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Found 19 results

  1. We are in the process of taking our builder through the small claims court. We paid him money for a major build which included re-wiring and supply of kitchen. The kitchen was not supplied and we had to pay the supply company ourselves and the wiring was so bad we had to get an electrician in to re-wire the house. The court has asked for the Particulars of the claim but I need to know what legislation is involved and why. All I know is we want a refund of money we believe we have paid twice but legally I don't know what this is. I really need to get this sent off ASAP so any help greatly appreciated! OP
  2. Some time ago I was involved in an accident i was a passenger a car 5 in total The claim was handled by a firm of solicitors and was suspected of fraud by the other side solicitors due to no witnesses and the car driver claiming for alot of stuff , IE car recovery loss of earnings storage fees My version of events were different from the driver i remember him driving me home after the car was rear ended , he had said the car was so badly damaged it had to be recovered which was untrue I had many awkward questions from our solicitors , it was said if i agreed with the others in the car case would be so much easier I got took off the court directions the driver disappeared 1 other passenger went to court and was awarded compensation (won his case) Now I’ve been sent a bill by the defendants solicitors for £29k Any ideas what i can do ?
  3. A tenant is taking me to court for non protection of deposit. I was never given a deposit so I am not too worried about it, although I stupidly filed it late thinking I had. Anyway its Part 8 claim. She has left with over £5,000 of damage can I counterclaim on via this acknowledgement, it doesnt make it clear I can?
  4. I have an old tenant who has taken me to court for not protecting a deposit. I didnt get a deposit but it was so long ago I put my foot in it by protecting a non-existent deposit, thats another story. Short story is that we agreed on an amount to settle this before tenant left, all in writing on email. I sent over part payment and then part of the agreement was to send over the rest of the payment on satisfactory return of property. In this time I then went back to UK and found old contract showing nil deposit and old bank statements with no deposit received. At this point I was at the stage of well I had already agreed on this amount, saying yes I would give deposit back, so I had shot myself in the foot. the property was left in an awful state, £5k later to sort it out, I sent letter, on 7th May saying what you gonna do and no reply, I didnt give the rest of settlement as I was waiting for her to get back to me. No call and then I get court papers, They started on 10th May, she moved out at end of April. I received all these court papers for a claim of 3 times deposit. I asked them why didnt they call or speak to me before doing all this and they insisted that I hadnt made any effort to settle???? I send a without prejudice offer of twice deposit, they have now sent a part 36 offer of the same amount and have asked that I pay all costs, £1700 costs??? and then 2 timed deposit...... Other issues, I want to throw case out, I havent got a deposit, I want to counterclaim but where do I stand with this offer, surely they should have at least tried to contact me, the costs are alomst twice my offer???? What can I do about the costs?? I am out of UK and would rather settle as this is a headache I dont need. I cant even go on about my other personal issues they are a nightmare, just bad timing....
