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  1. Took no action as suggested and true to form, another letter from RW stating the debt is not statute barred; guess I'll let this one ride too.
  2. Mrs Soap had an old debt with Barclaycard and due to her illness it wasn't paid off. She has been pestered by Robinson Way off and on but again, because of illness letters were ignored. I managed to dig out the paper work and according to my records, nothing had been paid for over six years. I wrote to Robinson Way on 4th April and quoted the relevant regulations. She has received a reply from Robinson Way and it states, "We can confirm that your account is not statute barred as the last payment received on this account was for £5 on the 22nd of February
  3. Cheers. No specific period was mentioned, just "your bankruptcy".
  4. I wouldn't use a claims company but she didn't have PPI anyway. She's just annoyed that they;ve brought this up after all these years!
  5. My pal was made Bankrupt early 2001 and discharged under the old rules. This dropped off her Credit File after six years and nothing is shown. However, yesterday she received a letter from McGinness Associates referring to her Bankruptcy and PPI: "We would like to make you aware, that after being discharged from your Bankruptcy, you are now entitled to claim for compensation for PPI". Personally, I take this as an Invasion of Privacy. Does this firm go through old copies of the London Gazette? Being so long ago my pal had more or less got over
  6. Because they've sent me a letter regarding tax credits but also said I should pay my outstanding Sky debt in the same letter, it's obviously someone elses debt: I've never had Sky so I want to make a complaint to the CEO and obviously the FCA.
  7. In the hope that someone picks this up, I'm trying to find the CEO for pastdue credit solutions but don't seem to be able to find it listed, do they have a parent company?
  8. Past Due Credit have taken on the collection of recovery of tax credits for HMRC. I'm having a go at them and they sent me a letter asking for such and such so I asked them for a break-down of what was due; they haven't done that yet. In addition, in the same letter they have stated "your outstanding debt for SKY should be made immediately"! I don't have SKY! Complaints made.
  9. Just to clarify first of all, I do believe that Lombard Direct is now part of the RBS. In this respect, I'm sending my claim direct to the RBS PPI Customer Concerns at Manchester. Does anyone disagree? I have printed their questionnaire out and I am of the opinion that is deliberately long - winded (Eleven pages to be exact) to deter claimants. The original loan was taken out in 2002 for 60 months so has been repaid for a long, long time. The questionnaire is after totally irrelevant information, I am therefore, sending my claim in letter form. The l
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