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  1. Is there any point in taking them to court? I have read that people have won doing this but circumstances may have been different.
  2. I have read that they do and indeed, Noodle did remove one of my disputed debts for about a month whilst they investigated. Do they all do this or is it just Noodle?
  3. I have a debt under my DMP that is now with NCO Europe I presume they are merely the collectors for the original business-Direct Line Loans. Can anyone offer advice about this?
  4. The Great News was............................... I am a Grandparent!!! The BAD news was I lost the complaint. I don't see how it is fair that some Ombudsmen let the complainant decide who they pay, but my ombudsman said he couldn't say RBS had acted unfairly. I argued that my need was far greater than RBS but all to no avail Anyway, thanks for your help. Sorry if I sounded sarcastic at times but it was one hell of a stress ride. Perhaps I should sue them now?
  5. I'm now waiting for Adjudicator decision, but they have hinted that I have no chance. Yet a decision on their database the Ombudsman say's the following about a similar but not exact case http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=5623 "Mr and Mrs M have informed this service that they intended to use the refunds they were due to alleviate financial hardship that they faced. Although it is not necessary for me to know the full details of these hardships, the fact that they have a number of accounts that have been placed with HSBC’s collections team, would suggest that they also hold debts elsewhere. I consider that it is fair and reasonable for Mr and Mrs M to be able to determine which of their financial needs they consider to be the most pressing." He upheld their complaint and made the bank pay the money to them. Then there is this one http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=48676 complaint upheld again Don't really see much difference to mine
  6. AIC AIC AIC AIC just kidding. So there is no way of fighting this then, in your opinion? Just wait and see? But I have already sent it to FOS anyway so may as well let it run now hey? And what will a CCA request acheive? Also, in your link, the Ombudsman says there are tax implications and another reason why he upholds complaint. Any idea what this means?
  7. So how does the refund get paid to my arrears then? Or do RBS just say to AIC it's minus whatever?
  8. I haven't told them yet that I am on DMP I mean they know the outstanding balance so I guess they know where the money is sent from (The DMO-Stepchange)
  9. OK, that's looking grim I grant you? What about the fact I'm in a DMP When they eventually pay the money into my DMP (which is presumably what they will do) Can i state that I should decide what debts are paid off as the PPI wasn't a debt? Or can I argue I have more pressing debts than those in my DMP (mort arrears etc)? Also, the refund is in my name only, yet the loan account is in joint names. Am I clutching at straws a bit here?
  10. Yet in the link you sent me, HSBC used PPI to offset against one of their loans, which the Ombudsman said was wrong. What's the difference? And, they haven't reduced the debt with AIC?
  11. They have already sent it to the direct line account, well, it's in an holding account with the direct line account no a sthe beneficiary, or words to that effect
  12. OK, you said AIC don't buy debts so I am presuming they are acting for RBS who offered me a refund on an old Direct Line loan. Your confusing me! Cheeky!
  13. Can't find any letters from AIC Plus, how is it unrelated when that's the loan they have given me the PPI refund from?
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