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  1. Hi, I've been looking at reclaiming PPI from a 2002 loan I got to buy musical equiptment. After being messed around claiming they couldn't find my account details I SAR'd my bank at the time and sifted through 1000+ pages of documentation in order to find my agreement number, 160 days after the initial SAR request I was eventually supplied my account detals. Long story short it was single payment / front loaded PPI payment. I did however run into difficulties paying the account and it was "written off (term as per transaction description) / defaulted at £520 in 31/07/2003. What I've since learned was that this debt was sold off to 1st Credit DCA, who subsequently persued me (and me simply not knowing any better thinking I was simply settling one of many debts I had from my younger years) I made an initial £26 payment on 31/05/2006 as a token of my eventual desire to pay said debt completely. I WAS AT NO POINT AWARE THIS WAS ACTUALLY THE BLACKHORSE ACCOUNT The following day (01/06/2006) while continuing to settle debts I called Black Horse and made what i was to believe was the final £520.85 payment.due on the old loan. After saving for a few months more I then contacted 1st Credit and paid the rest of the £525 debt they asked for. It has now come to light while I've checking old bank statements that Black Horse accepted the final settlment from me while actually not owning the debt having it been sold on to 1st Credit. Where do I stand in Scotland with regards timeframe to claim the full £525 payment from either party? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Good evening all. I will try and be as brief as possible but I would like some advice on the following. I left my ex employer on 18th December 2015, working no notice. 7 weeks to the day later I get a letter from them saying I owe them just under £500 as I had infact been paid up until the 31st December. I queried this and requested other documents from them to which I never received. They got another company involved in trying to claim this money back. I was taken to court and obviously court costs were added on top. I never paid that, I had a letter through dated the 20th May saying I owed them £805 and need to contact them within x amount of days or they will send the HCEO out to my address. I called them with 4 days to spare to explain that I would like to setup a payment plan, but the rather rude lady on the phone said I need to let the time expire and await a visit from the HCEO. The bill at the 2 June was £805 owing. I got home tonight and have had a letter posted through my door and it states that I now owe £1600!?!? and failure to pay will result in me owing in excess of £2600. I have tried to call the HCEO but it rings through to answerphone on every occasion. How can the fine more than double in a matter of 6 days? Is this allowed? I really need some assistance, I am trying not to get stressed out over this as when I do, my health drops. And before people say, Yes I should have paid in the first place, but I had/have valid reasons as to why I didn't agree with the overpayment. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, I wanted to get some opinions/advice regarding an issue I have and wanted to know what the general feeling, or even better someone who has experienced this problem and what the outcome was.... I purchased an Audi A3 1.8TFSI and the car has the same oil consumption issue as the 2.0 TFSI (mainly Audi A5's but A3 and other models also). I went for the 1.8TFSI as I didn't think it had the same oil consumption issue but it appears it does, just less well known. My local Audi dealer is doing all of the tests and in a couple of weeks they will have all of the details to put forward to Audi UK for a solution and a cost and what they expect me to contribute towards it if I have the work done. Audi say that the more main dealer services you have had, the more favourable this will be looked at and and if you were to have the next service with them, this would help also. Through speaking with my contact, he seems to think that the dealer that sold me the car (non Audi) could be liable for the cost of any repairs as he sold the car to me and the car clearly has a fault. I countered this by saying the dealer is likely to say it's a known Audi issue therefore the issue is with Audi and they are liable. Who is liable?? The dealer who sold the car or Audi? Thanks in advance.
  4. I am currently in a similar situation and wondered if you can give me a bit of advice. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472364-Advice-needed-Claims-management-company-court-case&p=5087639#post5087639 Like you i accepted a hire vehicle after a non fault accident and told auxillis/principia that i was not in a financial position to pay for a hire car myself upfront. I don't consider myself to be in a financial position despite savings accounts, as the savings are for a purpose and i didn't think that it was reasonable for me to go into my savings to foot the bill for a hire car, with no idea what the cost would be/when i would be reimbursed. Principia are still having issues claiming back the hire car charges from the defendants insurers and i am at the stage where i need to provide bank statements. If you don't mind me asking, how has it gone for you in terms of having savings in the bank? I can justify the reasons why i have sums of money in various bank accounts (saving for a wedding etc), but do they take this on board when you submit all of your financial details to them? Any advice is much appreciated as i am stressed the death!!
