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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all Going through some old paperwork I found I had a 3k loan over 18 months back in 1996 with RBS. It has a loanguard booklet and have before seen a letter I am fairly sure saying I had this. I also found two personal illustration letters from 1999 talking about a lifetime assurance plan and mortgage protection plan. Sounds crazy but RBS, or RSA? collect a £5.00 a month d/d from my account which I thought was something I had to have...but don't actually know what its for as no reference numbers attached :/ What is the best way forward on this please? I did a few with Lloyds for my Dad but had all the paperwork, however this is much older! Found some paperwork, the £5.00 per month is for Royal Scottish Assurance Life Protector, I am sure I was told this was compulsory when you have a mortgage though? Mortgage started 1997 £45k but has changed lots and not even with RBS anymore! It changed to Aviva, or they took over in 2011. My mortgage also isn't with RBS anymore so all their information would be wrong. How do I stand with this please? Many thanks E!
  2. Long time since I posted anything, but searching out information brings up a few results on here, so thought I'd add this thread, might help someone in the future if it all goes to plan. Approximately 7 weeks ago I received a letter from the RBS PPI team (Hardman Boulevard M/cr address) regarding PPI on my current account with them, I'll be honest and say I'd completely forgotten about it and the variable monthly charges show up as a charge on the account. Obviously I was shocked that a) I'd forgotten all about it and b)I'd already inquired about any PPI with the RBS previously. Having the majority of paperwork regarding to this I sent in the FOS questionnaire, I upped my overdraft in 2004 and was told it was compulsory to have the PPI in place on a facility of this size, similarly when it was originally taken out in 1997, that coupled with my self employed status were the basis for the miss selling complaint. To say I was kicking myself for being so stupid to get to this point was an understatement. As stated I have statements dating back to 1997 so I'll know what has actually been paid (so far I've only sat down and done 6 years and that's showing PPI paid as approx £1300, months vary considerably but I'd say average is £18-£20 per month). So, decision date is approx 1 week off, I'll update this thread if and when anything happens, seemingly several have posted success stories up, so if you've had PPI on your overdraft or even if you're not sure it's worth investigating
  3. Hi, I'm new to this. ..I'll try to keep it to the point and not too long winded, but this has been going on for a long time. By the end of 2008 I had been an RBS customer for approx 25 years and had a £500 overdraft from April 2000 which had crept up over the years to £2250. I had been paying overdraft cover on this the entire time. I took ill October 2008 and couldn't work.... .I approached the bank and explained. They told me I had no cover. I had major surgery mid November and was diagnosed with cancer. I stayed in touch and constantly asked if they could at least stop the interest accruing, they point blank refused. I stuck my head in the sand for a few weeks, but decided it was best to get something sorted with the overdraft. I called my branch to make an appt. to see the manager to be told I couldn't speak to anyone as my account had been suspended and already forwarded to their collection agency. I called the collections team and again told them I had insurance on the overdraft, again they said I hadn't. This continued over the next few months.....constant calls and letters demanding the £2250 plus all interest charges etc. By this time Money Matters in Govan were involved, they were also told I had no overdraft insurance. RBS took me to court Sept 2009 and I was ordered to pay them £65.00 per month to cover OD, charges and court costs just short of £4000. October 2011 I was feeling fit to fight and requested bank statements. ...these clearly showed the same fluctuating figure throughout which they were still denying was Overdraft Loanguard Protection. I received a letter on Friday last week stating that they had conducted yet another investigation and I had no insurance. Today I spent most of the day getting through to various departments and now have it in writing from their insurance department that I had been paying Overdraft Loanguard since 2000 and it was cancelled by my branch on 27.7.2009.. ....the same month they closed my account and sent it to their collection people to collect on the overdraft! Sorry to be so blah... ..trying to explain the length of time it has taken someone to admit that this charge I have been harping on about for two years was for insurance. Has anyone had an experience like this? I would be so grateful if anyone could offer advice on what my next step should be. Cheers in advance. Geraldine
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