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  1. Hi, My dad rents a small apartment, he's 62, and not in great health. The letting agent knows this, and said if he needs any help to let them know. 4 years ago there was a leak in the roof (he's top floor of a 2 floor building). This leak lead to water coming down his walls, we reported it, a few people came out for quotes, and then a week later someone we didn't get a quote from was up on the roof fixing it. About 12 months later, the leak was back, and the same person 'fixed it'. We also had the walls painted to cover up the staining from the mould and water that had resulted from the leaks. 8 months later, we had really bad rain, and again it leaked. This time plugs started to fizzle as water was running down by the electrics. We reported it, turned off the plugs in that area, and the next day the same guy was there to fix it. Through 2018 we had no real issue. But this year it started again, In May we had leaks, and someone (new guy) came out for a quote and was meant to start work that week. But it didn't happen for whatever reason. This past weekend it got bad. Really bad. More so than we've seen before with damp patches appearing in multiple rooms, running down door frames and again some going all around a light switch and two sets of plugs. WE reported it on Sunday, through the out of hours team (which is a phone thats ALWAYS turned off). On Monday we spoke to the letting agent in person, who said they were aware of the situation (that being the May one) but could not reach the landlord. for two months, so had not been able to get him to agree to work being done. I explained the situation, and that it's a health risk, and environmental health would probably have to be involved They told me they'd be back to me. An hour later they told they magically got in touch with Landlord, who had responded to their email, and he will be sending his son to fix the roof... no idea who his son is, but I now suspect he's the guy who fixed it before. Except he's been on holiday and was on his way home Monday, so would come around first thing Tuesday. Never showed. Didn't show up today either, and when I called to ask I was just told again that they can do NOTHING, absolutely nothing, unless the landlord says it ok. So we just have to wait... in a house, with a leak, near plugs. IF the rain gets heavy again, it will spread back to the plugs. If it stays dry, it'll probably be ok. But that's not exactly something I think that should be risked. So do the letting agent have ANY duty of care responsibility? my dad was a day late with rent last year (he was ill and just never got out of bed), the next day he had them on the phone asking for the mixed payment. So they sure have a duty to the landlord, and they act on it instantly, but it seems crazy that they can just say "just wait" with potential hazards, while they wait to see if they can get a reply. God forbid, but if the electric and water caused a fire or a fatal shock, aren't they partly responsible? I just want to know what I can say to try and push them into more action, because I phone every day at 9am, and get told "we'll call you later when we've spoken to him" and it's me calling them back at 4:45pm, to get told nothing has changed. The annoying thing is, he lives just a few doors down from me (I'm his carer) but we have no room for him, however he's concerned that saying certain things will cause the landlord to just kick him out, when his contract runs out in October, but the flat (apart from the leak) is perfect for him. It suits his personality and he's close enough that he has all the help he needs, and there's no where else suitable around here that is affordable, or available right now. To add to this issue, I go away on holiday on Saturday, my sister will be checking in on him... but she is unreliable at best... but if we get more rain and it gets worse I'm concerned he wont think to keep calling and get updates, and report any worsening of the situation. I guess in many ways I'm just lost as to what to do, but if anyone knows if there's anything I can point out to give the letting agents a foot up the ass, or just reassure my dad in some way, that would be fantastic
  2. Pretty sure I tried to contact Tom before when I was getting no response from the various complaints and kept being told 7 days. Didn't get a reply, so was not sure if the email was still active. I'll try again though, and then try in writing. Thanks for your suggestion
  3. Yes, tried that and other similar apps... Only certain apps can be put on the SD card, and even then its not always full movement and is sometimes just 0-50mb of a 200+mb file. Even then, even if I could install every app on the SD card, my phone comes with 55% already full for user interface... It gets slightly bigger with each upgrade, it will hit 70 and the problems will begin again. It's not a solution, a fix or repair, it's a temporary band aid. I appreciate you're trying to help, but your suggestions are beneficial for people who keep running out of space. Not quite as helpful for a hard drive that fails at 70% and has done since 3 weeks after I bought it, and where the company that sold it have been consistently rude, took 3 months to offer any help, a further 2 to offer a fix the failed to fix and offered me a free replacement, only to then take it away and tell me I need to pay £95 I understand how phones work, enough that I know about extra memory and the apps that can and can't be moved. Also that certain apps can be moved if I root my phone... Which I did on a previous phone, banking apps don't like it. I just want to know, who can I talk to next now that customer services have said I have to keep my not fully functioning phone, or pay £95 to replace it