  5. I posted a mobile phone I sold to someone using Royal Mail's {RM} Guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm service. This service also includes insurance for up to £500 for loss or damage to items using this service. The item was posted in the UK from my local Post Office in Cheshire to Northampton so classed by RM as mainland mail. The recipient collected the item from their local RM sorting office and when opened there it was found to have damage by way of a cracked screen. The recipient advised me of the damage in writing within 30 minutes of collecting the item and at my request he posted it back to me in a package in its original packaging then I refunded him the cost of the phone. I then submitted a claim for compensation (£106 to repair the screen) to RM under the terms of the insurance sold to me (up to £500 loss or damage) with the guaranteed next day delivery service. On submitting the claim I fully complied with all of RM's requests for information, proof of posting, photographs of the item both pre and post damage, eBay listing number, Paypal Transactions etc . The first reply from RM was a letter of 24/11/15 saying they were sorry to hear of my problem, but they did not confirm or deny they had damaged it. They went onto say the damage was most likely due to my negligence for not packaging the item correctly and in turn they would not be offering compensation on this basis. They also returned my item with this correspondence. I escalated the matter and asked them to review the case and told them the item had been packaged correctly using reasonable care and that the suggestion I was negligent was unhelpful and insulting. I asserted it had been damaged by RM's employees or possibly by their mechanical sorting equipment and refuted any negligence by me. Once again RM wrote back in a letter of 3/12/15 saying they had looked into the matter but felt the original decision was correct and that no compensation would be offered as I had been negligent by not packaging the item correctly. They advised if I was still not happy with this decision then I could escalate it to their "Escalated customer Resolution team". Once again I wrote to RM and explained to their Escalated Resolution Team that I required them to pay for the damage to item, pointing out I refuted that I was in any way negligent and that I had taken reasonable care in packaging the item prior to posting. I also advised them that I was very insulted/offended by their suggestion that I had been negligent. I advised them that if they did not pay for the damage I may have to consider legal action by way of the Small Claims Court. The Escalated Resolution Team responded on 8/12/15 by saying that they had reviewed the case and that after reading correspondence the original decision was correct. The individual went onto say: "I have reviewed the details of your claim and I am afraid I have concluded that it was handled correctly and the previous response appropriate. If I can clarify, to look into the outcome of your complaint I have carried out a further inspection of the packaging of the damaged item and original packaging. Having completed these investigations, I am satisfied there is no evidence of any damage to the external packaging consistent with the damage caused to the content. Having reached this regrettable conclusion, as your item could not have been damaged during its journey with Royal Mail we are not responsible for the repair or cost of your item". It is interesting to note that there was no proper review carried out by the Escalated Team as the mobile phone and packaging could not have been inspected as it was returned to me by them on 24/11/15. I am also very angry as ultimately if they are stating the damage was not done by them; there is a suggestion that the item was damage already there prior to posting which is implying I submitted a fraudulent claim. I have no reason to disbelieve that when the phone was received by the individual at RM's sorting office it was damaged as RM's tracking system shows when he collected it and the email message from him advising of the damage demonstrate he contacted me within 30 mins of collection, so allowing for time for him to travel home and write to me etc seems fair enough and as aside I have no reason to question his character. I wrote back to RM in a letter before action advising them I was very annoyed by the content of their message and giving them 14 days to pay for the damage or the matter would escalate to Small Claims Court. Once again RM wrote back saying their position was unchanged in respect of their decision. I have raised a claim via MCOL and I have asked for the £106 for repairs to the screen. I refuted I was negligent and cited RM as having acted both disingenuously in the handling of my claim and also my annoyance as the implication that I have acted in some fraudulent manner. RM's legal team have lodged a defence which in my is perhaps simply an attempt to muddy the water and over complicate the issue by arguing various immunities: 1. No contract was entered into between the parties 2. RM has immunity to a claim in tort in respect of such delivery of post 3. RM may only be liable to pay compensation if the conditions of the scheme known as the Royal Mail UK Postal Scheme (UK Post Scheme) are satisfied. 