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Found 11 results

  1. My wife CCA'd the RBS regarding her credit card. They have sent back a copy of her application form (below) and a copy of a 7 page Credit Agreement. The copy of the credit agreement is unsigned (in fact there is nowhere on the agreement to sign) so I imagine if thats their best effort, the agreement is unenforcable. What do you think folks.
  2. Hi folks, having yet more "fun" with Natwest credit card, due to one thing and another I have not been able to make my payments for the last two months, I contacted Natwest and explained the situation and gave them outgoing and income figures over the phone, was then told they would send out an income and expenditure form for me to fill out and return which I have done with the same figures and also a covering letter as requested explaining my situation and making a repayment offer I think I could afford, which I did, today got a letter back from them saying the figures are incomplete and the offer is not satisfactory and asking me to ring them again with figures! So yet again it seems Natwest are acting as a law unto themselves, they are still charging defaults and interest whilst having been told I cannot service the existing debt, is there anything else I can do they seem to ignore anything that doesnt suit them! Just to show the difference my wife rang Barclaycard with the same problem and they agreed to freeze the interest for a year and accept £50 per month and review again in a year and that was all over the phone with no hassle!
  3. I am trying to help a family member with a tough financial situation. She is an OAP and had a mastercard balance with Natwest which while still within limit ran into problems as she had quite a serious medical situation so lost track of things, I believe this was a long standing account and she still calls it her Access card. The balance is over 10k and was passed to Triton who are part of the same group. They are not professional and apply undue pressure to increase monthly paymenst even mentioning court even though no payments have been missed. Have Triton bought the debt for a fraction or is it still with Natwest? I ask this to see if they are likely to settle for a low amount. The only income the household has is old age state pensions and they are struggling with 100pcm. Triton have been paid over 3500 to date. I will send away for the CCA, as this was an Access card years ago would she have received a new agreement to sign when changed to Mastercard? Any advice appreciated,I am going to do an income and expenditure to see where they are at. Is there a minimum Triton have to accept, can they pass it on to someone else? Is it worth forcing them to pass it on to a firm that would buy the debt and then make an offer?
  4. I have been helping a friend of mine who has been struggling for a few years - just moral support ! Takes my mind off my problems. She has a Nat West bank account and has been paying Triton for several years and her debt with them is reducing gradually. Every so often they ring her and ask about her situation and she agrees a slight increase in the payment. She was unemployed from 2011 and has begun taking on self employed work as a temp since last September. In order to keep her finances straight she also has a savings account with another bank. She has today received a phone call from Triton listing all the deposits into her NW account and asking what the transfers to Barclays were ? when she asked how they got this information she was told that it was because they were part of the group and so had access to shared files. Are they allowed to access this information ? I thought that bank account information was private ? Thanks GS
  5. I am making financial arrangements with the RBS and they want to discuss my Incomings and Outgoings over the 'phone. I have previously done this but I feel a bit uncomfortable not having a record of my conversation; I do not have the means to record my end. I know I am within my rights to resort to postal communication only but is there a specific rule/law that I can refer to?
