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  1. Well, I had every intention to but left it to the last minute and was anxious to get the form back in time. I doubt much will happen quickly - I am away 23rd May-10th June (stated on the form as unavailable between those dates). The trouble with 'all us self-employed' is that we ARE looking at our balance sheets and keeping orders going out on time, paying bills, keeping stock levels up etc.... that when something like this comes along (FC con-men) it can take up a lot of precious time. It may seem to an outsider that we are being apathetic but it is only one part of many things to keep on top of. I am guilty of this myself. It IS tiresome! Them defending my claim frankly took me by surprise (but that's what they love to do!). I suspect a lot of 'victims' have small businesses that are labour-intensive and these are the very people who have little time to deal with businesses who are out to con us. So, from that point, CAG is wonderful in that it helps enormously with these burdens. From FC's point of view we are easy prey.
  2. Update! Well, FC decided to defend my claim against them. I received the court papers to complete and return which I have duly done. What their defence is I have no idea, it wasn't included. I did agree to a phone call mediation since I am so far away from Gosport, although I did fill in my local court as preference. They did pay last month's cashback, so I suppose they think that's sufficient. But the early termination fee promised by 18th April still hasn't been paid (and that was put on the court form!). Now we are past 18th May and no cashback...….here we go again.....interesting to see how the courts respond.
  3. At least being on here improves my computer skills!
  4. Yes, I did add interest fees to the claim. I do intend to claim every last penny. SEE POST 126!!!! Or about 3 posts back. I know I provide a lot of reading material but I do try to answer every question you ask me!
  5. Here it is. Notice of part admission FC.pdf
  6. Like the sound and tone of the letter, thank you! Looking at the part admission form I received I have to respond with what I want to do before 24th April. The first option of 'I do not accept the defendant's part admission' seems most applicable. Shall I send the letter to FC on Monday and wait for a few days before returning the form? FC will likely not respond quickly! And we have Easter in between. It does say on the form that they will decide which court, small claims or fast track etc. From Cornwall to Gosport is quite a trip!!! Either way it's costly. Let's hope they settle before going to court. Yes, I did add interest fees to the claim. I do intend to claim every last penny. A productive day, I'd say! Thank you for ALL your help and patience. Let's hope more people will be encouraged to act in the same way.
  7. During the original call to lure me in they said they pay early termination fees if they are around £100. Then qualified it with ….well, not more than £1000.....SO vague. Now they are saying they only agreed to £100.....
  8. At the time of the contract we had a 3-way call with EE who said the early termination fee would be £171 (it was actually £156.68 by end of Dec when I paid it). FC agreed to pay it in full. After I read the t&c's on the FC website, it says there that they pay 3 months later. Or even up to 6 months! All a bit vague.... In an email from Liam Stickler, 25th Feb, after I had complained a lot to O2, he promised the termination fee of £156.68 would be paid in March.
  9. How on earth can I be precise when they keep moving the goalposts? 18th of month changes to 1st month, then back again when it suits them. Early termination fee reverts to £100, not full amount as promised.
  10. I'd given them 14 day's notice for one payment overdue and told them any future missed payments wouldn't be given notice.
  11. I was working on 1st of the month, 1st March, 1st April, payments due.
  12. My payments made to O2:- 3rd Jan 19 £39.60 30th Jan 19 £39.60 28th Feb 19 £39.60 28th March 19 £39.60 FC cashback:- 12th Feb 19 £36 10th April 19 £18 Both these payments were only made when I complained. The contract cashback states £18/pm. When I queried the VAT part I had an email (dated 25th Feb 19) confirming they would pay £18 + VAT (both parties) of £6.60 = £24.60 each month. My court claim consisted of 2 x £24.60 owed for Feb and March payments. Total £49.20 Plus promised early termination fee of £156.68 that should have been paid in March. This makes the total of £205.88 + £25 court fee. £230.88 same as on the form. The payment dates seem to change according to who you speak to at FC. Originally it was 18th month. Then changed to 1st month during February. ???? Which to believe? Neither works anyway.
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