4. The claimant did not comply with RM's packaging guidelines therefore compensation is not available. 5. Even if the RM is liable under the UK Post Scheme, liability is limited under the scheme and the defendant, RM, is not liable for consequential loss. 6. Further argument of no contract existing quoting Harold & Stephen Co Lts V RM {1978} 1 AII ER 939 7. Immunity in tort: Citing Ofcom designation of RM as a "Universal Service Provider" USP* within the meaning of Sect 65(1) of the Postal Services Act 2011 and Ofcom's designation being made under Schedule 9, para 3(1) of the PSA 2011. 8. Citing RM as a Postal Operator under Sect 27(3) of the PSA 2011 and a scheme under Sect 89 of the PSA 2011. 9. As RM is a USP* & a Postal Operator there is no right to a claim of tort as sections 89 & 90 of the PSA 2000 applies. 10. Guaranteed Next Day Delivery is a scheme under the UK Post Scheme notified to Ofcom under Sect 89A of the PSA 2000. 11. Under the arrangements of the UK Post Scheme, in the absence of no arrangements under the UK Post Scheme no compensation is payable even if RM are deemed negligent. 12. They do admit compensation can be made under Sect 91 of the PSA 2000 provided all the terms of the scheme are complied with. [this makes all the waffle above seem rather irrelevant?] 13.They make further references to packaging guidelines and their service users obligations under this aspect of their T&C's. 14. The claimants packet did not meet with the requirements of the packaging guidelines therefore RM is not liable. Sorry if this all seems rather long winded, but i feel if there is advice given to me it should be done with people being made aware of the full facts to date. My simplistic view is that at 12 above there is a right to sue; the other stuff is added by their legal team in my view to dissuade claimants from progressing further. I did package the item in a bubble wrap envelope and then further wrapped the item in a protective foam sleeve. RM's guideline is simply to cover in 1cm of cushioning - something which I have done; so why they are not paying out beggars belief. *In respect of all of the other waffle, is it not fair to argue that the average person walking into a Post office to post such an item using such a premium service simply could not be expected to either research, review and understand the legal complexities of all the aforementioned either online or on hard paper at a PO counter before posting? Would these terms not be an issue under the Unfair Contracts Act? Further the Post Office accepted the item in its packaging. * Is it not the case that RM is also a retailer as I was sold insurance with this premium service? If so, are they not subject to any of the obligations Under the New Consumer Rights Act 2015? [introduced on 1/10/2015]
  6. Hi All I've received a letter from Monarch, a debit collection agency, stating that they are pursuing me for a debit of £12 (yes £12!!!) on behalf of an old Talk Talk mobile account I had. I haven't used the mobile number or sim for at least three years. The sim came free when I joined TT for one of their broadband, TV and phone packages about 6 years ago. I contacted Talk Talk in December by phone and they said that the monthly charge I was liable for had been introduced from July 2017. Unfortunately they had my old email address and they sent notification to that old email address about the new proposed charge. I did contact TT when I changed my email address but apparently my TT mobile account was a separate account and they weren't notified. If I had known that I was now going to be charged for something I no longer used, I would have asked them to cancel the account. The person on the phone at TT was not very helpful or sympathetic after I explained the situation and only offered me a reduced payment of £9. I don't feel that I should have to pay this amount especially as I haven't been using the mobile account for three years and I'm considering ignoring it as it's such a small amount. Do I have to worry about this debt or does anybody know if they will take any further action via small claims court? Any help or advice will be gratefully received. Many thanks Bachingmad
