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  1. Yes, Andy. I uploaded the copies letters to each of the threads. That is what I thought, but I wanted to check with you good folks. but of course I uploaded the wrong one to this thread (doh!)
  2. Got this today. We’ve been happily getting Mail all through this pandemic.... I’m still paying them even though this is ongoing. I just wonder who does their payments received work. I have all the reference numbers on the standing order. JD Williams.pdf
  3. Got this today a long with others. keeping thread updated - do I open a temp email account? 11-11-2020, 19:34 Office Lens(3).pdf
  4. Got this today. We’ve been happily getting Mail all through this pandemic.... 11-11-2020, 19:34 Office Lens(2).pdf
  5. Yep! I always thought I got that because the account I had then was Marrisota but when the marriage issues happened and back in 2015 when I was initially trying to get this all sorted out the “debt” paperwork was all JD Williams - aren’t they the “parent” company? I will check the dates. so do I stop paying while I do all the paperwork?
  6. Even though I’ve been paying them for this long? I know you’re going to say something along the lines of “because they’re a bunch of muppets” but why are they doing this as if I’ve not been paying? dx - I took the name and address out for privacy...
  7. Here is the JD Williams CCA paperwork - as with the Vanquis stuff - it was bad to start with... JD CCA response------------------.pdf
  8. Here is the CCA response - sorry but it was bad quality to start with but to be able to upload it the quality has got worse. Vanquis T&C ann state-----------.pdf
  9. I'm sorry but I'm trying to do this while my son is hanging off me. I'll need to come back later once I have reduced the size of the documents and so I am able to concentrate.
  10. See the attachment. Just working on reducing the other document so I upload it. S77 CCA Vanquis 2015 response.pdf
  11. You are correct. I’ve just gone through my paper records and I stopped paying (last payment was April 2015) as they didn’t produce the documents requested (and still haven’t to date)
  12. Here is the letter from Lowells. I have been paying them £3.20 a month ever since they complied... Now I've got this letter. What should I do? Current Letter from Lowells.pdf
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