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  1. Well, here we go again! After successfully reclaiming ALL my mis-sold PPI's, taking 8+ years, or so I thought, another one has surfaced. This time, it's an odd one. Out of the blue, I received an 'Annual Review of your optional PPI'. Addressed to me, with an insufficient address, which the post office delivered. There was a ref. no. so I contacted the sender. They had no record of it! But someone must be paying a DD of £49.66/pm. Certainly not me. We knew it related to a mortgage we used to have but paid off about 5 years ago. My husband checked his bank statements and....yes.....he's paying £49.66/pm. He queried it after paying off the mortgage then (and reducing all unnecessary payments) but his bank told him it was a Buildings Insurance and that it could be used for any property he lived in!!! (He never told me that one!!). Of course, he stupidly believed them and left it thinking he had to have it. How low can these banks sink??? Obviously, we will reclaim, but it has to be through my husband which does make it a bit more complicated. My thoughts are, that not only did they take out a policy on ME (I would have refused point blank to pay it), but I'm guessing the salesman then pressured my husband to pay it on my behalf. Don't get me wrong, my husband is far from stupid (!) but he runs his own business and these 'trivial' matters get dealt with then forgotten! Me? I know every penny I pay out!! The next 'odd' thing is they have my personal details, mainly correct, except it says current employment status: employed 16+ hrs/wk. Wrong! I have been self-employed for 35+ years! That, in itself, means I was mis-sold since I could never claim. Sure, it says, if self-employed, that the business must 'fail' or 'voluntarily cease trading'. I've argued that one every time, since the business is 'me'.....what am I supposed to do??!! I have a feeling we could tackle them from various angles but would love to hear from anyone else who might have been in a similar situation? I think this is a mis-selling mis-selling!!...and they have walked right into a trap. I'm hoping my husband can find the relevant paperwork, otherwise we'll have to request it.
  2. My husband passed away about 2mnts ago trying hard to deal with this. He had a rbs credit card with less than 2 k outstanding ive had an assets and liability form to fill wanting to know if he had any vehicles owned his own home life assurance jewelry ect and the value of each it also asked how much I paid for the funeral ect and requests for copy's of bank statements funeral bill and all other outstanding loans or credit card debt im finding this a bit intrusive do I really need to tell them and prove how much I paid for his funeral ect thanks
  3. Afternoon, Am wondering if you could look at this please - I sent a generic letter through "Which" website and got various replies from RBS - saying on some no PPI was included, others I had already claimed back but I got these 3 replies (Wife & I) rejecting our claim. Was wondering if worth pursuing with a SAR etc. I had to convert a pdf file to word so apologies for how it looks - have highlighted part I thought strange, I needed to have PPI for a minimum of 4 years on my mortgage. RBS PPI Rejection.doc
  4. I've been paying of the balance of my credit card with the Royal Bank of Scotland, paying an agreed amount every month by direct debit. I have kept up these payments without fail. I have now received a letter from them saying that they are increasing this payment to 2.5%. Previously I have filled out their forms detailing my income and expenses so they know I cannot afford the increase. Are they allowed to do this? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, Ive CCA'd Mint for my card agreement and they have seemingly sent a good copy of a signed agreement. They also attached a 3 pages of a photocopied set of Terms & Conditions. Lots of very small print that will not scan & copy very well so have not included it here at the moment. Could someone please have a look at the Credit agreement an tell me if you think that it is enforceable or what action to take next to try and verify it. They sent current T&C's plus a Card re-issue letter with associated T&C's Also current outstanding values owed to the account. The signature, dates, my information and name all seem to be correct. Have also attached the letter they sent with it. Hope you can give me some good news. Thanx Murph
  6. Hi I posted a few months ago about chasing old PPI and this particular one is very long winded dating back over two years. Its particularly interesting because they admit PPI on a business overdraft but wont pay it back and more importantly they continued to take money from a totally unrelated separate personal joint account for two years without my permission(though they have paid me that back) Scores of letters but I have uploaded the relevant ones here for your help. I discovered PPI on a business account and asked them to repay me to which they refused saying I had signed for the product Letter tennis ensued for over two years whilst they sorted out other PPI but consistently refused to be drawn on this particular matter. docs .pdf