  7. Hi All, My first post - please be gentle this is a very stressful and difficult time! Back in Feb I received a PCN from Manchester CC. I can't recall why I was even in Manchester or anything about the circumstances. I was pregnant at the time and unfortunately lost my baby in April. From there everything went to pot. I couldn't cope with day-to-day life, I left my job and things that should have been sorted just, well, weren't. Fast forward a few months and I received a letter from Equita stating that they had a court warrant to deal with this. Having had nothing from the court myself, I wrote back asking for a certified copy. Nothing materialised and I forgot all about the matter - still not quite back to myself in terms of organisation! Last Tuesday a bailiff from Equita attended my property. I explained the situation to him but he clamped my car giving me one week to sort something out. I offered a payment plan but this was refused. I was NOT given a Notice of Immobilisation nor was one placed on the car. I did NOT sign a Controlled Goods Agreement. The only paperwork left for me was a notice which would have been posted if I had not been in (informing me they had been and would return on X time etc.) I emailed Equita that day again requesting copies of the warrant and a copy of the Notice of Enforcement giving me 7 days notice of attendance. On Thursday I received a letter from Equita, a Notice of Intention, which stated it may still be possible to make a payment plan. It was dated the Monday, one day prior to the bailiff turning up. I called Equita and the chap was extremely rude and talked over me constantly. He said the letter said 'may be possible' and that it was not possible. I argued it was unfair to send a letter out on one day then send a bailiff before I had chance to even receive it, let alone respond. I also received another letter on Tuesday this week stating they enclosed copies of what I asked for - but with nothing enclosed. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and have been quite poorly over the last week with a severe chest infection. Today I contacted the National Debt Helpline and they helped me to draft a vulnerability letter which I have emailed to the bailiffs and Manchester Council. I called the council to let them know the situation. The lady was lovely and asked me to phone the TEC to make an appeal (which I have done and sent after speaking with them and explaining the situation). In my letter to the bailiff by email I put them on notice that I have appealed to the TEC. Should they now remove the clamp whilst this is going on? Without a Notice of Immobilisation or CGA is the clamp there legally? I would appreciate any advice! TIA
  8. I purchased a washing machine from Appliancesdirect and it failed to work properly from day1. A few days later I read the Trouble Shooting guide in the handbook. It suggested the fault was a shortage of water getting to the machine. I reported this to AD and their advisors agreed it looked like a faulty installation problem and they would get their carrier to come and check it out. Their carrier, Arrow XL ,did the installation. After many phone calls @13p/minute, and emails, I was informed that Arrow would send someone out the next day to check the machine. This failed to happen and no phone call to advise job was cancelled. After complaining further to AD, and asking that they honour the Consumer Protection Act they still failed to respond. I formally rejected the machine and an advisor informed me they certainly would not uplift it. They now stonewall me. This firm are trading outside consumer laws of this country and there appears no fiscal organisation to tackle them. Trading Standards don't want to know. I seriously advise anyone looking to buy electronic gadgets or Air Con to thoroughly check out their intended supplier first.
  9. Hi, new on here. I have also had same letter arrive (in my previous married name even though i told them my new surname)yesterday stating HPH2 taken over the debt. Yes i have a debt, stupidly entered into during marriage but genuinely thought if we split debt would be shared between both me and Ex husband. This is an AA Loan of £3920 Ex has gone underground so now after just me. Statue barred could you explain if it is from last payment made or last communication with debt company. I communicated 2014 advising financial situation and it went on hold. I last made a payment to AA in 2012 i think when i just couldnt manage payments on my own. Could anyone advise do i contact them and wait the high demand for money or sit tight and see if they try again. Thank you for any help.
