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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to you all I have been reading and digging out numerous threads on RBS and how I can request for a overdraft charge sheet from years back. I was wondering what exactly should be the wording of the letter and what I should be looking out for in the details of the sheets they send me, this is regarding what I can and can't claim back. Many thanks.
  2. Just wondered if someone could give me some advice about maybe looking into claiming some of my bank charges back - interest back which my bank takes off me each month. - (If I can or cannot do it) I have had a overdraft on my account now since being at university some 20 years ago, it started as a student overdraft at £200, and I fell into the trap of Natwest putting up year after year after year without my consent via a letter until now its £2500. ..At the moment im always at the limit of my overdraft come payday and I dont earn enough to pay the overdraft off.... I have current charges of about £33 month and a £6 admin fee (Its a arranged overdraft). Im now come to the point where I want live with my long term partner and pay the debt off and close my account down... Just wondered if I can claim any of these charges back. ie, they have given me a overdraft and ive not being able to pay it off complaint or they gave me a overdraft and they have increased it year on year with out my consent complaint. Ive read that you can put a complaint in for financial hardship but the £40 fees thats been coming out of my account I have been budgeting for the last 5/10 years, ive just never had the money in my account to cover paying the debt off.. Any advice greatly appreciated....
  3. Halifax is imposing a fee of £1 a day from arranged overdrafts of £0.01 to £1,999 as from 1st Dec 2015. No interest rate is charged. So if one has an arranged overdraft of £100 and goes overdrawn by £0.10, a fee of £1 will be charged and by 100 days, this £0.10 becomes a unarranged overdraft for which a fee of £5.00 is faced. Is this imposing excessive charges or treating customers unfairly??
  4. Hi im looking for some advice, a few months ago i made 3 payment arrangements with rosendales to pay my 3 outstanding council tax debts off. i was paying £20 a week as currently im self employed but only just started up im not getting money from it im having to use £20 from my £82 working tax credits to pay them, then all of a sudden i was getting letters for more debts, this was after the council confirmed to me i only had 3 outstanding debts. i cancelled the direct debits and wrote rosendales a letter to find out what is happening. its been nearly 2 weeks and i have not heard from them. this past week i have had a bailiff at my door every day but i was out working. i have never seen or spoke to the bailiff until today when i called her back as i got a letter in my post from her stating that she has booked a removal date for the 30th Jan to remove goods from my house. Now from previous experience i know they are not allowed to gain access unless they have been invited in before which she has not been invited in ever. when i called her she was rude and when i told her i was called by rosendales 2 days ago to see what has happened to my arrangement she said "well why the hell are they contacting you when its been passed on to me, they should no longer have any contact with you". i told her ill call them in the morning. ill also add that a month ago i did an expenditure form and offered what i could afford and they declined it and made a new arrangement for me which i told them i couldn't afford but they obviously ignored that and sent a bailiff out instead. im just looking for some advice on what i could possibly say to rossendales when i call them to let them know that threatening wont work as i know they are not allowed to gain entry to my property and tell them that their ignorance is not fair at all and causing more hassle than it needs to
  5. I'm new here and am not too sure if this is the right section for this. I have been sent a letter from the DWP with a time and date when they will phone to carry out a Customer Compliance Interview over the phone. I've read on this site that these are generated by a computer and are unlikely to be specifically aim at me on suspicion that I've done something wrong. I've also read that they focus on your bank accounts etc but unless they have acquired these by some other means they are not going to have them to view at the interview. If anyone has had these prearranged interviews, over the phone, I would be interested to know what they actually ask. I have a speech impediment and suffer from depression and poor sleep patterns and I don't take even mild pressure at all well. This usually results in me being almost mute. I have also read that they don't familiarize themselves with the client's details (I have found in the past with other things this to be true) so having to convey my situation at the outset is going to be stressful. Can anyone advise on this?......and I hope I can find this when I return...
  6. Hi everyone, I took out a secured loan for £40,000 on 28 October 2004 with First Plus, which was arranged by Norton Finance. Apparently they also added PPI to the loan, amounting to £ 9790. It was my understanding at the time that I had to have the PPI - indeed, the loan was to consolidate previous debt and I was desperate to get this sorted. A couple of years later, I was advised by another broker (who has since gone bust) to remortgage and so I did and as part of the remortgage the above loan was redeemed on 19 October 2006 (original term was ten years). Now, I have been told Norton Finance who arranged the loan have gone into administration but there are still web sites up and running ? I also filed a complaint to Firstplus who basically said that the broker was no longer trading and that the loan was taken out before the golden date, 15 January 2005, when the FSA started to regulate the finance industry. However, I have heard that people have one claims for PPI taken out before then. Also, my question still remains unanswered: Can you lender themselves (i.e. Firstplus) still be held liable for the sale of the PPI, as it was added to the Loan, and so could be regarded as part of the loan product they were providing? Shouldn't the lender themselves have checked that PPI was required ? also, because the loan was redeemed within two years, I never knowingly received any rebate of the PPI as it was suppose to cover the first 5 years of the loan term. £9790 is quite a lot of money to wave good bye to and I am determined to put up a fight before I am told to just forget it - as everybody has been saying so far. Any advice on this would be helpful. I am about to make a subject access request to Firstplus but if its not worth it, please let me know before I waste a tenner ! thanks. Dean
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