  4. Yes I'm aware, but apps do not install to SD cards. Their data can be transferred, that is all. I have tried this, it made no difference... My initial feeling was that the lock ups were caused by writing to the card. So no matter if I had a 16gb card or a 256, it won't stop that having 5 apps on the phone causes the issue. The expandable storage is more of a use for photos, videos, etc since whichever version of android it was that stopped allowing apps to install to the sd card, and only having a portion of the data there instead
  5. Phone is a Sony L1. Virgin stopped selling it in November, replaced it with a hauwei lite, and more recently a Samsung A20e (the phone they said I could have for free) on their low price contracts. They do the newer Sony L3 now, but it's £5 more expensive. So swapping for the Samsung or hauwei is the closest thing to a straight swap. More info than requested there.... Sorry
  6. Ok, this will be a bit a long winded, so apologies in advance. In October, I got a new phone on contract with Virgin Media (they provide my sim, and my old phone was dead, so getting one with them seemed fine for only £6 a month) It arrived fine, and for 3-4 weeks it was fine, as my phone reached 70% capacity issues arose. Bare in mind, the phone comes with 53% capacity already with userUI and the virgin stuff installed. i filled 17%, which was basic stuff. FAcebook, banking, smart meter, and one game. Phone would lock, shut down apps, blank screens, and make it impossible for me to answer calls as it would fail to recognise me swiping. This all intermittent but happened multiple times every day. I got in touch for help via their online help, i was not well over the winter months, email and text chat was much easier than a phone call. I was told someone would be in touch in 7 days. I heard nothing. 2 weeks later, still nothing, i chatted online and was told 28 days max. i waited, and this took us to the Christmas holiday, i waited longer and then complained and was told it was a new complaint... and it would be 7 days, and then again told maximum of 28 after the 7 passed. In February I got a call, from a very cocky sales adviser who claimed to be a manager. I explained my problems and was literally told 'tough luck' because my 14 days cool off was over, I explained that considering the problem, it was unlikely I'd find it in 14 days, and the warranty should cover it. HE said ok, but a repair would take 6-8 weeks. I would need to send my phone to them, postage which would be covered by them, which would take 3-4 days for me to receive the packing, 3-4 day for them to receive it, then it will enter a queue for repair which is currently 2-3 weeks, then they have it for a week to go through the problems, call me and ask for more details, make sure it works ok, then send it back and 3-4 days i would get it back. But if there's delays, it could be longer. I had no backup phone, and i'm a carer, I need a phone at all times it's how I stay in constant contact with my wife (whom I care for) and my father (who i'm a carer for too) anytime I'm not with one of them. I said it seemed long, and I cant be without one that long, is there a way it can be replaced... especially given the current 4 month time frame to get any help, when it was meant to be 7 days. At this point, he became moody and told me to send everything back (including an Alexa device which has been really useful), and he'd cancel my contract and send me a new phone (without Alexa), but I'd need to pay £120 to cut out that contract. I said no way, and he told me tough again, and if its not good enough, he'll deadlock the contract and send me the paperwork to take it to an ombudsman. I said ok. I never got that paper work. I waited 28 days. I contacted them for the paper work. Was told it would arrive soon. I waited 28 days... actually, six weeks, because I was ill. Its the End of May, I get in touch and whilst talking about this deadlock stuff, the new adviser tells me they can do a repair in 1 week. Fantastic. I can live with that easily. they sent me a box 24h delivery, I put my phone in and sent it back. 2 days later I got a call to say my phone works fine in factory setting mode. I explained that it only shows faults when it's above 70% (I had uninstalled and installed a bunch of different apps, 70% always seemed to be the issue, as the apps that caused it was always different) he told me and I quote "Ok sir, I'll keep the phone for another 24-48 hours, I'll install a handful of apps and run it at 70,80 and 90% and see if we can recreate it" Sounds good. 90 minutes later, I get an email from DPD, letting me know they've just picked up my parcel from Virgin and I'll get it the next day. So they did NOT do what he said he was going to, in fact, I'm inclined to believe he'd already