  10. Hi I'm new here but would like to ask has anybody taken Parcel2Go to small claims and won? My case is: I instructed P2G to pick up and deliver a very heavy 33kg Subwoofer speaker to my address without taking their extra insurance. Its was delivered a couple of day later with broken corners and a grill that was recessed into the unit. I'm taking them to SCC under section 54 of the consumers rights act 2015 holding them of negligence and in breach of contract by operforming reasonable care and skill in delivering this item. A last letter of action was sent and I'm now looking at a Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims Track which needs to be sent before 20 July. P2G have sent 12 pages defending the claim Any advise or help - Thanks
  11. Hi all, I have for the past few months been in dispute with Lowell regarding an old Studio account, now because they now have confirmation of where I live - they seem to have linked a really old account from Cabot (this was an old Barclays overdraft from over 10 years ago) which i'm sure we haven't made contact or payment on for well over 6 - however i can't be 100%. Is there a way of finding out for definite? The first letter went along the lines of 'now we know where you live blah blah - you owe £***'. Two weeks later another letter arrived saying we will accept £55 to clear the balance lol - why would they do this? is it because they know the debt is unenforceable and are out for any amount? The debt doesn't show on any credit report. .. what's the best course of action? Thank you in advance M
  12. Car repair cost amount to the approx. value of the car, your customer service tell me they can send salvage agent to collect ( then they will valve car and negotiate a value) how about don't be silly its going nowhere till any payment is agreed and cleared, or 2/ they can send an independent assessor out and I could then decide how I want to proceed and if he deems car a write off it will be categorised whether I claim or not (so your devaluing my vehicle if I don't claim but an assessor come to inspect it ( sounds like a bad joke) 3/ or I can choose a repairer of my own and my excess will be doubled (so a more reasonable repair shop you will pay less towards repair I will have to pay more seems my only option would be buy car back and get it repaired (which shouldn't be a problem as its still roadworthy (so local fiat agent tell me) seems that's a no go also, where does the comprehensive come into it, and realistically what can I do, because you're not working within the consumer rights as your excess policy is attemption to adversely affect my descision
  13. I am a new user to this forum so I don't know if any one can help. I completed an I.V.A. and got the completion certificate in October 2016. I also have a letter of no interest in any P.P.I. or subsequent awards. If I claim for P.P.I. redress will I receive this or can it be used as set-off
  14. Hi All In brief my son bought a car 3 weeks ago and applied for the log book (he had the green slip). Whilst parked outside our house it got clamped because of a parking fine the previous owner had incurred. Despite my son having the log book back and in his name the bailiff is yet to remove the clamp claiming that the system his end has not been updated. DVLA have advised we call the police but I know they won't be interested. The car is obviously illegally clamped but where would we stand if we removed it? Thanks in advance
  15. I'm looking for some advice please. I have been looking to claim back PPI which was provided under a consolidation I did some years ago. It seems very complicated to me and I have put it off for a long while. Recently however a close friend of mine who had the exact same set of circumstances has made a successful claim. My big problem is that he has paid £5000 in fees by his claim company. So out of a total £11000 claim he has only received £6000. This seems ridiculous! The story is that I was approached by Carrington Carr, who persuaded me that consolidating my debts was a great idea, so I did. This included my car, double glazing and all sorts! This isn't really the issue though. The new mortgage was through Northern Rock (Problem 1). The PPI policy I bought was lumped on top of my mortgage amount, which now I know to be a ridiculous idea. On top of that I had my legal fees lumped on top and a fee from Carrington Carr that would provide their ongoing services for free (Haha!). Carrington Carr are no longer, Northern Rock are no longer! So how on earth do I approach this without paying a claims company an extortionate fee? Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi, With ref to : https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?483974-ADVICE-required-Defendant-insurer-refusing-to-pay-for-credit-hire-vehicle I was just reading up on hire company car issues and have found myself in a similar situation described earlier this year in the forum. I had a car accident a few weeks ago and I was not at fault and my insurance company have referred me on to the solicitors and they offered to repair my car and give me a hire car to use, which I accepted as I believed this was something I was entitled to since I was not at fault. I am now being asked to provide all my bank details and find this very bizarre. I have called the solicitors and they say that they plan to get all costs covered by the other person's car insurance, which brings me back to why am I providing my bank details?? I came across this forum and began reading your posts on the forum to get advice and see if other people have been in this situation. May I ask what happened with your situation? Did the solicitors manage to claim back costs from the other insurance company? Did you encounter any other further problems/costs? and were you happy to pass on your bank statements? I have never dealt with an insurance claim before and thought this was going to be a simple to ensure my car is repaired, but have realised there is a lot more to this. I read in the forum that you did pass on you bank details to the solicitors. Did you find this was a safe thing to do or did they make you pay for anything? Is this all a normal process??? Many Thanks.
