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  1. I wonder if somebody could give me some advice, please? Last year I split from my husband and moved overseas to get away from it all. I owe around 10K of money to various lenders - had a payment plan sorted with them (managed DMP) when I was in the UK. But due to the relationship breakdown I had to get away, quickly. I have now got myself sorted and I want to continue paying my creditors but the DMP company say that unless I can pay £50 a month they cannot help me further. Here's the thing.... I am only working part-time and cannot afford to pay anything to my debt (not even a token payment) as the money I earn only just covers my living expenses (rent, food etc). This debt is playing on my mind and I wonder what I can do about it. Should I write to the companies and tell them? I am hoping to find full time work in due course but that is very difficult..... I don't envisage ever returning to the UK and wonder what would happen to the debt if - in time - I was only able to pay a token payment. I am living in an European country. Any help you could give would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I am self employed and have worked successfully with TaxAid to get rid of any fines, so I know exactly what I need to pay. The debt is about £9,000. How can I best negotiate with the HMRC Taskforce without taking the bankruptcy route? I have heard of asking for the debt to go into remission, which basically pauses it for a length of time. I can afford to pay about half of the £9k up front. But I don't receive a monthly wage, it comes in unpredictable chunks throughout the year. Does anyone have any advice about how I can propose a repayment schedule? (I will also try to get advice from Business Debtline. I do have other debt that I am paying £1.25 per month for but I am looking to write CCA letters to those debt collection agencies.) Many thanks for reading
  3. I've been paying of the balance of my credit card with the Royal Bank of Scotland, paying an agreed amount every month by direct debit. I have kept up these payments without fail. I have now received a letter from them saying that they are increasing this payment to 2.5%. Previously I have filled out their forms detailing my income and expenses so they know I cannot afford the increase. Are they allowed to do this? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi All, It's a quick question. I took a credit card out with Lloyds Bank, then unfortunately I was made redundant. I went though their income and expenditure document to inform Lloyds and they put a hold on the card. About 5months later they put a repayment plan in place and according to them, they sent a letter. I did not receive this letter and they made no other contact to me about this. The bank said that because I had failed to pay the repayment plan, the account will be sent to another company. My point is, if I receive nothing about a repayment plan, and the bank don't contact me about it, how can I be held liable for not paying a repayment plan I knew nothing about? It's incredibly frustrating dealing with Lloyds Bank, they've been nothing but difficult all the way through. Soon as I got another job I contacted them to make repayments and they told me I no longer have an account with Lloyds so I can't pay anything right now and no-one would speak to me about the account. I went through with the complaints manager who in his final letter he stated that he will uphold my complaint but then and the end of the letter he stated nothing will be done. Anyway... My question was about the repayment plan, if the bank are using that against me to say that I didn't pay, surely they have to actually tell me about the plan so I can pay it, right? Thanks
  5. Hello, Has anyone successfully claimed back mortgage early repayment fees. I was aware of the conditions of the mortgage when I signed it. However the manner of penalty does not seem fair or right. I am facing a £16,000 bill for coming out after 2.5 years of a 5 year fixed rate deal (more expensive than the variable mortgage) I understand they have to recoup loss of interest, but as soon as I give them back their money, they lend it out again and make no loss? I cannot port or continue the 2.5 years left as I have lost my job. The amount seems like a penalty. Any ideas. thanks
  6. Hi All. As the title say's is Vanquis Bank (Credit Card) Repayment Option Plan (ROP) the same as a PPI & Can it be reclaimed. Today I've received my SAR. I've typed up all the Charges and ROP's so far but yet to put into the CAG sheet's as I'm unsure which of the following can attempted to be re-claimed & which CAG sheet to use: (Date range of values is 03/08/10 to 04/10/15 - My credit Limit is only 250) 337.45 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Purchase Interest 15.34 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Cash Interest 30.42 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Default Fee Interest 0.96 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Default Fee Plan Int Free 188 ROP Payment 420 OverLimit Charge 36 Unpaid Item Charge 132 Late Payment Charge -36 Refund Late Payment Charge -108 Refund OverLimit Charge 11.33 Billed Deferred Finance Charges -7.4 Refund ROP -19.04 Refund Billed Finance Charges -0.65 Interest Credit Adjustment (Yep the Over limit are labeled Interest Free - yet I get Default Interest) The letter that is attached to the SAR states that in relation to the CCA - they have said "The Documentation that you appear to be requesting is under Section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and not the Data Protection Act 1998, please note a statutory fee of £1 is required for this service" - Is this correct? Surely the SAR should cover everything? No statements have been included as "these are charged at £5 per copy as stated in the Terms & Conditions" but they have supplied a list of transactions - is this all I would require for any support of claim? I'm awaiting the calls/transcripts - to see how this was sold and if I did accept it.... Will post these once received.
