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  1. Ok sure, so i'll write to the PPi department, reiterate I believe it was missold the life assurance and ask them to forward to the other department if they claim they cannot do this themselves?
  2. Ok You said before: it was not an endowment mortgage!! so it's PPI. ========================================== So far they have admitted to miss selling loan PPI and admitted to miss selling the mortgage PPi They seem to be pushing back on the decreasing term insurance. One thing to point out, the mortgage PPi was December 2000 until May 2005 The decreasing term insurance/life protector started April 2003, changed to Aviva June 2011 and is current now I am a bit loathed to go with their 'relevant department'
  3. Thanks dx, interesting article and good on Aviva Got a letter from RBS... 'Our dept only deals with PPi and a separate complaint would need to be raised with the decreasing term insurance team. We have asked this team to contact you' What do you think the next best step is?
  4. I've had a few missed calls and then text from RBS wanting to talk about the letter I sent, two posts up. Am I best to wait for them to write? Didn't really want to get into a discussion with them about it ideally!
  5. I usually send everything recorded, trying to social distance and didn't really want to go to the post office, or should I?
  6. I would like to send this next week ideally, if reads ok? I wasnt sure if to quote the reference number of the life assuarance in the second paragraph somwhere? Many thanks
  7. Not avoiding it. I'd be happy to do whatever solves it, just baffled that laws are created but no-one wants to enforce them! I've spent £000's having drive done, kerb etc... Then you get some who purposely does this! As a prediction, how would this work?
  8. From the council... The Government legislation we refer to is Section 86 of the Traffic Management Act 2004, specifically in your circumstances: · (iii) assisting vehicles entering or leaving the carriageway across the footway, cycle track or verge More details of which can be found on the following link: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2004/18/section/86 As a local authority, vehicles that are parked close to the dropped kerb but not physically preventing a vehicle from coming or going will not fall under the criteria of the contravention
  9. You are leaning on an open door ericsbrother, I totally agree! The parking enforcement team claim legislation says it has to be the wheel over and have been out several times, assessed and not issued a ticket, annoying! Is there anything official which states this? i have searched but cannot locate I very much want it sorted, as please say otherwise, but am sure this is wrong!
  10. As they have already acknowledged the 'payment protection insurance' been mis-sold, this should be ok? Thank you for your letter dated xxxx which advises you are upholding my miss-selling of PPi and associated insurances complaint. My mortgage was not an endowment mortgage, there was no requirement to have any insurances, whatever their name. Please refund all insurances, they were all a form of payment protection.
  11. Thanks, they have already agreed to refund the actual mortgage protection plan, the figures are wrong and they are recalculating them. Is email ok/better/quicker?
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