  17. Hi, I have received a letter from DCBL which states: "Your overdue amount of £269.48 due to Excel parking services ltd in relation to a county court judgement number xxxxxx has now been passed to DCBL to recover the debt on their behalf" It also mentions a further £75 + vat charge. I have searched lots of forums and the advice has been consistent to ignore all letters from Excel parking or any debt recovery firms. i am concerned this letter mentions CCJ number which suggests a CCJ has been issued. I dont recall receiving any court letters, although i have changed address. Normally, I would ignore these letters as per the advice on the various forums but im worried if a CCJ has really been issued and what I should in this case? Should i respond to DCBL? Should i contact the court (and if so, which court would i need to contact as i have not had any details)? Or should i continue to ignore? Please help as i am really stressed out now Many thanks in advance for any advice/help. Cheers
  18. Hi, I have debt from pre 2007 which, after a few years of creditors leaving me alone is now coming back to haunt me full pelt in the form of solicitors letters from Debt Collectors. I suspect this is because they have wind via the land registry that I bought my parents house two years ago (to help them secure a more affordable mortgage after their ill health prevented them from working). The last time any of these debts were acknowledged was February 2011 when a DMP made a payment on my behalf. However I do not know any more which debts are still outstanding. I have suddenly been hit with a County Court Claim form (dated 12th August) saying that Shoesmiths LLP are claiming money for a debt (pre 2007) on behalf of their client Arrow Global Ltd. Before the Claim hit me I wrote to Shoesmiths asking for proof of this debt and they responded to say they note my comments and have asked their client for a copy of credit agreement , statement of account T&Cs and notice of assignment. They said my account would remain on hold until the above documents are received. However I got no further correspondence to say they had secured any proof of debt and the very next thing I got was this county court claim form! I responded to the claim form online by filling out the acknowledgement of service, saying I intend to defend the claim. Now what do I do in regards to the defence? I am not sure if the debt is mine as I have seen no proof of it. I know it is certainly pre 2007 if it is. However there is a chance that a payment could have been in Feb 2011, but this payment like I said did not come direct from me but a DMP so I have no record of it. I want to be able to file a defence saying I do not acknowledge the debt is mine but not sure how I do this?
  19. Hello. I have some debts with 1st Credit, Westcot, Frederickson, BLS to name a few whom (and switched hands between companies), from my Student days. 1st Credit is near 1.6k, the others are around £400 each. I currently pay back via the Citizens Advice agreements each month. Pretty much it's going to take 14 years to pay off 1st Credit for example. They all often send me offers/reductions on the debt if I pay today, or pay XX amount, Westcot notably just started doing this today for a £400 debt. Would I be wise in potentially sending requests through for the DCA taking control from the original creditor? Or will I be paying these for 14 years? Just seen a lot of posts of similar actions and wondering if it would be a possibility, and would their be any implications to me?
  20. Hope someone with legal knowledge can help with this matter, We have sold our house in scotland and complete in 4 weeks. We have since discovered we have an inhibition order that was renewed for an old CCJ obtained in England that we need to get lifted. The story is this. We had a default judgement registered in england in january 2008 for 19k by a debt collection company. We went to court to get it set aside/defend as we were living in Scotland at that time. We were challenging jurisdiction and the amount plus. The judge issued a revised order in may 2008 amending the original judgement to £8k and requesting claimants to instigate mediation thereafter. No order was made about jurisdiction. We subsequently also found out after the judgement that PPI was included and the agreement has a false signature. This information was not available to us at the time of the second judgement in May 2008. The claimants registered the original CCJ in Scotland so they could pursue which resulted in an inhibition order, however, the inhibition order was issued in 2010 quoting the original CCJ in default issued in January 2008 of £19k and not the revised amount detailed at the hearing in May 2008 . The 5 year period expired and the inhibition was renewed in feb 2015. Is the inhibition valid given it quotes A CCJ amount that was subsequently amended by the court? What can we do to get it lifted quickly? We have subsequently moved back to England. Would appreciate any help available.