  7. I received a letter dated 5/12/17 from MBNA offering £924.03 minus £184.81 UK Withholding Tax. This was for a PPI undisclosed high commission complaint (PLEVIN) on a very old credit card on which they had refused a PPI repayment as they claimed it was not mid-sold. I am a 70-year old female Pensioner who had a mild stroke last week and do not understand these things, but also do not trust Banks. Is the UK Withholding Tax being paid directly by them to my HMRC 'account' ? Can they be trusted to do this. How can I check that the calculations given are correct? They are: £816.89 Amount of applicable commission and profit share £ 0.00 Total amount of fees refunded £137.20 Amount of historic interest £924.03 Applicable 8% gross interest* -£184.81 Less UK withholding tax* The payment is being paid directly into my Bank Account within 28 days. Any advice will be most helpful.
  8. Hi everyone, I would appreciate your advice on this matter. I received a letter from Newlyn about a month ago regarding an overpayment of housing benefit from Newham Council, amounting to around £2200. I contacted them straight away asking for details, as the council has never written to me at my new address. Newlyn said they didn't have any details, as they had only held the account for several days. I then started getting phone calls every couple of days. When I couldn't come to the phone, they would leave me a voicemail and I always returned their calls. I explained the situation again the second time I spoke to them and the lady told me which period the overpayment was for to which I replied that it was still insufficient information, but she said she didn't know any more. I've contacted the council, requesting to know why they think I owe them money and asked for a statement of payment from them. I've spoken to Newlyn at least twice after this and explained on every occasion that I've contacted the council to enquire about the situation but have yet to receive a reply. The people on the phone said they were unable to 'hold' the account, even though I've done everything I can and they're not providing me with a reason to pay. I have received an automated response email from the council stating they have received my enquiry and they will respond to me in due time, but Newlyn won't leave me alone. In the past few days, they have sent me a letter that was addressed to 'the occupier' requesting for a forwarding address for me even though, I've contacted and spoken to them many times. I don't know how to proceed. I can't pay them - I don't have the money, but also I don't see why I should pay when I haven't been given reason to. They've said "you owe this much, now pay up" and that's pretty much it. I'm really stressed out about how quickly this is escalating and I'm really frustrated as to why I'm expected to pay when they haven't even explained to me why I owe them money. I'm struggling to cope with this and I feel really trapped. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. Zoe
  9. Hello all some please, I'm *trying* to get myself back on an even keel financially. So I took the advice of you guys and did my credit file with Noddle. There is something on there from 01/02/2008 (Arrow Global) for £3,010. I literally have no idea what this is for or how to go about finding out. I raised a dispute with Noddle but they rejected my claim to have it removed. What next? Also I asked for the financial link to be removed to my ex husband but they refused that also because we still have connected debt. We have a clean break order in place - what do I do about that please?
  10. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but with all the recent publicity about reclaiming PPI, can I ask if anyone has actually had a repayment from Yes Car Credit? Briefly, I had 2 accounts with them, one in 2001 and another in 2003. I had PPI on both, and was told I had to have this to ensure I got the loan. It would never have paid out as I was working on a Zero Hours Contract, or an 'as and when required' contract as it was them. The first agreement was settled when I took the second one out. Both accounts where settled in full with not one late payment. I still have the agreement from the second deal, and all my bank statements showing all the payments. I reckon I'm talking about £3-4k in PPI paid. Do I have a chance of getting any of this back? Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I took out a fixed rate mortgage with the Halifax a few years ago. I had previous been on a fixed rate with them which came to an end, but decided to renew based on their advice. At the time I specifically told them I would be looking to move house before the end of the fixed rate and they assured me this was not a problem as I could port the mortgage. Low and behold when it came to moving they wouldn't allow me to port the mortgage as I didn't meet the additional lending criteria. As a result I had to go with another lender and incurred £3k + in ERCs. I complained to the Halifax and the financial ombudsman, on the grounds that I took out the product on the promise that I could port. Unfortunately my complaint was not upheld. I now feel I am left with no other option but to make a claim via the courts. Can anyone offer any advice as to whether my claim stands any chance of being successful? Thanks in advance
  12. I thought I was good at maths but can anyone explain this to me? I have just 1 year and 4 months left on my mortgage. The mortgage rate has just reduced by 0.25% thus my mortgage rate has also reduced fro 3.75% to 3.50%. My repayments were £357.62 a month but have INCREASED to £378.10. That about 6% INCREASE per month. The mortgage company put a note with their letter saying the increase is because I am near the end of the mortgage term but I really do not understand that. If the rate has gone down surely the repayments should go down too. Can anyone explain this to me please? #confused.