  7. In 2012 I entered a Protected Trust Deed. The reason for the TD was quite simple the RBS wanted to get a decree for a loan in arrears but not defaulted, which would have allowed them to apply to get a unsecured loan converted to a secured loan on our house and then push for enforcing against the house. This was straight from RBS lawyers at the time. So the trustee gave us a letter for the court which stopped that. But end result was a 5 year protected trust deed. Before we got to that stage we did attempt to claim for any mis-sold ppi we had with RBS to be told we had none. Our Total debt to RBS was approx. £15,500... Fast forward a couple of years. I was discharge form 5 and no PPI was found by the trustee (standard procedure to check).. Funny thing was they found PPI for my wife with RBS .. I was now fully discharge form 6 also. The bank sent a letter to my wife saying they who could only pay out 50% because it was in joint names with someone else... only person that could be is me.. Now as I'm fully discharge and trustee have stated they are not interested in any PPI which is in my name. I asked RBS to recheck using the account number on the Wife letter. Low and behold they have found 4 accounts totalling over £17,000 worth of PPI not including interest dating back to 2004 and 2008 and onwards on car loans, personal loans etc most of it was front loaded onto the loans etc. with the resulting extra interest. The PPI is enough to have easily cleared the original debt to RBS. I don't know if they will refund it but that's a different story.. but they did on the wifes 50% as both of us where working and both our employer had sickness policy's in place 6 month full wages then 6 months half wages. Surely getting told you don't have it when you did must surely be a big no no. If the point of a PPI reclaim is to put the person back to the position they would have been if the PPI was never sold. Or if they had allowed us to claim on the PPI we would never have been in the Trust deed in the first place. Now how would you proceed. Thanks Ed
  8. Hi, I had an account with Natwest, which was shut down about 6 years ago. At the time, I had my Overdraft of £1800 (all owed), a loan for £1000 (£897 remaining), and one for £5000 (£3976 remaining). Due to my financial issues due to illness, I'd had to live off what little credit I had, and after a few months of being unable to keep above the maximum 1800 Overdraft (frequently going to £2000 when bills hit) my account was closed Following this, I was taken to court and something (I forget the technical term now, sorry) was put on my house so that when sold, my outstanding debt to Natwest would be paid out of any monies I received. We have since sold the house to a housing agency (again, lost it due to ill health and financial issues) and NAtwest received nothing because the mortgage was not fully paid off. Following this, Natwest sent debt collectors. MY wife was had by Shoosmiths (for similar level of debt) I think mine were Cabot financial (They currently take £2 a month from me, but I'm sure they said it was passed on however I've received no new paperwork) the debt is now with a debt collector. This morning I got a letter from RBS, regarding my Natwest loan, to tell me that I'm due over £800 in refunds Which will be paid into my account if it is still active, otherwise I will receive a cheque. MY account was closed, I do still get statements every 6 months about what is still outstanding. Will my refund get paid to these account, despite being closed, or will I get it? As if I receive it, I'm quite happy with my current £2/month arrangement and don't wish to just send them nearly a grand, when I've got other bills that are slightly behind now (council tax, water, TV, gas) that I would like to clear off, and I could do that with the payout, and still have a little bit over to help at christmas. As I paid these bills at a time when I owed them nothing, and I was not given a real option of not paying (I was flat out told I had to have it or I'd be refused). To me, they took money they should not have had. it should definitely all be paid back to me, for me to do with as I please. I realise they won't see it that way though, but just wondered if anyone else in a similar situation has had this happen, and received the cheque? As they only send me updates every 6 months, I wont find out now until March, as I got my update 3 weeks ago. :\ So I'm hoping someone here can help me a little sooner.
  9. Hello to you all I have been reading and digging out numerous threads on RBS and how I can request for a overdraft charge sheet from years back. I was wondering what exactly should be the wording of the letter and what I should be looking out for in the details of the sheets they send me, this is regarding what I can and can't claim back. Many thanks.
  10. Last Thursday morning, all of my RBS accounts vanished and they won't tell me anything other than I'll receive a letter! Even my 6 year old son's account has vanished along with the housekeeping account.