  21. Hi All, Currently have sent out CCA's to numerous DCA's However there is one i am unsure of how to proceed. Debt in question is loan from around 2000. Defaulted early 2004. CCJ obtained Sept 04 Interim Restriction added on Land Registry Oct 2004 (Debt in my name, house in mine and my wife's). I have checked the Land Registry and the name of the original creditor is still on there - CCJ not on Trust Online. This debt has been sold on - current DCA has had it since 2012. They have never mentioned the CCJ or CO in any correspondence. Can they really chase this debt? Can I send them a CCA as there is already a CCJ for the debt. Can they enforce as there is already an enforced CCJ on the debt - I am sure you cannot get 2 CCJ's for the same debt. Surely this debt is is Res Judicata - already decided upon so the DCA cannot take it to court again. Have trawled posts for this but cannot seem to find the best way forward for this - any advice would be greatly received
  22. Hi There I have recently recieved a letter from PRA group regarding an old payday loan i took out with lending stream back in March 2010, which it says is the date of loan agreement on the letter. Am i right in saying this debt is now statute barred? Do i contact PRA group at all or do i just ignore the letter? Thanks in advance
  23. Dear Forum Fans, I have CCA'd 2 old debts I have from old Credit cards, 1 to Cabot Financial, the other to Buchanan Clark + Wells. I followed all the templates on here, sent blank postal orders. This was last week and they have not even had them for 4 days, I have received the following replies: Cabot: Dear xxxx Your request for information under the consumer credit act 1974 Thank you for your request for information under the consumer credit act 1974. Cabot financial currently does not have this information on file. However, we have requested the relevant information under section 77 and /or 78 of the consumer credit act 1974 from the original lender. Please be advised, we do not accept the statutory fee required under section 77 and/or 78 of the consumer credit act 1974 and we have returned the fee for £1 that you have snet. What happens Next? We anticipate that we will be able to provide this information within 12 days. In the event we are unlikely to obtain this information within those time limits, we will write to you again. Contacting Cabot If you have any queries about your account, please call one of our customer advisors on 08450260463. Yours sincerely Customer assurance team Buchanan Clark and Wells: Dear xxxxxx Cabot financial Europe Limited 328811 £xxxxx i write with regard to your recent communication concerning the above account. I would advise that we do not hold a copy credit agreements at this office, as we are not the creditor. Under the cirumstances your postal order for £1 number 40320849, is returned herewith. However, I would advise you that your account has been placed on hold and we have requested our client to send these documents to you direct. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 08445714030 should you require any further assistance. Your sincerely David Smith. Please do not be confused, the first letter is for a Barclaycard direct to Cabot Financial that is 6 years old and the BCW is a really old Barclaycard that got passed to Cabot and then onto BCW, if that makes any sense at all? Do I just wait for the 12+2 and then cancel my DD's as the account is in dispute (this will be on the 17/09/09) Are they just stalling, does it effect my request that they have not banked the £1 postal orders? Some help from the forum experts would be great. Feelingfoolish are you out there?!!? What would your expert opinion be? Thanks as ever Forum Fan!
  24. Hi I am not sure I am posting in the right section so apologies in advance. I bought a humanoid robot, ordered in May (2017), received June. It developed a fault in July after general setup. Contacted the reseller I bought it from and he advised me to send the robot back to the manufacturer in Paris. I logged a support call with the manufacturer they went through the process of checking, asking me to do various things including sending them videos of the fault which they eventually confirmed that it needed to be returned for repair. I thought nothing of it (I now realise, I should have requested a refund or replacement -as it was within 30 days). I paid the courier service to return the robot to Paris after nearly a month the robot was returned, with nothing to indicate what had been done to it or what the problem was with it. I sent an email asking this question had no response from the support department. Please note that the robot is an essential part of my work as I teach robotics and run workshops during that time I had to cancel my bookings and shift things around a bit until I got it back. Since the robot's return in September, I have had a number of deaths in my family so had not spent much time using the robot. I used it to create a programme which I could not finish because of the family issues. Everything seemed ok when I did use it although a couple of occasions displayed the same issue it had gone for repair for. As it wasn't significant I had ignored it. A couple of weeks ago I was at a meeting with a large company who offered me some consultancy work where they were interested in running a project with my robot, I decided to create a programme to use as a demonstration for them. In doing so the robot started demonstrating the original fault this time worse than before (problem with