote to it due to work and family commitments, it has taken me years of letters and advice from this forum to get anywhere really as they have been quite devious up until of late. it's all over now and I have received my refund, less payments made to the insurance company to cover what they paid out thanks to all - I will post in the successes thread when I get chance
  3. thanks dx100uk - I need to find out if they've sold the debt. It just seems queer to me that 9 "insurance" payments were made into the account on the same day, totalling over 2500 despite me making an unsuccesful claim over a year earlier - it was the unsuccesful claim that made the account go into arrears in the first place haven't got my hopes up regarding actually receiving the money
  4. hello all - need a bit of advice before proceeding This might seem more complex than it actually is, so please bear with me. after a long haul, I have had my PPI complaint upheld by the RBS. So far, so good. They have made me an offer and then gone on to explain that I won't be getting some of it due to a succesful claim made against the PPI. Then it gets a little complicated. I have all my DSAR documentation, and have been going through it prior and post claim. The copy statments show insurance amounts hitting the account to cover the loan payments, but they are sporadic and do not make sense - eg. there are 9 insurance payments being credited to the account on the same day? And I distinctly remember prior to these payments trying to make a claim on the insurance due to redundancy but the claim was delayed and not upheld. I never received any notification from the bank or the insurance company that succesful payments were being made and the account went into arrears, being passed round various DCA's before being sent to CMS telford Theirs and my offer calculations are nearly the same. What is confusing me is that they have sent me copy statements going back to when I opened the account in 1995, listing every detail and transaction etc. but then the statments stop in 2010. The account has been in dispute since 2008 and has been statute barred since 2014. My questions are as follows: how do I find out if the account is still active? there has been no activity on the account for at least 9 years and I have had no "you owe us" letters for about 7 years are CMS a part of the bank or a DCA? I presume that any amount I receive will be offset against the statute barred debt? when I cca'd and DSAR'd the bank they could provide no evidence of any credit agreement existing between us I think i've explained it pretty much, so any comments/suggestions/questions are welcome
  5. UPDATE confirmation of refund amount, less tax, received from canada square 30/03/16 cheque received this morning 04/04/16, and is post dated. their continuing efforts to make me jump through hoops thus proving what a bunch of spiteful cretins they are This has been a complete drag for a long time, and I appreciate the efforts of all those that tried to help success recorded HERE
  6. historic egg account from 1999, had to chase canada square. Refund just shy of £400 after tax. thread is HERE
  7. UPDATE: received reply from egg. They are asking me to confirm my details as my current address differs from their files. I have already confirmed my particulars with them when the DSAR went in, as I supplied them with certified copies of requested documentation signed by a GP. They are now claiming that a GP is not on their list of professionals that they accept as signatories - if this is the case then surely they should not have sent me info under the DSAR? Have spoken to FOS, who can't help, and ICO who won't as they don't consider it a breach had enough now, it means I have to go and get certified copies from a solicitor who will charge and are not cheap thoughts?
  8. UPDATE: egg refused to pay out as per previous post. Complaint made to FOS, received reply from them this morning that they are upholding my complaint and that egg will be writing soon with an offer of compensation Will update again when I can
  9. Update: to clarify - sent them a letter, completed FOS questionnaire and spreadsheet (in short, everything required for a claim) jumped through all their hoops re. establishing my identity and waited. Got reply this morning, rejection of claim with lengthy explanations as follows: obviously i'm going to complain to FOS, but is it worth me sending them another letter urging them to "reconsider" - do they still get fined if asked by me to investigate my claim/make a complaint? and is it still £500? just wanting to establish some perspective as my claim amounts to less than what the fine would be if still applicable? or is that now it and i'm stonewalled? by their own admission the web form had tick boxes and my application would definitely not have proceeded had I not ticked the yes box
  10. UPDATE: got a package delivered by TNT this week, containing their response. As expected it's incomplete, and I didn't like the tone of their covering letter to clarify, they have not provided all the info I specifically asked for. Neither have they provided all copy statements regarding my credit cards or bank accounts. Some of the bank account statements appear to have been doctored in that regular DD debits do not show on some of the copy statements. They also claim that they are not obliged to provide me with copies of information pertaining to accounts that have been closed for 6 years or more, and that they no longer have that information anyway as it would have been destroyed - but the current account statements they did provide go back to 1995 when the account was opened? They also sent a copy of a loan application back in december 1999 - yet this account has been closed for over 6 years so there's a contradiction right there? they also have only provided copy statements of credit cards going back to 2001, some of which were opened in 1995 - 1996 and again these accounts have been closed for longer than 6 years so yet another contradiction? it seems to me that they have systematically failed, intentionally, to provide me with any evidence that would allow me to attempt to lodge PPI claims really incredibly annoyed with this - opinions as to next course of action please?
  11. UPDATE: following on from my last post, I sent them a letter stating that they already had all the info they required, that I had already identified myself to them and that I could not understand the reason for their request as they had replied to my DSAR so my evidence must have satisfied them on that count. Sent first class recorded, online track and trace shows my reply delivered and signed for. Got another letter from them yesterday, same as the last one. I am now at my tethers end with these people - surely there must be something I can do to make them sit up and take notice as they are obviously ignoring my correspondence, and the first class signed for fees are racking up
  12. it already has been assigned to a case handler they don't have and never have had any of my phone numbers - thanks for the advice re. calling them my original request stated I wanted ALL info, all correspondence to them from me is always sent first class signed for - I like a paper trail. I suppose a gentle reminder by post would not be amiss, and I am aware of the 40 days, LBA etc. thanks for the replies
  13. UPDATE: got a letter from them today acknowledging my complaint, so finally getting somewhere, they go on to say that they need me to confirm my identity to them through certificated documents. Getting really annoyed now as I have already done that last year when I sent in a SAR, to which they replied in full with ALL my info so my evidence was obviously good enough on that occasion - I haven't moved since the SAR reply so is this a delay tactic or do I really have to send off more certified docs?
  14. been trying to get rbs to comply with my SAR for a long time now, and finally I thought I was getting somewhere until I got their latest response. I have received 2 separate letters. In the first they acknowledge my request (FINALLY!!) and that I have been assigned a case handler. So far so good. Then they go on to say that they have tried to call me to discuss my case. They can't as they have no number of mine? They then request me to call them, as they wish to clarify exactly what information I am looking for, to help them "focus their search" as they may not be able to respond to my request in full. the second letter says pretty much the same, "we acknowledge etc." and "help them focus their search" but they go on to say that some of the information I won't be entitled to as it deals with companies and internal bank processes. They then go on to say that as I have requested paper copies of statements, this may result in a large amount of paper. Well that's fairly obvious to me, but they go on to ask me to call them to advise them the dates between which I would like the statements? Is this a delay tactic or a genuine request as I thought I had worded my SAR pretty comprehensively, in that I asked for copies of all correspondence between me and the bank, including copy statements. The reason for the blanket request (from me) was because I don't know the dates from when I opened the accounts to their termination, I can only guesstimate They then go on to say that as they do not have sufficient detail to help them identify and locate the information I have asked for the 40 day time scale has not yet come into effect, and they cannot continue until I have called them and clarified? delay tactic or genuine request? I have always followed guidance from here in that you talk to no-one, EVER, on the telephone? do I respond in writing saying "finger out, the clock is ticking"?
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