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  1. Hello, I would be very grateful of any help/advice. I have a 2019 Volvo S60. I bought the car in Feb 2020 when it was 1yr old, it was bought from a reputable Volvo dealership. Approx 8/9 months after purchasing, the panoramic roof wouldn't close. I called Volvo Assistance that came with the car, a guy came out, plugged some computer thing in and after a short while it was working again. He suggested taking it back to the dealership as it probably needed an update, which I did. Fast forward to Jan 2022 and the roof then started making a loud vibrating/rumbling Nosie when closing. It didn't do it when opening, just closing, I contacted the dealership again where I bought it from and the car was booked in. I collected the car later that day and was told that it would need to be booked in again, as all the head lining etc would need to come down for further investigation and they would need the car for at least 2 days. I was asked when I would like to bring it and said anytime was good for me however I would need a courtesy car as I am a carer for my mum. I was told that no courtesy cars where available for quite some time because they had only just started doing them again after Covid and so were booked up for quite a while. They said they would contact me as soon as more cars became available. I have tried ringing numerous times since then but my call gets diverted to a generic customer service number, which apparently happens when the dealership is very busy. Now, fast forward to Thurs last week and now the roof will not open at all. So the car is due to go in again this Friday. My question is, will this fault be covered by warranty? bearing in mind that I have reported this fault more than once before the warranty ran out at the end of April 2022. I have always been led to believe that as long as a fault with a vehicle is reported within the warranty period, it will be covered regardless of if the warranty has run out. Is this correct or not?
  2. Hello. Two days ago I received 2 N.I.P's for speeding, both on the same day on the same road, 20mins apart, going in different directions. It was a mobile speed camera unit that I was caught by. This is my first ever N.I.P in all the 30+yrs I have been driving. I am a carer for my mum who has severe Dementia. On the day in question (9th Oct) I was going to my mums to pick her up to take her to a day centre where she goes every Tues. Unfortunately this particular morning, I was having problems with my car as it wouldn't start. So because of this I was running a few mins late. Normally I would pick her up at 9.15, so that I can get her to the day centre for 9.30 when it opens. This is her routine and has been for over 12months, even though my mum has this horrible disease, S she can still tell the time and so any disruption to this can affect her greatley, i.e. she can become easily distressed, anxious and upset if that routine is affected in anyway. So bearing this in mind, I was travelling slightly quicker than I normally would do. On the way to my mums house, I was caught doing 37mph, the speed limit for the road is 30mph. Also on the way back, I was caught again by the same mobile speed camera unit, this time doing 36mph. I would like to know, can you be prosecuted for speeding twice on the same road, on the same day, only a matter of mins apart? I am not in any way trying to 'get away' with the offence, I know I was speeding and I admit I was driving (obviously) but if the circumstances of that day had been different, and my car had started in the morning, then I would not of been speeding. As ive already said, I was concerned about my mum and that she would be wondering where I was. She has carers that come in to her 4 times a day, they have said quite a few times, that if they have not been able to get to my mums, for the time planned, she has been stood in the window of her house, watching for them turning up, and when they have, she has been in tears asking where they have been, so again, Im not using that as an excuse, but on any other day I would not be travelling on this road, or if I had too I would be doing the 30mph speed limit. any advice on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated. Also I have been told that I will more than likely be offered a speed awareness course, as the two speeds are inbetween the allowed amount for a speed awareness course. I was also wondering whether it would be worth writing a letter explaining the situation on that day, and ask that they use discretion when deciding how to deal with it, as one of the offences is only 1mph over the minimum allowed before you get a ticket Thank you
  3. Hello Does anyone know if GAP insurance can be claimed back like PPI insurance. The reason I ask is that me and my late husband had GAP insurance on a vehicle we had in 2012, and just recently when doing a bit of a clear out, I came across the paperwork for it and it had got me wondering whether it is something that can be claimed back. like PPI. Any help would be appreciated
  4. To Mr P....I don't know what an assessment of clinical needs is, so bearing that in mind I know that that hasn't been done. I have an appointment with the Citizens Advice on 19th August to discuss this....and with regards to my mums house having to be sold if she goes into care, would that be the same if she was to go to supported living housing?