  5. Hello. Today I got caught shoplifting from Primark as I was making my way out. The RLP sent me to a small room in which they told me to put everything I stole on the chair next to me (total was about 44€ - I'm from Portugal). I did as I was told and then police came up after 20min. Then we went to the police office, they checked if I had any record of previous thefts, debts, etc (which I didn't). Then they told me I was free to go but I'd probably receive a letter from Primark to go to court. My questions are: what's more likely to happen - not receive a letter at all, receive a letter to go to court and/or pay a fine? Thank you so much for your attention
  6. I had a car accident last week where someone drove at the back of my car while I was stationary at traffic lights and reported the accident to my insurance who called me on Friday offered me repair at their approved user once I paid Excess. They said once they have the other party accept liablity I would receive my Excess back and this would not be marked as FAULT accident on my claim. I asked them to wait until Monday as I wanted to send all the evidence about liablity to my insurance first. (Excess is Only £100 so its not a big deal at all). Then on Saturday I received a phone call from Third Party's insurance who said their client has admitted the liablity and therefore they are willing to repair my car at their approved garages and happy to provide me a courtesy car and if I chose to go ahead I wont even have to pay EXCESS. I said to them I will need to discuss this with my insurance first then give them an answer on Monday. Third party advised me to inform my insurance they have admitted liablity. I need to ask few questions if someone can kindly help: 1) Is this something normal for third party to call and offer repairs and courtesy car as it sounds very fishy? 2) Who should I choose to repair my car i.e. my insurance or third party insurers (EXCESS is not an issue as its only £100) 3) By looking at damage I took quoatation from few local repair garages and it is in Excess of more than 75% of my car's value. In this case will my car be written off? I would prefer my car not to be written off as its a perfect runner and I've always looked after it. 4) Which insurance is least likely to write my car off? Third Party or My insurance? 5) Because It will now be recorded as an accident on my insurance it is likely to affect my future premiums as some insurance companies think once in accident is more than likely to be in another accident regardless of fault or no fault. Can I in this case claim for increase in my car insurance premium from the 3rd party insurance? (I know this sounds very wierd question but I see increase in premium as a direct consequential loss of the accident caused by the 3rd party insured). I am therefore very confused and any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.
  7. Hello, i went to my local ASDA supermarket today, when i got to the tills i realised i hadnt trasnfered my shopping money from my savings to my current account, so i went to leave my trolley in the foyer when the alarms went off the security gaurd came over to me and asked to see my receipt, i explained that i hadnt yet paid because i needed to go back to the car to use the phone to transfer my funds, he didnt believe me and branded me a shoplifter which im highly embarrased about, after they banned me from all stores i went and transfered the money and paid, im not understanding what the problem is? in their eyes i was taking the shopping without paying but i wasnt atall!! if i go to another asda store (not that im going to want to now) how will they know that im banned from all stores? and im worried that my picture will be put up or something, i was goiing to complain but i have read some of the threads on here and it looks like there would be no point?
  8. I apologize if this is in the wrong section. If it it is, could a mod kindly move it for me. Thanks I will try to avoid a wall of text and a sob story, and get right to the nuts and bolts of it all as i need help with my next steps I am self employed and have been for around 5 years. The first 2 years of this, i had no idea what i was doing, so like an idiot, i pretty much ignored everything paper work wise/accounts wise/money wise. I have been working for the same company for the 5 years as a sub contractor. After the first year i spoke to an accountant who registered me as self employed etc. This is where the problem starts, i got letters to say that my accounts were late and that i would get £100 penalty. I put it off and put it off being the idiot i am until the point where the numbers didn't really mean anything other than just numbers. The last 3 years, i've had a different accountant work everything out and submit everything on time. Here's the second problem...I haven't paid anything. As it stands i owe around 7-8k in tax and about 7k in fines I've had a letter, hand delivered from HMRC that says "Warning of enforcement action" Type of tax:SA Amount you owe £149**.** It gives me a number i can ring, which i intend to do, i just need some advice on what to do next with regards to the letter and what i can expect to happen. I don't own a house, i don't have any savings. If i was to liquidate everything i own, it would come to around £6k. Any help would be greatly appreciated If you need any more info from me, fire away Thanks
  9. Afternoon CAG, I've seen on a number of threads regarding payday loans the question about whether gambling was involved with the payday debt... Can I ask why and how this is relevant and if/how it can affect complaints or legal disputes? Thanks
  10. Sent to me earlier today. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/gateshead-motorist-racks-up-55000-11127527 Also http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/watch-moment-fenham-two-drivers-11126935
  11. as above, CCA'd egg on 16/07/08. They responded with an unsigned agreement and nothing else, no terms, no other info. Wrote back to them to tell them account in dispute as they have failed to provide etc. put in the dispute letter the usual about "you may not pass this account on" etc but they've completely ignored it and sent a letter back saying the account is now closed and will be passed to a DCA for collection what do I do now?