  6. I am fuming .. Three years ago I had a Triton Safeguard t100 care shower fitted into my disabled sons wet room .. With the recent hot weather he came to turn the temperature handle, and it did not work .. I got an electrician to remove the front cover and check why ... a very small ( about as big as a five pence) plastic splined 'D' shaped plastic part had split .. he said contact Triton .. get the part and he will fit it.. So .. I have just phoned Triton .. "Oh sorry we cannot supply that part .. you will have to buy the complete valve for ........................ £109 ..!! ... or, you can book an engineer who will come out and fix the shower for £98 ...!! To me this diddy plastic part is a separate 'consumer' part .. it is not part of .. or physically fitted to the control lever .. or the valve .. Just a typical greedy supplier who think they have us consumers 'over a barrel'
  7. Hi everyone. I am in need of some advice. I had a loan with royal bank of scotland which (due to money problems at the time) went to debt collectors (Frederikson international) I agreed a payment plan with them directly with direct debit and paid this off. 2 months later i get a call from the debt collectors again saying i still owe another £500. I queried this as i do not have a bank account with this bank and only had the one loan. So there is no logical reason why they would want more money and none of my repayment defaulted. They said i would need to speak to Royal Bank Of Scotland as they had sent them this 'debt' 2 days ago. Also i might add that on this day. ..frederikson international took another sum out of my bank account without my authority which im sure is illegal!! I got this back though. to cut a long story short i made a written complaint to the royal bank of scotland who (after a couple of months of investigating) sent me a letter with good news.. .They had explained what went wrong, apologised for what had happened, specified that they now consider this debt to be paid in full, would amend this on my credit rating and even refunded me £110 for the inconvenience. I didnt ask for any compensation but that was a really lovely touch i felt. HOWEVER!!! The very rude team at Triton credit services keep ringing me (every day so far) asking for this 'debt' to be repaid. They keep changing the amount too. Initially it was the full £500. Then i got a letter from them saying it was around £200, then i got a call today saying it was £500 again. I keep trying to tell them about the letter from royal bank of scotland but they dont seem to want to hear it. Ive offered to fax,email, send a copy of this letter to them to back up what ive been saying but they claim 'it shows as a debt on the system and cant be changed' Apparently its all about the system... Ive gone to the ombudsman who have said they will send a letter, but they still keep calling!! I just want to be left alone and my credit rating sorted. Is there anything anyone can suggest? As im getting to the stage now where im tempted to counter sue for harassment and detriment of character. Thankyou Im getting married next year and will be wanting to start a family and apply for a mortgage. So i cannot afford to have this debt on my record.
  8. Does anyone have an email address for Triton Debt Collection. It is a natwest credit card. They are looking for 690 odd quid but at least 250 is charges. They are nasty buggers on the phone and I would much rather email as If I have to complain to Ombudsman I have all the emails to send.
  9. Has anybody had any dealings with Wescot Credit Services I would be interested to about experiences you may have had and how best to deal with them. They seem to follow the same general way of most debt collectors " threaten first and the back off when you fight back". Regards Mike
  10. Good Morning, I have been using the templetes on here to chase Triton/RBS for a CCA request. To cut a long story short I though my old current account had been closed then about a year later got letters saying it was £500 pounds overdrawn in charges. I have been arguing ever since and thanks to CAG found the correct route. Now I recieved this letter Our Ref: CMSXXXXXXXXXX Triton/NAtwest/RBS Dear shirl944 Re: Request for copy of Credit Agreement under section 77 of the consumer Credit Act 1974 Account: XXXXXXXX We write with reference to your recent correspondance regarding the above account. We regret to advise that we are unable to locate the original account opening form. Should further assistance be required please do not hesitate to ring us blah blah blah Does anyone know what my next step should be, I have looked through the library for a good letter but cant seem to find one, I am guessing they dont have a leg to stand on legally. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hey guys, First of all, I'd like to thank all the people here who do a bang-up job of helping others with their issues. Unfortunately, it's now my turn to ask for help because while I think I understand the basics, I need some support with this issue. I've recently gotten a letter out of the blue from Triton Credit Services demanding that I pay them £450 immediately. They have not yet threatened court action, but they're robocalling me 3-4 times a day often at obscene hours (such as 7am all the way up to 8pm). This debt was originally a Natwest Student Credit Card. Like I said, this was literally out of the blue, no warning from Natwest at all. Most of this (especially given the credit limit was £350) seems to be Natwest's lovely £12 charges every time you annoy them. The life of a student, eh? Anyway, I'm going to proceed with this on the basis it isn't enforceable to start off with. Am I right in thinking there are 3 things I need to do? 1) Send a CCA request with a £1 postal order to Triton 2) Send a cease-and-desist letter telling them to stop calling me and to use letters instead 3) Send a SAR with £10 (does this need to be a postal order too?) to Natwest. Any help here would be much appreciated - rest assured that if this works in my favour, a donation will be made when I am able!
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