boxed it up ready for postage at that point. I did a system restore, got my apps back and no shock. Phone still acts the same. I factory reset and did a fresh install, and not a restore, and slowly added my things back to it. Incase the backup had a bug or something causing the issue. But no luck, 70% roughly and again it starts to have the issues. I phoned up, and after speaking to an adviser we got it working a little better, but he told me "You may want to upgrade, you are entitled to a free upgrade right now and it would fix this problem with a more reliable phone". HE offered me a phone, but I said I'd look at it online first, so I could see what it was I was being offered and he said ok. That night, phone still acting up, I went onto their store and used the chat to place an order. During this chat, I explained all my issues, and that I had been told I was due a free upgrade. HE asked for my number and I told him (ending 77) and that my wife was also on the account (ending 66). IT was the 77 one that was due a free upgrade and I wanted to take it. HE said it would cost £95, but the 77 account could have it for free, I explained that 77 is the one we're talking about. He apologised and confirmed 77 was due a free upgrade. (i have this screen shotted) AS we went through this upgrade, no less than 6 times i made him confirm that 77 was the right account and every time he said yes. I got a contract emailed (which was pricing, but no details on the number attached to it) I digitally signed it, job done. next morning, my wife got a text congratulating her on her new contract... which is now £7 more expensive, but removes he 8GB extra data allowance because what a shock, he upgraded the wrong phone. Despite constant assurances he was doing the right one. I called to complain. I got passed to a 'manager'. Who told me they would cancel it, but if I wanted a new phone that they promised me for free multiple times, I'd need to pay £95. Now, at this point I asked to speak to his superior, as he was adamant that there was nothing they could do and if they promised me something, they don't owe it me if it was a mistake (which is true), but no good will gesture or anything? he was just telling me sorry, but you need to pay. When I asked for his superior he said "there's no one higher than me" I started to say that I think there is, but I'd not finished saying 'think' when he repeated "no one higher" and as I tried to say it again, he butted in to repeat the phrase "no one higher" 5 times, until I shouted over him to say ok I'm asking something else. I pointed out that my phone currently has 6 months half price (due to the rudeness of a previous manager) and he said yes, and offered me 2 further months free. Which gives me a total discount of £70 (still a poor condition phone though) I asked, if they accept my phone as trade in (which they do, for £35) can I not use my £70 discount to lower my contract early closure, plus the £35, to then pay off the £95 to end the contract early... but no. If I end it early, i lose my multiple discounts, I just get my £35 trade up for my phone, but nothing else. I'm still left paying £60... although actually, it's still 95, as I only get the trade up AFTER as they dont ask for my phone until after I get my new one, and they then test it to see if I get trade. IF it works fine I get the money, but it's sliding scale if it's not working. I could potentially get nothing, I restated I'm not happy, and asked for a further management, and he said I would need to find that out as he's not at liberty to give his seniors contact information and he will close my complaint as 'satisfied' because we came to mutual agreement that I would move on find help outside of his management chain. I argued that so he closed his 'not satisfied' and then he asked if there's anything else he can help with... I said "Well not rea.." and he replied "Great, bye" and hung up. I should also point out that he claims no one could mistakenly offer me an upgrade my mistake, as it's really clear on their systems... and then proceeded to tell me a half dozen times my contract ends Dec 2019. At one point I made him say it 3 times, before telling him to look harder cause he just made a mistake he claims his team cant make. As my contract actually ends 2020 (I knew that) he apologised, but still claims a free upgrade mistake is impossible after all that, is there anyone else I can contact... does anyone know of someone to speak to? Ideally, I just want my phone taken back and replaced with one of the same value (even the same one, if it works) but this has been over 6 months now, and the service has been constantly rude, and it just seems like there should be someone higher up I can speak to. Because I struggle to believe that a big company like Virgin has someone who will say "no one higher" like a petulant child repeating "Stop hitting yourself" at their highest management point for customer service. Thanks for any help, and I apologise for the wall of text. Just wanted to make sure it was all explained. If I'm in the wrong, or sh!t out of luck, let me know. But it sure seems like they're more in the wrong than me
  7. What do I say to them though? Can I just walk in and say "This has only lasted 19 months, It needs replacing under CRA" ?
