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  1. They’ve started calling on my ex directory number now.... they’ve never called before.
  2. My Bank statement I’d assume..... must’ve had some paperwork missing when I posted that.
  3. I’ve looked back on my account and the last month I paid them £1.70 was Oct 2015. Then, with your help I did all the SAR work etc. So does this mean that this will be SB in Oct this year?
  4. Please see letter received last week (in correct format) O2 LetterDocument.pdf
  5. Since stopping paying I’ve received x2 letters from Lowell’s ‘late payments dept’
  6. Since I stopped paying Lowell’s have sent me x2 missed payment letters for the Vanquis account but not this one. Should I write to them asking for an explanation as to what they’re playing at?
  7. Yes, Andy. I uploaded the copies letters to each of the threads. That is what I thought, but I wanted to check with you good folks. but of course I uploaded the wrong one to this thread (doh!)
  8. Got this today. We’ve been happily getting Mail all through this pandemic.... I’m still paying them even though this is ongoing. I just wonder who does their payments received work. I have all the reference numbers on the standing order. JD Williams.pdf
  9. Got this today a long with others. keeping thread updated - do I open a temp email account? 11-11-2020, 19:34 Office Lens(3).pdf
  10. Got this today. We’ve been happily getting Mail all through this pandemic.... 11-11-2020, 19:34 Office Lens(2).pdf
  11. Yep! I always thought I got that because the account I had then was Marrisota but when the marriage issues happened and back in 2015 when I was initially trying to get this all sorted out the “debt” paperwork was all JD Williams - aren’t they the “parent” company? I will check the dates. so do I stop paying while I do all the paperwork?
  12. Even though I’ve been paying them for this long? I know you’re going to say something along the lines of “because they’re a bunch of muppets” but why are they doing this as if I’ve not been paying? dx - I took the name and address out for privacy...
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