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  1. Hi Dx every letter sent was via Royal Mail recorded delivery. No I haven’t but rather than return these forms I will download the FOS questionnaire from the FCS website and return that instead of the form. Thanks I’ll let you know what happens.
  2. Hello Had a response from two companies. First RBS have said following the form they sent me which I returned they have NOT upheld my complaint. Second more importantly following sending BOS a SAR two small amounts for £100 and £184 were found dating back to 09/2000. Despite requesting a refund for the past several months they too have now sent me the same forms. Not sure what I put wrong on these forms do we have to fill them in ? I should add that the SAR request to BOS clearly showed the date and the amount of PPI. I photocopied these and returned then with an accompanying letter asking for a refund as I had not requested these to be toploaded on my loan. Despite this as stated earlier they have asked me to complete the forms.
  3. Hello Is it time to take the companies refusing to resolve the PPI to court, is this my best course of action as they are just paasing it around several departments
  4. No reply DX completely ignored me, any advice on a letter Thanks for your help
  5. Its names four different policies, life, critical illness, disability and payment protection.
  6. Ok DX They made me send a further chq £10 to a company named CIGNA who look after the data for midland mortgages whom returned my £10 saying they had no records. I did SAR HSBC originally and they did not send anything only an account from First Plus I had years ago. Any suggestions what to actually say to 'finger them out' please Thanks
  7. Hi DX Was midland bank now HSBC, they have given me the proper run around, address doesnt match name, take passport into local branch, take proof of new address in branch, take proof of old address. Then after all that state they cannot go back to the 1990's unless I prove payments were made Thanks Exasp
  8. Hi DX I have SAR them they stated they do not hold records that far back Thanks
  9. Dx I dont hold any payment references as this dates back to 1998, I only found the PPI on the approved application which I was sent upon a SAR to RBS for some strange reason. What do you think is the next action?
  10. Hi Not had any reply from RBS, should I wait or chase them up its approaching 3 months since the last letter to them Thanks Exasp
  11. Thx DX They are saying without proof of payment they will not refund
  12. Hi HSBC I had my SAR returned from HSBC today and though it acknowledges we had life policies on our mortgage they state they do not hold records. I have sent them an original application showing the PPI attached to the product but they state until I can recover statements showing the actual payments they cannot refund me. As the various products ran commencing from 1991 up to 1995 I dont have records. now the SAR has come back blank do I have any other course of action Thanks
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