the motors which caused it to constantly crash). I videoed this as best as I could whilst holding it so as not to damage it. I contacted the reseller and demanded from him to sort out the issue between him and the manufacturer as my contract was with him and not the manufacturer. He agreed to sort things out on my behalf. He did this ensuring that I was copied into all emails. I had explained the problem and requested a replacement, sent the videos I had recorded. The manufacturer wanted details of the previous return, which I supplied, only for them to respond saying that when the robot went for repair, I had not supplied them with detailed information of the problem (which I had) they had only checked the robot and it was fine so sent it back. They also refused my request of a replacement robot however, offered to collect and repair at their expense. I responded to their email explaining as above and the fact that I was not happy about not being offered a replacement and gave them details as to when they can collect the robot for repair. my anger, I decided to search online for my legal position and realised that the reseller is the one who should be offering me a replacement or full or partial refund. The reseller has simply said to me in an email that I should deal with the manufacturer direct and he will help me where he can. I realise that I should have had this info when the first fault occurred, then I would have been able to demand the refund or replacement. We are now approaching 6 months since I received the goods following my order. Please can someone help me deal with the reseller as I believe that he is responsible as he was paid for the robot and not the manufacturer. I stated in my last email both of them that I was not happy with them refusing to replace the robot and that I did not feel confident that the matter would be properly resolved since they didn't repair it despite me clearly indicating what the fault was. Are there any strongly worded letter templates I could use, or is this a matter for the small claims court against the reseller? I have also asked who is going to pay for my loss of earnings since the robot has not been fit for me to use as I should? Any help would be greatly received! Thanks JS Sorry for such a long post.
  25. Not sure if this is the correct forum so apologies if not but I was wondering what others would do/if anything, with regard to a complaint I made recently about a JCP Advisor. I have been on JSA now for over a year but have been suffering from a vertigo condition (saga is in another thread!!) so I am limited as to what jobs I can apply for. Those that I have applied for and there are over 300 of them, I have been unsuccessful. I had a pretty good advisor to be honest who appreciated my limitations but suddenly out of the blue I was moved to another advisor who was as far as I know newly qualified. On my first meeting with the new advisor I knew I had a problem. I am partially deaf and the advisor had a foreign accent of which I found it difficult to understand. He also looked down continuously when talking thus I could not even lip read him. I kept mentioning my difficulty but he didn't make any effort his end. He was having a nightmare, getting dates for the next signing wrong, being unable to work out when I had last signed and he even went on to criticise my CV at one point so I explained to him that the gentleman who had written my CV was sitting three desks away as he was employed by the DWP as their Careers Advisor so if he had any concerns the Advisor was the best person to talk to. I doubt this went down too well!!! I asked if it was possible to see my old advisor in the future and this gentleman said he would book me in with her the following week so all's well ends well........ Not. The following week I was back again with this new advisor. I politely asked as to why I was back with him and he mentioned that I was with him, end of story. I then stated, once again politely, that because of his accent I struggled to hear him due to my hearing impairment. He then replied "That's not my problem, it is YOUR problem". I'm not easily upset but that I have to be honest rocked me, I was stunned. Maybe it was the stress but moments later I had a vertigo attack and had to sit down for 45 minutes. I wasn't going to do anything about it but thought how can they speak to anyone like that, let alone about a disability, so I wrote to the DWP to complain because I think too often we all just accept the shambolic way they treat claimants. Unsurprisingly they have replied and this fella has denied making such a comment, of course I didn't really expect anything else although if he had said that he had made the comment and apologised I would have accepted that. So I am now not sure what to do. Leave it because I guess it's just my word against his or continue with the complaint? Fortunately they have moved me to a new advisor anyway, although not my original, and she was as nice as pie when I saw her so maybe someone has had a word, although I doubt it. So I guess I will not see this chap again, although he will certainly be in the same office. Half of me says leave it, but the other half says carry on and don't accept their denial. So I was just wondering what others would do? I have attached their letter. Have removed personal information and names. Apologies for the coffee stains, I suspect I spluttered it out when reading the letter!!!! Complaint 1 001.pdf Complaint 2 001.pdf
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