  8. Hi guys, Bought a PS4pro at launch day, its always been a noisy sod, but thats normal apparently. 19months on, and it's just died. I played it at 9am, 10am I went to have some medicine. Came back to play at 3pm, and it wont come on. Dead. Tried unplugging it, safe mode reboot, everything recommended that does not involve taking it apart in any way. It's dead, apparently its a power supply unit error, something which has affected thousands of PS4's since release. Where do I stand on getting this fixed? My warranty is only 1 year, but what about the 2 year warranty I should get in Europe for the sales of electrical goods, that Dominic Littlewood and various others go on about... Do I take it to Sony, or to Argos who sold it to me? What about the Sales of Goods act? does that help me, or hinder me? I cant prove it was sold with a fault, but I can prove (via showing internet searches) that thousands of PS4pros suffered faulty PSUs since release. Any help is much appreciated
  9. We requested CCAs when we first went into the debt and it was assigned to a collector. Not sure how the PPI was was calculated. But I know they'd paid my loan fees for 7-8 months, thanks to the PPI, before closing my account. When the PPI was given back to me, they never said any of those payments had been taken into account, just that I'd paid PPI payments of £780, and that they believe I am owed it back. My wife has currently raised a dispute with them, because whilst we did think they were allowed to automatically offset it, we were annoyed because when this debt first happened, our charges and everything were always due to be taken on the first of the month. But for some reason they'd started taking everything on the 26th, we'd gone in and explained in branch (with sick notes, and sick pay payslips) that due to ill health that would be long term, we would need our payments to go back to the 1st of the month, as that is when we get paid, and didn't have any extra cash to cover early charges. Which they said they'd do. They never did. So we'd frequently get charged on the 26th, for not having money in to cover the loan charges, then on the first of the month when we get paid, they'd be eaten up by the charges, which would leave us short on the overdraft, and cause a further charge. Which would leave us with nothing to pay the debt on the following 26th, so the sequence would repeat, with us getting charges, but and only paying minimum amounts when we could. But to us, the charges were unfair, as we'd shown we would pay, and could pay, but they just needed to put the date back to what it was, which they said they would but never did. We had this argument with them before, it lead to a letter of apology... and nothing more. But my wife is, perhaps blindly, hoping that going through this again (they have record of the previous complaint) may lead to them refunded some of the over charges directly to us, as although debt was inevitable, they helped us in no way, and if anything actually made it much much worse. We'd kind have forgotten all about it, and were happy to continue with the £1 a month payments, but getting a series of letters saying "We have £2000 you over paid us to give back to you" followed by 4 second pages that say "Oh actually, we're keeping the money and putting it towards the debts we helped you build up" has riled my wife up. haha.
  10. Hi, About 9 years ago me and my wife got in debt due to ill health. At the time, we both had 2 Netwest Loans each. I had PPI, which they paid for about 9 months, and then told us both that due to debt they were closing our accounts, and we'd have to pay them back, and they would use Moorcroft and Lowell at the collection teams. For years, we used a debt management plan and paid the £1 a month on each of the 4 debts. Couple of years ago, I got a PPI refund of £780, which they automatically attached to my debt Today, we've received 4 letters. Where they admit to us overpaying interest, and each loan has been been found to be owed a certain amount (£1178, £186, £375, £387) These refunds have been automatically attached to our debt and will be used to lower our debt with them. IS this fair? and is it right? They've admitted we paid them more money than we should have, and that they took OUR money, but in giving it back to us, have decided that it is THEIR money to pay off that debt? WE recently got a letter from Halifax (our mortgage supplier, that we lost with a shortfall) and despite owing them money, they admitted to us paying over £1500 in over interest charges, and they refunded it directly to us. Should Natwest not be doing the same?