  5. Hello everyone. I need some help/advice on a financial assessment that my mother recently had:- On the 2nd June my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As a result of this she now has to have carers coming in to make sure she has taken her tablets, eaten, washed etc etc. Because of this she had to have a Financial Assessment done to determine as to whether she would have to contribute anything towards the cost of the carers. This Financial Assessment was done on the 12th July. The outcome of it was that she has to pay £7.60 per wk towards the cost of this care. I was asked if my mum was in receipt of AA (Attendance Allowance) and at the moment she isn't but I have completed a claim form for her for this, and she is awaiting the decision. So another financial assessment was done to see what she would have to pay, once she was getting the AA, this then increased the amount to £51.12!!!! I think this is absolutely disgusting :-......but what I don't understand is, on the assessment, under the heading 'Essential Expenditure' they have only taken into account her building/contents insurance, water rates and council tax. There is no mention what so ever of electric, food, heating bills........my mum has meals on wheels every day and I get an invoice every month for the cost, which is £107.00 this has not been included!!!.....what she pays in electricity has not been included!!....and because my mums only form of heating is a coal fire (there is no gas to the property so doesn't have central heating)...she has to pay for coal bills, which are £58.00 every 3 months, again this has not been included!!! I simply cant understand why electric, food and heating would not be classed as 'Essential Expenditure' do they expect my mum to sit in the dark, be cold and not eat????? I would be grateful for any advice that anyone could give me.....to be perfectly honest, I am seriously thinking about cancelling my mums claim for AA, because its simply not worth it....im so fed up and angry at the same time. I have also been told that if she were to go into residential care, she would have to have another financial assessment done because then they would have to include things like 'assets'....to which I said "but she doesn't have any"....then I was told that if she owned the house she was living in (which she does) that would be classed as an asset, and she would be expected to sell it to pay for her care I said that I have Power of Attorney for my mum for both Heath & Welfare, and Property & Finance....but apparently that doesn't matter.......is there anything that I can do at all......I think it is disgraceful, disgusting and down right pathetic, that my mum may have to sell her house, so that she can be cared for in her twilight years..... If anyone can help point me i the right direction id be very grateful
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    help with mum

    Hello friends, Im looking for some help and advice regarding the possibility of my lovely mum going in a nursing home, not sure if im posting this in the right place so if not im sorry. My mum's memory is failing her and it seems to be getting that bit worse every day. She has deteriorated quite quickly over the past 6 months. I would say it started shortly after my dad died in Dec 2014, up until that point she was very much 'on the ball'.......my dad used to call her a walking diary because she could remember things so quickly. Anyway, as I say, she seems to have got worse in the past 6 months. She has become increasingly confused about where she is. She doesn't seem to understand that she is in her own home, and often rings me asking when can she go home. She moves things in her house and then doesn't remember doing it. As an example of this, she rang me the other day saying she couldn't find her purse and as expected she was very upset and distressed on the phone. So I drove down to her house with my 13yr old son. We spent an hour looking for this purse, until my son found it......it was under a foot stool in the front room, but when I asked her why she had put it there, she said she didn't ........another example is, she keeps putting things in her handbag and purse that I take out. The other day she had my dads birth certificate in her handbag. I took it out and said "you shouldn't be carrying this around in your bag mum because if it goes missing you will be upset"....so I took it out and put it on her dressing table in her bedroom (she was with me while I did this).....then when I went down again the following day, it was back in her purse, but when I asked her why has she put it back in her bag, she looks at me with a confused expression and says she hasn't, she says 'its always been in there', then when I try to explain to her that I took it out the other day and put it in her bedroom and she watched me while I did this, she has no memory of me doing it. I have had her at the doctors (much to her anger) and they did a memory test. She was very abrupt with the doctor whilst this was going on, and kept asking why does she need to do this.....at the end the doctor looked at me and said he was going to refer her to the memory clinic at the hospital.....at which point my mum hit the roof and said "oh no!!! your not getting me in not bloody hospital".......she also had her blood pressure checked and his was very high (191/98)......I am supposed to be taking her back tomorrow to have some bloods taken, but she is refusing to go ......... Anyway what I want to know is, if it comes to the day that she is no longing safe to be in her own home on her own, and she has to go into a nursing home, can she be made to sell her house to fund her care? She doesn't have much in savings, definitely less than £10,000.........her only income is her state pension and a small amount that is paid into her bank every month from my late fathers works pension.......I have Power of Attorney for her for both Property & Finance and Health & Welfare........and she has already made a will, which I have a copy of, stating that everything of hers will come to me on her passing.......I just dont want her to lose her house. Its the only home she has ever had.......I had looked into putting my mum's house into my name now before anything happens, but apparently if I do that and then she does end up going into a nursing home a few months later, they will think that it has been done for that reason, and apparently it isn't that simple to just change the name on the deeds from hers to mine......so, if anyone knows anything that I can do, I would be very very grateful
