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  1. Afternoon, just a quick update - I've managed to get £600 from Santander & £1000 from RBoS. Still waiting to hear from final 2 claims. Thanks for your help.
  2. Cheers, do I need to add all my old addresses and can it be a joint SAR with my wife ?
  3. Is there a template for this? Thanks
  4. Cheers for reply, should I request a SAR or send a proper PPI letter?
  5. Afternoon, Am wondering if you could look at this please - I sent a generic letter through "Which" website and got various replies from RBS - saying on some no PPI was included, others I had already claimed back but I got these 3 replies (Wife & I) rejecting our claim. Was wondering if worth pursuing with a SAR etc. I had to convert a pdf file to word so apologies for how it looks - have highlighted part I thought strange, I needed to have PPI for a minimum of 4 years on my mortgage. RBS PPI Rejection.doc
  6. Morning CAG members, Wonder if you could give some advice please. I split from my wife last year and took all the debt in my name with me (which was roughly half) - unfortunately I wasn't able to keep up on any repayments as I'm not on a massive salary and now have to rent privately and pay all bills from one wage now. I explained everything to my creditors and so far so good. However, I received a letter from Nationwide in regards my loan which stated; "We recently identified an issue with some of our arrears statement" goes on to apologise for their error and says "in light of this error we will not pursue court proceedings to recover this debt" Further on it then asks if I want a "Notice of Correction" added which states that "Please note that this default relates to an agreement which the creditor considers to be unenforceable." Should I get this added to my credit file and due to my financial situation can I stop paying this? They've passed this onto ARC who have been sending me letter and called my place of work and recently sent me an income/outcome form to see what I can afford to pay. I informed them that i had a letter saying this loan was unenforceable and no legal proceedings will be pursued. They informed me that no legal action will be taken but they've been asked to collect payments by Nationwide. End of the day, do i have to do as ARC require, or can I just ignore this debt? If I can it would help me greatly as this is my biggest debt and am currently off my work with mental health issues. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Morning, Not heard a peep since they couldn't provide a CCA.....
  8. Yer I planned on doing that, will just wait for the letter. Hoping its about all my complaints I fired at Clydesdale so we'll see.
  9. Morning, Still no word from Clydesdale, but had a missed call from them last night, they've never called me in years so what they wanting now....
  10. Cheers thought that, just seemed like a contradiction, will just sit and see what happens. As posted prevously this CA is the one they have scored out the account number and hand wrote the new one on it. Still waiting to hear from Clydesdale about that.
  11. So I shouldn't be worried about the bit about taking me to court etc.....
  12. Evening, finally got a reply from Marlin about account in dispute, there reply is roughly as follows: Still waiting on credit agreement from creditor...until provided it has become unenforceable but does not mean this has been written off. According to OFT guidance on "unenforceable credit agreement" we cannot: make you pay your debt ****get a court judgement against you****** take back anything hired etc But we can: ask you to pay what you owe send a default notice (already been defaulted & removed) pass info onto a CRA pass information onto a debt collector (thought Marlin were a DCA) sell the debt to someone else take the case to court And ends with all collection activity on your account is currently suspended until documents can be provided. Thoughts and opinions please.
  13. Still no word from Marlin - so have taken a risk and cancelled my SO to them, see if that makes them reply.....still no CCA or reply to failure letter.
  14. Got a letter from Clydesdale rejecting my PPI claim - saying that "you accepted our final offer in compensation, therefore in agreeing to this you confirmed that no further compensation would be sought under the above mentioned loan account". This is in regards a complaint I made a few yeards ago when I was made to sign a new CCA to get the PPI payments removed and the fact they defaulted this loan agreement also so in principle I was double defaulted on same loan, it took almost 3 1/2 years to get his sorted and compensation was for that as far as I'm led to believe. Have informed them of that and have requested a copy of the agreement to see if they have indeed worded it in a way that looks like I have agreed not to pursue any other compensation in regards to this loan account. Am a bit concerned I may have and the bank is now going to use this as a means of rejecting all my complaints in regards to this loan, especially the fact they hand wrote my new loan account number on the CCA. Would be annoyed if I have been lulled into something that I thought was only covering the double default/forced to sign new CCA. Still no reply from Marlins yet in reply to my non complaince of providing a CCA though. Made my payment to them but not sure if I should hold back on next months payment.
  15. Should i send it recorded delivery or can I just email it to them?
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