  12. Hoping someone can give me some advice here but it seems to be quite a unique situation, with a solicitor even shrugging her shoulders and saying she'd rather not get involved due to lack of experience.. . Apologies in advance for the long post but it is quite complex! My aunt passed away recently leaving me, my brother, and my sister as administrators. She owned a house as "Joint Tenants" with her ex husband. Upon their divorce in 2011, a consent order was made whereby the house was to be sold and the net profits split 60/40 in her ex husbands favour, with the actual sale of the house to be conducted by him and his solicitors. For whatever reason, the house was never sold and, frustratingly, the title deeds were never amended to show a "Tenants in Common" situation. There is also a joint mortgage outstanding, with 6 years remaining before its cleared. Now, neither he nor his solicitor are disputing the sale of the house or the split of the net proceeds, but he's not being forthcoming with the outstanding balance and whether or not there is any kind of life assurance policy included in the mortgage. I've approached the mortgage company but, as anticipated, they won't discuss the account with me as there is a surviving account holder. I need this info in order to apply for a grant of probate. I'll deal with that issue somehow in time, but my real concern is just how powerful this consent order is. If I officially notify the mortgage company of my aunts passing I'm assuming they'll remove her name from the mortgage and possibly start the process of getting the title deeds amended to show a "Sole Tenancy". Will either of these actions negatively impact the estates claim on the property or over-rule the consent order? Or does the presence of an unfulfilled consent order usurp all else? I don't want to go ahead and notify the bank if it eventually knackers our claim to the property - I can't imagine her creditors being all too pleased if it's the executors fault there's no money for them! The solicitor was less than helpful now I really am stuck and would appreciate some advice if anyone is legally minded or experienced in such matters! It would be ideal if we could change the deeds to reflect the "Tenants in Common" ownership status but, from what I've read, that's simply not possible now one of the joint tenants has died. Can anyone confirm that? If anyone can make sense of this, well done and I'd appreciate any helpful responses.
  13. Just a little bit of advice needed if possible please. The short version is: We were overpaid tax credits. We were advised in October, the chaser came maybe mid November, and after trying to call through to sort out a repayment plan numerous times and being unable to ever connect during my lunch time(s), I wrote directly offering to repay back at a rate I was originally overpaid. Having only been a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't unduly worried about not receiving a reply, but instead have now received (hopefully attached) a letter from Rossendales instead. This came yesterday (4 December), and they have started ringing today (according to my partner). I have no problem paying the money back, but just wanted to know what kind of repayment Rossendales were likely to accept. (I am thinking around £150-£180 per month on £1800 debt). And yes, I know, I should have sorted this directly with Tax Credits after receiving the initial notice in October, but a few pointers would be helpful about what I might expect, because I/we certainly haven't got the money to repay all in one go. Thanks.
  14. Hi,new to this site,got esa medical in 2 weeks time,,need advise regarding asking for a recorded medical,I am 59 ,male ex miner,have been unable to work since 1992 due to accident in the mines.have been on invalidity,incapacity since then,I have been accessed at 50% industrial disability,back problems,miner beat knee & Pneumoconiosis, by DWP for life, just had right hip replaced .any advise would be appreciated
  15. For reasons that will become obvious I cannot name the debt collection company or the retail company. I have dealt with a number of D.C.A,s in the past. (with lots of help form this site). A friend of mine asked if I could help a young woman who had received an assignment letter from XXX. I had not heard of this company before but after careful research into the people on the letter one of them was well know to this forum, so I decided to see what i could do to get them off her back. My first action was to get a copy of their assignment letter and details of the woman's account with the retail firm the the D.C.A had used. The woman stated that she had no account with the retail company. Via e-mail I sent a copy of the D.C.A,s assignment letter and the womans details to the retail company stated in the assignment letter. They Gave me an answer within 10 minutes and clearly stated that the woman I was helping was not in any way connected to the company, did not have an account and they were very angry that this D.C.A was fraudulently trying to claim that they representing them. they asked Me to provide them with more details. When talking to the woman she told me that her ex partner had