  13. Afternoon all. First time poster here looking for advice. I am leaving my current employer to take up a post with another company. I am currently undertaking a distance learning course (half of which has been deferred to 2017 due to personal circumstances), which has not yet finished, so under a signed training agreement I am liable for the full balance of the outstanding costs. I held a meeting with my current employer to attempt to set up a repayment plan, as the balance outstanding is over £3,000 and I am not in a position to pay this immediately, but I have informed that my current employer intends to issue me with an invoice for the full amount upon my last day, with an expectation for the full balance to be repaid within 30 days. I have offered to re-pay the balance with 12 monthly payments, but they will not accept this. I have also attempted to explain that I do not have this money available, and that I am more than willing to repay as per a repayment plan. The HR manager also questioned me regarding my lifestyle, and advised that I should take a bank loan to repay the sum owed, which I found rather unprofessional. What are options around this?
  14. Hi I'm self employed, I have filed my return on line and after checking they had received it on my account it is saying pending bank repayment of................................. does this mean they will pay my refund directly into my bank account, its been like this since last Friday. I didn't request a repayment it has automatically done this Thank you sunnydee x
  15. Hi, Has anyone ever reclaimed this con that Vanquis Bank call ROP. I have been paying it unknowing for years. I know i would not have signed up for it and should not have been given it. I was on a fixed term appointment within the civil service (HMRC), I never claimed or used it when the contract ended. Because I was on fixed term contract surely that means I should not have been offered it. I have been in touch with couple of companies that said they have been successful, but they lied! Once I had given them all the info, they said they could not pursue claims against Vanquis. Has anyone ever actually claimed it back successfully? If so, please can you advise me how. I have been paying for over 4 years and its only recently I discovered what i was i was paying. i thought it was some monthly charge. thanks in advance
  16. My wife died just over a year ago. The house we live in was bought in her name only, and the mortgage is in her name only. I obtained Probate and I am the beneficiary of all assets and debts. Last week I phoned up the lender - assuming it would simply be a case of switching the deeds and mortgage to my name and continuing payments. I was concerned when the person said that in those situations they usually required the mortgage to be repaid - which i couldn't do without selling the house - and I would have no-where to live. Despite my late wife owning the house/mortgage, ALL monthly payments have been from MY account and have never been missed. Anyone have any advice on this? Thanks
  17. Just Released Do the "www dot" - gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/499432/BIS-16-8-student-loan-repayment-for-sustainable-higher-education-strategy-February-2016.pdf if I cant post this i think an admin should upload for further information to group
  18. A friend of mine was getting income support up until around July last year when his wife hit pension age. She now gets state pension and they get no IS. He claims carers allowance for her, around £60 a week. He has an outstanding overpayment debt with them of around £9000 which he was repaying at £10 a week from his IS, which was around £150 a week. He got a letter about 3 weeks ago stating they are taking £20 a week for the debt from his CA starting third week of December. Firstly, he's not 100% sure what the overpayment was for, he says it was at least 10 years ago and he's been paying £10 a week since then, but insists it started at around £9k, so I'm unsure how it can still be the same 10 years later. Is there any way of getting a statement of the debt, what it was for and payments since the start? Secondly, is there any way to reduce the repayments, even if its just back to the £10 a week he was paying when he was getting £100 more a week? Thanks for any help
  19. Hi guys, I'm not entirely sure this is the right place, but hopefully someone can redirect the thread if not. I started a football team with a company who run various leagues across the country. I signed the terms and conditions before I started, accepting that I had to give 2 weeks notice to leave the league and if I didn't that we'd owe money. Due to circumstances involving the players we could no longer put together a team and left the league with no notice. As a result, I was sent a letter directly from them saying I owed £81 to the league and that it needs to be made within 14 days or the fine would double. I replied with a letter explaining our circumstances and hoping they'd show some sympathy, however they insist that it needs to be paid. Obviously I knew potentially what would happen, and that we would owe the money, but I was just wondering where exactly I stand with this? My name is registered and a different address to my own, but somewhere I regularly stay if that makes any difference to it at all. I see online of people being taken to court eventually over similar events, is it best just to pay it and be done? Thanks!