  11. I dont think it was updates. She browses the internet on a mobile/tablet, and I have her settings to it requests permission for updates. Even then, her updates are small ones for apps. Her largest updates never total more than 100MB, and they're once a month for that size. most are 30-40MB, for 4-5 apps, again though it's monthly or bi monthly. Not enough to shoot her usage up like that. I was reminded by my mum about something earlier today though. In January, on her Three mobile phone (seperate contract but share the My Account screen on the website), she called two numbers. These numbers were not part of her contract, she had free mobile calls so thought they were. Much like asking for a cap, she had asked that her contract would not allow her to call numbers that were not part of her contract. This had worked great for the previous year, and any number not in her contract would give a warning before it connected. These two times it didn't, and she got a bill for £32 for the calls. She called up and explained, and they admitted fault, saying it should have been in place to stop the calls being made. They agreed to refund the £32, not sure why it stopped working, but they'd put the block back on. It was the week after that that her broadband suddenly started going up. We cant connect the two at all, but my mum now has a (very wrong I'm sure) theory that they were annoyed at refunding her, so they uncapped her internet, to make her incur charges and pay back that money they refunded. HAHA
  12. Hi, My mother has been using Three mobile for her broadband (she lived in a caravan, and later a flat, that were unable to have Virgin/Sky installed). For all of 2017 she lived in a flat with a 6GB internet allowance, over the year she went to her limit twice. Purchasing a 2GB extension each time, she had no issues. In November, following weeks of issues, she went in to the store and complained and got upsold a new contract. 20GB allowance, plus she had BINGE (which allowed free watching of Netflix without using her data), her data would be capped and stop automatically when she hit her limit, but 20GB would be more than she needed (she was informed) November she used 8GB, December she used 8GB. In fitting with what she'd used before. Then in January, she suddenly jumped to 12GB, 19GB in February. No explanation for her sudden jump, she only uses facebook and searches on google for stuff. There's no downloads or streaming (apart from Netflix, which is not included in her data usage, it has a separate part). Apparently most of this usage was on Mondays, when she's only in the house for 4-5 hours at most. In March though, she had the real issue, when after 2 weeks she found that she was unable to access the internet. Anytime she tried she was told she was past her limit. 20GB, in two weeks! Still no explanation as to why it jumped so much. I went on her account to check her details. Imagine my surprise, when despite constantly being told "You have used your allowance" and being unable to connect to anything (Including Netflix, which was supposed to be free, but was for some reason cut off when she hit her limit), on her charges it listed a further 6GB that she was OVER her 20GB allowance (despite being capped and cut off, as was requested and told would happen when she had the contract) The 6GB over use, came with a lovely £53 charge. She only pays £15 for the 20GB, so it's extortionate to charge nearly 10x that amount on a per GB pro rata rate, but it shouldnt have been possible to go over. Naturally, we called Three to ask what had gone on, and had a very rude staff member tell us "You cant say you only use so much data each month. We know you used a lot more" we asked how, and why it went up so much, given her habits have been the same for about 4 years now. "I dont care, you cant tell me I'm wrong. You owe use the money" Then we were cut off. One rude customer service agent. Possibly hung up on us, maybe a real disconnection. So we called again, and got basically the same response and also got told that the store could not cap her usage, so she owes them the money. Unhappy with this, we went through their Resolver complaints procedure, and this is where we now stand. They have admitted: *They should have capped the account *Mum should not have been told it was capped, if it wasn't *The £53 charges are not fair They have said: *Mum cant cancel her contract, without paying them £70 early cancellation charge, despite them not giving her what she was told she was getting. They have offered: *My mum stays with them, and pays the £53 charge, along with her £15 bill *To make up for their mistake, they will give her £40 credit towards her next bill *They will now cap her account. Leaving my mum, with an internet account that is still using an insane amount of data for facebook and google searches (she changed the password too, in case someone was using it somehow). A £13 deficit after the £40 credit, and no real apology, given that the £40 apology doesn't even cover the charge that they shouldn't have been able to add anyway! She currently has her Three Mobile broadband unplugged and is just sticking to her phones 4G data (10GB a month, different provider, no issues). Is there any advice for how to reply to Three now? To me, I was sure this was a breach of contract on their part. Because at the POS she was told she was getting a capped internet (that would stop at 20GB), with unlimited netflix. She was given an uncapped internet, that had a 20GB limit before incurring extra charges, and netflix that stopped when she hit the separate 20GB allowance. Leaving her to go 6GB over, despite not even being able to go on the internet. Thanks for any help