an account with this retail company and after looking at some old statements found that the amount that he owed was the same amount that the D.C.A was after. after some thought I e_mailed the D.C.A And asked them If they could chase a debt for me. I cannot go into the specifics of their reply but for £12.45 and no questions asked they would send three letters and make three phone calls (door step calls extra). I did not need no proof of debt Just a Name. I sent what I had learned to the retail company thinking I had proved that this young lady had no debt and that was the end of the matter. However the Company have now informed me of the crime numbers given to them by the police. The company reported the actions of both her ex Partner and The D.C.A. Since the police issued the Crime numbers the D.C.A has gone from the net all you get is error 404. the phone line are also gone I,ve checked. The Police want to speak with me! I dont want to be involved what can I do
  16. I owe approx £3000 on a vanquis card. I was in a well paid job and comfortably paying back what I owed when I developed a long term, chronic illness and eventually lost my job, I now receive esa. I invoked the PPI on vanquis two years ago which has now ended - during that time they received numerous copies of letters from the dwp and my hospital confirming my situation. When they sent me the letter saying that PPI had run out I sent them my income/expenditure budget statement and details of the other debts I have and the amounts they have accepted (ie, 10k bank loan have accepted £6.50 per month via their debt collector). I offered Vanquis £5.50 which is all I have left to offer them. I also made it clear in my letter that all correspondence needed to be in writing as I am too ill to deal with things over the phone. A few weeks later I received a letter that mentioned nothing about my offer or situation whatsoever but suggesting I contact Step Change (I've looked at them and tbh I dont want a third party involved particularly when the other debts are already being managed adequately and the website seems to want to push people into IVAs) I received a statement where they have added interest, charges because the interest have pushed the balance over the limit AND they have started to apply PPI charges again (even though I would not be eligible to claim PPI again). So I sent them another letter, a copy of the original letter, copy of income/expenditure, etc. Today I received a really shirty letter from them saying they have been unable to contact me by phone, they cannot accept my offer, that I should contact Step Change and that I MUST speak to them by phone! Now, I know full well that they cannot force people to discuss things on the phone and the fact that I have already told them I am unable to seems to have been completely ignored. I'm thinking that it is probably going to be easier just to wait it out for debt collectors to become involved as they are usually (in my prior experience) easier to deal with and do things properly after the initial couple of letters. Or is there something else I can do? I'm very tempted to make a complaint because stress makes my illness worse
  17. had been told that north east lincs council benefits section re council tax i had been overpaid by over £650.00 that was in october 2011.i began paying it but hit problems that i could not keep paying both this overpayment and also my monthly council tax for that year .very unhelpfull indeed the council i received a summons appeared at court 3rd feb 2012 obtained a liability order without me going into court was told not required to do so.so i continued to pay my council tax monthly and managed to reduce the debt on the other council tax to £259.11p.so i was unemployed on the dole ect so was unable to pay the rest of the debt off asked for help no intrest .the next think i have a letter from rossendales through my door hand delivered stating they had a warrant to enter the house and remove goods to cover the debt .asked them in writing to show me the warrant wrote back stating its the liability order that has been retained by the council.but they mentioned schedule 5 of the 1992 council tax administration and enforcement regulations.been to the council they refused to accept any payments contact the bailiffs not us .what do i do if these bailiffs call again im told my account is over £300.00 due to charges .any advice would be of some help please
  18. Tesco's have announced that there are traces of Zebra in some of their bar codes.
  19. Hi, I received a letter this morning from a solicitor asking to to confirm if I am the person involved in an accident back in October 2010. They have my name and address and have me listed as a claimant along with two other names (none that I know!). I have been asked to fill out particulars of claim, including negligence of the defendant and personal injury. This to me smells like some sort of insurance [problem], but how have they got my details?? Do i contact my insurance company and get their solicitors on to them or do i contact them myself? Slightly worrying as you can imagine Any help greatly appreciated.
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