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  1. Cunning plan or not a complaint has been made to ICO awaiting outcome.
  2. Made a guilty please fined 84+32+85=£201 and 3 points I did however mention in the mitigation section though that " I did not realise asking for a photographic evidence would mean i would incriminate myself, It was clear this police force is not in line with others around the country." Lesson learned
  3. rather 440£ .. so i dont have to! thanks for your help though. Donation made!
  4. do I have to submit means form i.e. income and expenditure?
  5. Filled out the guilty please and means paperwork. Having talked to a solicitor he advised we could goto the first stage whatever stage that is to obtain the evidence they wished to rely on and plead guilty. I didnt like the gist of it seems like he was looking after a representation and soon the cost mounts up. With all the reading up ive done over the days ive decided to make peace with it. Thank you all guys one final question though should i write anything in the guilty plea section? Definately no sob story
  6. Actually just calculated it again its just under 6 months by 11 days
  7. Alleged offence 28/07/2019 SJPN Posting Date 17/01/2020
  8. The NIP was received on 7/08/2019 I returned it on 8/08/2018 along with GDPR. The prosecution witness statement was signed the 18/01/2020 papers received 24/01/2020 allowing for deemed service of 2 days each way id say there an about 6 months
  9. Thats great just noticed though the SJP was served 6 months after the NIP was filed
  10. That is a fair point and noted thank you for your help.
  11. Honestly I will declare it its all about me keeping my job and food on the table. Just worried I could be marched off sight and that is that. It was either I plead Guilty ( Get a criminal record) Plead not guilty and still (get a criminal record as i dont have a leg to stand on) I was hoping for the best case scenrio, avoid the record avoid the embarracement. Gosh i hate stella rather bottle of red wine
  12. That is amazing greatly appreciate your help. Now the after I sign my plea ill need to declare it to NSV about the offence hopefully its ok or ill lose my job.
  13. I could just about find a loophole you 28 to reply that NIP 30 for GDPR what can go wrong. Ill get a crimibal record if found guilty and or pleade guilty
  14. if thats the case ill sign the plea take the discount and que up at the american embassy every year declaring the criminal record every year i visit from now on on
  15. They never mentioned anything about the evidence they wished to rely on hence i asked for the photos
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