  11. hello all - need a bit of advice before proceeding This might seem more complex than it actually is, so please bear with me. after a long haul, I have had my PPI complaint upheld by the RBS. So far, so good. They have made me an offer and then gone on to explain that I won't be getting some of it due to a succesful claim made against the PPI. Then it gets a little complicated. I have all my DSAR documentation, and have been going through it prior and post claim. The copy statments show insurance amounts hitting the account to cover the loan payments, but they are sporadic and do not make sense - eg. there are 9 insurance payments being credited to the account on the same day? And I distinctly remember prior to these payments trying to make a claim on the insurance due to redundancy but the claim was delayed and not upheld. I never received any notification from the bank or the insurance company that succesful payments were being made and the account went into arrears, being passed round various DCA's before being sent to CMS telford Theirs and my offer calculations are nearly the same. What is confusing me is that they have sent me copy statements going back to when I opened the account in 1995, listing every detail and transaction etc. but then the statments stop in 2010. The account has been in dispute since 2008 and has been statute barred since 2014. My questions are as follows: how do I find out if the account is still active? there has been no activity on the account for at least 9 years and I have had no "you owe us" letters for about 7 years are CMS a part of the bank or a DCA? I presume that any amount I receive will be offset against the statute barred debt? when I cca'd and DSAR'd the bank they could provide no evidence of any credit agreement existing between us I think i've explained it pretty much, so any comments/suggestions/questions are welcome
  12. Hi there, I have recently had a PPI COMPLAINT upheld with RBS I recieved my final outcome letter today but I am still left feeling slightly confused and wonder if I am owed a bit more. i don't have all the information on the personal loan like interest rate but feel that it doesnt quit add up I took out a loan on May 2nd 2007 - £1000 I then apparently took out another loan on 27th May 2007 - £ 1500 to cover the first loan (i can't remember why this was done) This being a chain loan I was always under the impression that I only took out a loan of £1000 at this time so this confuses me I paid my final payment for the loan on March 27th 2012 I was paying payments of £37.78 over 5 years / 60 months so this totals to £2229.02 that I paid for the whole loan of £1000 the rest being a combination of interest and PPI ( £1229.02) The banks offer is for the first Loan PPI REFUND £8.19 STATUTORY INTEREST £6.68 20% TAX £1.34 NET offer £13.53 The banks offer for second loan PPI REFUND £59.44 STATUTORY INTEREST £36.41 20% TAX £7.28 NET offer £88.57 now i'm really sorry if i have got it all wrong but I just feel a bit confused with this out come. This would make the total PPI PAID £67.63 Over 5 years and the itnerest being £1161.39? in the letter they do not break down my interest and ppi so that its clear. if anyone can make sense of this I would be grateful ! Kind regards
  13. Hi all Going through some old paperwork I found I had a 3k loan over 18 months back in 1996 with RBS. It has a loanguard booklet and have before seen a letter I am fairly sure saying I had this. I also found two personal illustration letters from 1999 talking about a lifetime assurance plan and mortgage protection plan. Sounds crazy but RBS, or RSA? collect a £5.00 a month d/d from my account which I thought was something I had to have...but don't actually know what its for as no reference numbers attached :/ What is the best way forward on this please? I did a few with Lloyds for my Dad but had all the paperwork, however this is much older! Found some paperwork, the £5.00 per month is for Royal Scottish Assurance Life Protector, I am sure I was told this was compulsory when you have a mortgage though? Mortgage started 1997 £45k but has changed lots and not even with RBS anymore! It changed to Aviva, or they took over in 2011. My mortgage also isn't with RBS anymore so all their information would be wrong. How do I stand with this please? Many thanks E!
  14. Hi all - this is a split off from a more general thread where following your Cash Cow advice I have sent off many CCA's This is a RBS CC taken out in early 2005 - Balance around £700 Currently paying £1 to Moorcroft They acknowledge receipt of CCA but request "in line of their clients procedures" a hand signed request... they returned the old one for a signature.. The also ask the the PO gets made out to the client ( atm it just says xxx) On hold 30 days blah blah I gather this is all rubbish so what is my next move? Thanks again
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/may/19/rbs-fred-goodwin-court-bank-bailout-shareholders
  16. Hello. I've claimed via RBS and Mint via resolver.co.uk for PPI on an old RBS advanta card that I had many moons ago. I don't have any details of account numbers, and they've come back from both an SAR and my complaint letters saying that they "can't find my details". Is there any further recourse that people would recommend at this stage, or straight to the ombudsman? Thanks!
