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  1. Hi, My dad rents a small apartment, he's 62, and not in great health. The letting agent knows this, and said if he needs any help to let them know. 4 years ago there was a leak in the roof (he's top floor of a 2 floor building). This leak lead to water coming down his walls, we reported it, a few people came out for quotes, and then a week later someone we didn't get a quote from was up on the roof fixing it. About 12 months later, the leak was back, and the same person 'fixed it'. We also had the walls painted to cover up the staining from the mould
  2. Pretty sure I tried to contact Tom before when I was getting no response from the various complaints and kept being told 7 days. Didn't get a reply, so was not sure if the email was still active. I'll try again though, and then try in writing. Thanks for your suggestion
  3. Yes, tried that and other similar apps... Only certain apps can be put on the SD card, and even then its not always full movement and is sometimes just 0-50mb of a 200+mb file. Even then, even if I could install every app on the SD card, my phone comes with 55% already full for user interface... It gets slightly bigger with each upgrade, it will hit 70 and the problems will begin again. It's not a solution, a fix or repair, it's a temporary band aid. I appreciate you're trying to help, but your suggestions are beneficial for people who keep running out of spac
  4. Yes I'm aware, but apps do not install to SD cards. Their data can be transferred, that is all. I have tried this, it made no difference... My initial feeling was that the lock ups were caused by writing to the card. So no matter if I had a 16gb card or a 256, it won't stop that having 5 apps on the phone causes the issue. The expandable storage is more of a use for photos, videos, etc since whichever version of android it was that stopped allowing apps to install to the sd card, and only having a portion of the data there instead
  5. Phone is a Sony L1. Virgin stopped selling it in November, replaced it with a hauwei lite, and more recently a Samsung A20e (the phone they said I could have for free) on their low price contracts. They do the newer Sony L3 now, but it's £5 more expensive. So swapping for the Samsung or hauwei is the closest thing to a straight swap. More info than requested there.... Sorry
  6. Ok, this will be a bit a long winded, so apologies in advance. In October, I got a new phone on contract with Virgin Media (they provide my sim, and my old phone was dead, so getting one with them seemed fine for only £6 a month) It arrived fine, and for 3-4 weeks it was fine, as my phone reached 70% capacity issues arose. Bare in mind, the phone comes with 53% capacity already with userUI and the virgin stuff installed. i filled 17%, which was basic stuff. FAcebook, banking, smart meter, and one game. Phone would lock, shut down apps, blank screens, and make
  7. What do I say to them though? Can I just walk in and say "This has only lasted 19 months, It needs replacing under CRA" ?
  8. Hi guys, Bought a PS4pro at launch day, its always been a noisy sod, but thats normal apparently. 19months on, and it's just died. I played it at 9am, 10am I went to have some medicine. Came back to play at 3pm, and it wont come on. Dead. Tried unplugging it, safe mode reboot, everything recommended that does not involve taking it apart in any way. It's dead, apparently its a power supply unit error, something which has affected thousands of PS4's since release. Where do I stand on getting this fixed? My warranty is only 1 year, but what about the 2 year warrant
  9. We requested CCAs when we first went into the debt and it was assigned to a collector. Not sure how the PPI was was calculated. But I know they'd paid my loan fees for 7-8 months, thanks to the PPI, before closing my account. When the PPI was given back to me, they never said any of those payments had been taken into account, just that I'd paid PPI payments of £780, and that they believe I am owed it back. My wife has currently raised a dispute with them, because whilst we did think they were allowed to automatically offset it, we were annoyed because when this debt first happened, o
  10. Hi, About 9 years ago me and my wife got in debt due to ill health. At the time, we both had 2 Netwest Loans each. I had PPI, which they paid for about 9 months, and then told us both that due to debt they were closing our accounts, and we'd have to pay them back, and they would use Moorcroft and Lowell at the collection teams. For years, we used a debt management plan and paid the £1 a month on each of the 4 debts. Couple of years ago, I got a PPI refund of £780, which they automatically attached to my debt Today, we've received 4 letters. Where they admit to us overpaying
  11. I dont think it was updates. She browses the internet on a mobile/tablet, and I have her settings to it requests permission for updates. Even then, her updates are small ones for apps. Her largest updates never total more than 100MB, and they're once a month for that size. most are 30-40MB, for 4-5 apps, again though it's monthly or bi monthly. Not enough to shoot her usage up like that. I was reminded by my mum about something earlier today though. In January, on her Three mobile phone (seperate contract but share the My Account screen on the website), she called two numbers. These
  12. Hi, My mother has been using Three mobile for her broadband (she lived in a caravan, and later a flat, that were unable to have Virgin/Sky installed). For all of 2017 she lived in a flat with a 6GB internet allowance, over the year she went to her limit twice. Purchasing a 2GB extension each time, she had no issues. In November, following weeks of issues, she went in to the store and complained and got upsold a new contract. 20GB allowance, plus she had BINGE (which allowed free watching of Netflix without using her data), her data would be capped and stop automatically when she hit
  13. This is his second tribunal. It's the fifth one I've attended. I attend for my wife as I am her carer. I always build a strong case, get plenty of info, read ductus reports thoroughly. My wife got 3 scores of less than 5 before tribunals, I got them changed to scores of 18+. So I have an idea how they go, however with my dad, I built his case up at his first tribunal (2 years ago, he signed back on to ESA when a psychiatric was appointed) and due to so little evidence to support his mental health issues they agreed with the ESA review team. There's more evidence this time, it's all b
  14. Because his total income is under £4500 a year. He gets his pension at £330 a month and ESA at £36 a month. There should be no tax for earnings under 11000 a year, he's way short. Tax office has confirmed this, but they kept forgetting to send his tax code to his pension supply, so it was never adjusted. They know they owe him him back pay, but it's been a long prices correcting it
  15. Hi, So my father currently receives ESA, and a Pension (he's 61, the pension started paying out at 60) as well as housing benefit. Due to his pension (£350 a month, taxed at 20% due to the tax office being stupid which is in the process of being fixed) his entitlement to ESA is just £7.80 a week. So his income is roughly £300 a month after tax. His ESA was cancelled, and we appealed, this is due in court next Wednesday. We expect to lose, based on previous experience with mental health appeals (my dad is under a psychiatric specialist for extreme anxiety, paranoia, depression an
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