  13. This is his second tribunal. It's the fifth one I've attended. I attend for my wife as I am her carer. I always build a strong case, get plenty of info, read ductus reports thoroughly. My wife got 3 scores of less than 5 before tribunals, I got them changed to scores of 18+. So I have an idea how they go, however with my dad, I built his case up at his first tribunal (2 years ago, he signed back on to ESA when a psychiatric was appointed) and due to so little evidence to support his mental health issues they agreed with the ESA review team. There's more evidence this time, it's all built up, and I have the ESA review notes and have more checks to their mistakes (such as it being noted that he was comfortable in the review and answered all questions without issues... When in reality, the interview was stopped twice and he was told to take his medicine and have water, whilst I answered his questions) It's just that with a lot of things not going right at the moment for him (lots of little things) he's not got much faith in this going right. Thanks for the information though, I thought income support still allowed application based on illness as that's still listed as an option on the government website
  14. Because his total income is under £4500 a year. He gets his pension at £330 a month and ESA at £36 a month. There should be no tax for earnings under 11000 a year, he's way short. Tax office has confirmed this, but they kept forgetting to send his tax code to his pension supply, so it was never adjusted. They know they owe him him back pay, but it's been a long prices correcting it
  15. Hi, So my father currently receives ESA, and a Pension (he's 61, the pension started paying out at 60) as well as housing benefit. Due to his pension (£350 a month, taxed at 20% due to the tax office being stupid which is in the process of being fixed) his entitlement to ESA is just £7.80 a week. So his income is roughly £300 a month after tax. His ESA was cancelled, and we appealed, this is due in court next Wednesday. We expect to lose, based on previous experience with mental health appeals (my dad is under a psychiatric specialist for extreme anxiety, paranoia, depression and he also has a few general health conditions. He wont leave the house without me, and cant have visitors without or take phone calls without me being there). So from next week he'll be losing the ESA, but with tax sorted, he should actually be slightly better off and be at £350 a month. Obviously, this is not enough to live on. Council tax, TV license, Water, Electric, Gas, phone and food wipe him out completely. Thats without his TV bill or internet (£40 a month, combined. Pretty essential to him due to the sheer amount of time he is indoors) or any other small costs. He cant sign on to JSA, he tried before but as good as the office were at letting me go to his appointments, i couldn't attend interviews with him... or feasibly work with him. So he had his benefit cancelled when he missed two interviews due to panic attacks. So i'm struggling to find a way to help financially, as I'm sure he must be entitled to something. We did try a PIP claim, but we turned down as his physical health wasn't deemed bad enough, as he can look after himself in his home (as in i dont bathe him, or cook his meals) he scored low, as his mental health issues affect his interactions with others rather than daily living. So I was wondering if anyone knows if he is entitled to Income Support to help bolster his income a little? I know Income Support does allow you to claim if you have illness and/or are disabled. But there's no qualifying criteria listed for what the level of illness is. I could just do with having some idea, because applying for anything where he may need to speak to anyone is a huge stress to him, even as little as clearing security and passing a call over to me. But right now he's getting incredibly down and his depression is getting worse because everything at the moment seems to be about him losing things. Although losing ESA, will actually see him get extra money from his pension, its not enough for him to get by, and his savings are almost wiped out from making up the deficit over the last couple of years (never been about £10,000, always declared, and now less than a £1000) Any help, information, previous experiences would be great. Thanks.
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