  7. Hello......I am currently paying back an overpayment of tax credit, £19.98 is taken from my bank every month. This has been going out of my bank now for quite some time, 1st initial payment of £20.00 went out in Nov 2008, and then from Dec 2008 every month via Direct Debit. As most of you will have worked out by now, this was quite a hefty overpayment, I think it was around £13,000....I did appeal it but lost my appeal, I had evidence that I had written to them given them an update on my living arrangements, but they say they didn't receive this letter, and therefore as far as they are concerned, I didn't inform them of a 'change in my circumstances'......and the rest is history (as they say). Anyway, what I would like to know is, is there any situations where the HMRC may write a debt like this off? The reason I ask is that I am now a single mother and out of work, and the debt is currently being paid via some savings that I have. I was widowed in April 2014, my husband of 24yrs was killed riding his motorcycle, and prior to this in Aug 2013, I was made redundant. Luckily my husband had a pension that paid a benefit on death, and most of this was used to pay my mortgage off, so that me and my son, could stay in the house that we had made home. Any money that was left over was put into a savings account and this drip feeds my current account to pay bills etc, so this is what is currently paying my overpayment. But this money is slowly getting less and less, therefore thats why I wanted to know if there were any special circumstances that the HMRC would consider writing a debt off? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. as far as im aware im not paying for the System Speedup Program......when I installed Avira in was with that..........with regards to Windows 8 or 8.1 (i know what you mean when you shudder) i think il just leave everything the way it is.....with much thanks to you I have finally got my laptop working again so I think upgrading things, could just be asking for trouble........with regards to Dropbox, if im not mistaken it was already installed on the laptop when I bought it............so is it pretty self explanatory on how to use it?......i dont know why, but it scares me moving things to something that ive never used
  9. il do that....so if they ask me what this 'it person' has done what do I tell them?............also the speed has come back now, it is so much faster, and I would go as far to say, that its even faster than it originally was, when it wasn't dropping...................when I used to switch my laptop on and my desktop eventually would come up, I used to get a pop up at the bottom of the screen basically showing how long it had took for everything to spring to life, it was called 'Avira System Speedup'.........it also said that if i clicked on it, it could speed up how long it would take for my computer to spring to life..........BUT since ive done what you have told me, this hasn't popped up anymore, so there's another plus point ..............also i dont always check for updates, some people say I should and do them every time, and other people say I shouldn't, if my computer is working fine, just leave it......what is your opinion on this?......I also got messages saying I can upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free, should I do this?.........and if i do, will it change or lose anything on my laptop. I have a lot of photos and other things from my late husband, so obviously I dont want to lose these, again some people say I should 'back these up' but I dont know what that means or how to do it.
  10. p.p.s.............should i keep it on the channel that i set it too, or change it back to its original channel, the one it was on before
  11. p.s......ive been on since about 7.00pm and it hasn't dropped once..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!............
  12. i will...but what should i tell BT when they get in touch with me again.............also why couldn't they do what you have
  13. Hello...well so far so good ......ive been out from 3.15 until 5.45 and all that time my son has been on the laptop playing one of his games (Euro Truck Simulator), and he says it hasn't dropped once!!!!!.........before as soon as he would log on to play that game, the connection would drop, and so far it hasn't
  14. yes definately, I agree......im going to try and play a few games, and see how that affects it, because normally when doing that it would either run really really slow or drop altogether......im also going to watch a video on YouTube regarding installing laminate flooring, so let's see how it copes with all that
  15. yea that helps.....unfortunately when speaking to me about techno things, it has to be explained in baby talk ........I have noticed that it is a lot slower, and last night when my son was on the laptop playing one of his games, it dropped out a lot, which he found very annoying because he had to keep logging back in again on the game...............ive had a text message from BT saying that they are going to send me a new ethernet cable in case the one i already have isn't working correctly, feel like telling them to go away in short jerky movements
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