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  1. Thanks Andyorch/determindator, I appreciate there is a lot there, the aim of which, is to get everyone thinking about taking a proactive approach to that with which we dislike/disagree That which we don't like, WE can change......
  2. Many are concerned with how British society is changing. Whether our area of concern is governments program of austerity, cuts to disability benefits, the renewal of trident, tax avoidance/evasion, brexit, the annihilation of the NHS as we knew it, with allegations of government plans to privatise our NHS, media bias, climate change, or any other concern, attack, insult, demean, demonise and discredit "the enemy" (those who do not agree with every word we say) seems to be the order of the day. We call ourselves a democratic nation, but a single episode of PM's questions would bring that a
  3. Many thanks Andy/Honeybee, I suspected as much that RBS can take the money. Difficulty is, next of kin has not yet been granted control of the bank a/c's so we cannot touch any of the money My thoughts are to inform RBS of the DWP overpayment and instruct them to make the refund, or at least freeze that money until next of kin has control of the a/c's Suggestions welcome
  4. Honeybee13, thanks for your prompt reply Yes, the loan is in the sole name of the deceased. A memorial fund has been setup to cover funeral expenses. I have looked and there does not appear to be PPI on the loan
  5. A family member recently passed away suddenly with an outstanding balance on their personal loan a/c of £2,000, £400 in their current a/c and £500 in their savings account DWP have contacted me to inform of an overpayment of pension credit of £200 which of course must be repaid Next of kin has been in touch with RBS bereavement service, whom claim they can take the £900 in the deceased's RBS a/c's against the outstanding balance of the loan 1. Is this true? 2. What happens to the remaining balance of the loan? 3. Should we inform RBS of the DWP overpayment? & 4. Can th
  6. dj1971

    HSBC scandal

    Today HSBC are expected to announce an annual profit for 2014 of £13.6billion and from that bonuses for it's top executives of £2.6billion. CEO Stuart Gulliver wrote a "sincere apology" for it's failings in many of the national papers last Sunday, before going on to apparently justify it by saying that was nearly 10 years ago and we have changed. Mr Gulliver who earns a £1.2million annual salary, plus £1.7million in "fixed pay allowance" paid every 3 months in shares, is expected to collect £7.5million from the bonus pot. Although born and raised in Britain, Mr Gulliver is consi
  7. dj1971

    HSBC scandal

    No I hadn't Thanks. Anyone got anymore?
  8. dj1971

    HSBC scandal

    For the purposes of clarification the 1,100 individuals identified by HMRC related to tax evasion (il-legal non payment of tax due) not tax avoidance which has been discussed extensively in the press & media lately. The Liechtenstein disclosure facility I referred to in the second paragraph of 11th February is an agreement set up by then chancellor Alistair Darling and the Liechtenstein government to facilitate the disclosure of financial assets held by British nationals in Liechtenstein. Under the agreement anyone who voluntarily disclosed their financial assets to HMRC including imm
  9. dj1971

    HSBC scandal

    Fair enough. I'll start the ball rolling with an overview of what's been happening. In May 2006 Stephen Green was appointed chairman of HSBC. December 2008: Herve Falciani who had been employed at HSBC;s Swiss private bank as an IT expert was arrested by Swiss police and escaped to France with data containing information on 30,000 accounts at the private bank having been released on bail. Herve claims he contacted HMRC informing them that he had information relating to British nationals evading tax. There was no response from HMRC, so Herve claims he called them but again no act
  10. I was shocked to see when I logged into the HSBC forum that no-one was talking about the recently publicised details of the HSBC scandal and HMRC's handling of it. Then I though maybe it is being discussed in here. But no. This is a huge issue that effects us all, is no-one interested? DJ
  11. dj1971

    HSBC scandal

    I am completely shocked to log into the forum and find that no-one has posted a thread or is discussing events now having been made so public around the HSBC scandal. This is a huge issue which effects us all. So why is no-one talking about it? DJ
  12. Details of bankers bonuses at Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC & RBS at an estimated £5billion Lloyds who were fined £226million last July for their part in il-legally rigging international foreign exchange rates are expected to pay out £375million in bonuses to it's top bankers. So we the British taxpayer with a 24.5% shareholding in Lloyds get landed with a share of the £226million fine for il-legal activity due to incompetent management and then are expected to reward their incompetence with £375million in bonuses on top of their already over inflated wages. Their justifications fo
  13. The next round of bankers annual bonuses have been estimated at £5billion between HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds & RBS. RBS who were fined $1.6million dollars in July 2014 for their part in fixing Australian exchange rates are expected to pay out £500million in bonuses. In December 2014 they were fined £400million by regulators in UK & US for their part in il-legally fixing international foreign exchange rates. A week later there were fined £56million by UK regulators after paying out £70million in compensation to customers for a Systems failure in 2012. That is £527million
  14. CitizenB, This is exactly the catch 22 situation we find ourselves in. Part of me thinks if we go down the bankruptcy route, the OR might be more open to negotiation if we explain the circumstances and consequences of not allowing us to continue paying MIL's rent. On the other hand by the time an OR gets involved we will already have been made bankrupt and therefore at their mercy. If we try negotiating with our creditors they are obviously not going to accept us paying £300 a month for MIL's rent. Assuming one of them then takes a case against us, my gut feeling is a judge wil
  15. Hi Guys, No I am not entitled to any benefits because of my wife's high salary and I have double checked to confirm this. Unfortunately there is no PPI on the loan. This is all having such a huge effect on my health and I am completely unable to leave the house, though my GP has been absolutely fantastic I am now under the care of the local mental health crisis team and they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I am really tempted to go down the route of bankruptcy, but really worried the court makes us bankrupt and then the OR will not allow us to continue paying m
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