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  1. Last Thursday morning, all of my RBS accounts vanished and they won't tell me anything other than I'll receive a letter! Even my 6 year old son's account has vanished along with the housekeeping account.
  2. The problem could be caused by not having used synthetic oil. You need to get the oil and filter tested. Go to Trading Standards in Glasgow for assistance. I should stress that it may be your independent service that caused the problem and be nothing to do with the original supplying dealer. Also worthwhile reminding others that this is Scotland and we don't have County Courts. But Sheriff Court procedure is fairly easy.
  3. Under the banks DD guarantee they must give you prior notice of how much they intend to collect. As they presumably haven't do so they are in breach of the guarantee scheme so just go to the bank and tell them and they should recall the payment and refund it to your account. You will need to put it in writing.
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