  20. Rather than face the humiliation of the DWP contacting my employer with a Direct Earnings Attachment, they accepted my proposal of £100 per month direct debit repayment plan. I have been paying this for 12 months and have never missed a payment. I have just received a letter asking me to call them as they want to consider an increase in my current payment plan. Can they pressure me with the threat of a DEA through my employer again if I refuse to agree to an increase? This debt is from 1997 and I know lots of people say it, but I know I was repaying this back then, I was called in to the social security office and new claim forms showing the deduction were completed. I was still on benefits when the overpayment came to light, and remained so until 2000. I have never been out of work since. Then 2014 and the Welfare Reform bill rolled out the DWP bully methods of collecting old debts. Guilty, with no access to records to prove your Innocence. Even letters from my local MP produced no way forward to dispute the alleged debt. There is nowhere to turn for help. Can anyone here help in answer my query: Can the DW force a Direct Earnings Attachment if I refuse to increase the direct debit of £100 per month that they already extract from me?
  21. In short BT did not charge me for broadband for 6 months Feb to July. I did not make anything of it since the payment was made via Direct Debit. Received the bill for this month which included all the charges which I refuse to pay as it was a BT mistake. I asked for a waiver of the charge BT refused so cancelled the service due to be ceased in 6th October. Sent a letter that I will not pay for anything since their customer service was most unhelpful and was told the charge stands and will have to pay. CS agrees that it was their fault but I will still have to pay, is this fair? as I never withheld payments its them who never charged. Do I have a leg to stand on in court as I do not believe I should pay any retrospective charges now applied
  22. Hello......I am currently paying back an overpayment of tax credit, £19.98 is taken from my bank every month. This has been going out of my bank now for quite some time, 1st initial payment of £20.00 went out in Nov 2008, and then from Dec 2008 every month via Direct Debit. As most of you will have worked out by now, this was quite a hefty overpayment, I think it was around £13,000....I did appeal it but lost my appeal, I had evidence that I had written to them given them an update on my living arrangements, but they say they didn't receive this letter, and therefore as far as they are concerned, I didn't inform them of a 'change in my circumstances'......and the rest is history (as they say). Anyway, what I would like to know is, is there any situations where the HMRC may write a debt like this off? The reason I ask is that I am now a single mother and out of work, and the debt is currently being paid via some savings that I have. I was widowed in April 2014, my husband of 24yrs was killed riding his motorcycle, and prior to this in Aug 2013, I was made redundant. Luckily my husband had a pension that paid a benefit on death, and most of this was used to pay my mortgage off, so that me and my son, could stay in the house that we had made home. Any money that was left over was put into a savings account and this drip feeds my current account to pay bills etc, so this is what is currently paying my overpayment. But this money is slowly getting less and less, therefore thats why I wanted to know if there were any special circumstances that the HMRC would consider writing a debt off? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  23. Hi All I had a Vanquis Credit Card and every month statements came in with different amounts each month for Repayment Option Plan. i had queried this with them and they say i agreed to it when i recieved their welcome to Vanquis phone call. after disputes and excess charges etc being applied t the account, i asked for the credit agreement and they sent the newer Ts & Cs but not the agreement, later i sent a SAR and received pretty much all the info apart from the call recordings, i pushed for these and only got 2 no other calls and more importantly the welcome phone call was not there. anyway the debt is now with Cabot, but i am looking to claim all charges and the ROP back as well. 1) is this possible 2) how is the best way to do it. many thanks in advance
  24. Hi, I have a query regarding housing benefit and possible repayment of 2 years worth of housing benefit. I am writing on behalf of a family member. Due to extreme circumstances at the time, she left the marital home and was deemed homeless, having stayed in a hostel and a couple of other properties before a council property was found for her and her son. The marital home she left was bought and was in her and her husbands name. As an amicable monetary settlement could not be reached,(she was offered £16,000 cash if she took her name off the house that was jointly owed by her and her husband), it was then decided that the property should be sold. The house is now in the process of being sold and a buyer has been found. I would like to add that this family member has been unable to work due to a lifelong illness and was in receipt of Incapacity Benefit for the past 30 years. This has now changed to ESA(Income Based) but will save that for another thread , lol. Basically this family member is concerned that she will have to pay, off the sale of the marital home, all the housing benefit and also all the benefits she has had, for the past two years, ie when she became homeless. I would like to make it clear, she is not in for a windfall of money, indeed, having to borrow from family and friends at the start when she had nowhere to live, no possessions etc, she was basically left with the clothes she had on and has had to build up everything again for her and her son. She is only receiving her half share of the sold home, nothing else. I wondered if there were any people in the forum that would be able to advise or has been in a similar situation, thnx
  25. My mother has just mentioned, upon opening her latest credit card statement, that she is paying something called ''Repayment cover''? Is this the same as PPI but just named differently in order to continue the big banking con? I'm trying to dig about and find out exactly what it is for, but if, as I suspect, it is to make payments on her card in the event of illness/injury/death etc then I will be putting in a reclaim for her.
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