  17. Hi, In 2009 I was a director at a company and I stupidly signed an overdraft guarantee with the bank along with another 3 directors. I was the only non share owning director. Each of the other directors secured their houses but I didn't as I didn't own any property so it was considered unsecured I guess. In mid 2010 I left the company and give notice to the bank that I had left, The company subsequently went insolvent very early in 2011. In 2012/2013 2 of the directors have had their houses repossessed and I recently heard the 3rd director has been chased for the remainder and is having to give up their house, I guess there must be a balance left now as they are chasing me. I had a visit from a collection agent earlier this year asking me about something I guaranteed 8 years ago but he didn't know what it was so I said "I don't know what you are talking about and closed the door". this morning I have received a letter demanding my outgoings to cover the remainder. This letter does not tell me how much is owed and I have never had a formal demand for the balance. I am at a loss of what to do and don't want to admit anything to them and i'm completely gutted. Can someone help me please and advise what I should do. Thankyou.
  18. RBS made me an offer of £2k for ppi from 2003 They said they would pay me by cheque. However, the other day I had a message saying "we have deposited the money into your current account. On checking this I found that they hadn't deposited into my account, but to their own holding account pending further investigations. I phoned the ppi office to be told that the loan on which I claimed the ppi had arrears and so they were investigating. However, I then phoned RBS credit management and they confirmed I had no outstanding debts, but then claimed they still need to investigate. If they suspected this, why did they agree that ppi was refundable and why can't they find any evidence. Really frustrating! I have to wait another 28 days now while they investigate. Anyone dealt with this before?
  19. Another one that slipped past me.. Did you take out a joint loan with a partner - then later you divorced? Was there PPI on that loan and did your partner claim and get all of the money back.. with you being non the wiser? http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3871798/Thousands-divorced-women-deprived-PPI-payouts-NatWest-Royal-Bank-Scotland-receive-compensation.html Other banks apparently complied with rules and shared the pay-out between separated partners.
  20. My son is having a problem with a Visa charge back through RBS. He bought a car 3 September 2016 the rear brake lines ruptured suddenly due to corrosion on 15 December 2016. The dealer agreed to fix it. Then 13 January 2017 it failed it's MOT because the front brake lines were corroded. At the same time various advisories for corrosion on most of the underside suspension, chassis would have cost more than the car was worth. My son rejected the car under Consumer rights act 2015 (note that this requires the dealer to collect the car). He refused the rejection. My son paid by debit card. he initiated a charge back based on the fault. RBS have turned it down as it was more 120 days from the point of sale. However we understood that it was different for a fault and 120 days from becoming aware of the problem. This is stated on lots of consumer websites including Which. be96erj how did it work out for you?
  21. A family member recently passed away suddenly with an outstanding balance on their personal loan a/c of £2,000, £400 in their current a/c and £500 in their savings account DWP have contacted me to inform of an overpayment of pension credit of £200 which of course must be repaid Next of kin has been in touch with RBS bereavement service, whom claim they can take the £900 in the deceased's RBS a/c's against the outstanding balance of the loan 1. Is this true? 2. What happens to the remaining balance of the loan? 3. Should we inform RBS of the DWP overpayment? & 4. Can the DWP overpayment be taken from the £900 in credit? Advice appreciated
  22. Hi, My bank has threatened me to set off my funds I hold with the bank current account and savings against any debt owed? Can they do this legally without my say so or do they require approval from the court. I don't hold bank accounts with any other creditors which I have credit cards, which is a good thing, however could those creditors access my bank account without my authority is that not a crime? Letter attached. Thanks.
  23. RBS have acknowledged by complaint however they have asked 35 questions and given me 4 days to answer. The questions are all financial, employment, medical and status related and refer to 1997. I ma afraid I don't really have answers for the majority and therefore I am seeking opinions or information about the possible outcome should I not be able to provide the information they require. I would appreciate any help or advice that is available.
  24. sorry still new to this ppi stuff? is this offer right? i have scanned in the details as pdf. rbsoffer.pdf
  25. Hi I have 2 credit card debts with RBS that are more than 6 years in default and so have fallen off my credit record. They are not statute barred as I make monthly payments of £15 each. I have now received letters from Wescot saying that - 'the account has been transferred to us and your account is now being directly managed by us' It lists the arrangement I had with RBS and says 'this is the arrangement we will be managing on their behalf'. I have not been actively chased for this debt for years, I just kept making the low payments. A couple of times in the last 6 years I made low full & final settlement offers which RBS did not accept. What can I expect now that the Wescot have been involved? I don't know where my Truecall machine is now but will I have to find it and plug it in again?!!
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