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  1. Hello. Two days ago I received 2 N.I.P's for speeding, both on the same day on the same road, 20mins apart, going in different directions. It was a mobile speed camera unit that I was caught by. This is my first ever N.I.P in all the 30+yrs I have been driving. I am a carer for my mum who has severe Dementia. On the day in question (9th Oct) I was going to my mums to pick her up to take her to a day centre where she goes every Tues. Unfortunately this particular morning, I was having problems with my car as it wouldn't start. So because of this I was running a few mins l
  2. Hello Does anyone know if GAP insurance can be claimed back like PPI insurance. The reason I ask is that me and my late husband had GAP insurance on a vehicle we had in 2012, and just recently when doing a bit of a clear out, I came across the paperwork for it and it had got me wondering whether it is something that can be claimed back. like PPI. Any help would be appreciated
  3. To Mr P....I don't know what an assessment of clinical needs is, so bearing that in mind I know that that hasn't been done. I have an appointment with the Citizens Advice on 19th August to discuss this....and with regards to my mums house having to be sold if she goes into care, would that be the same if she was to go to supported living housing?
  4. Hello everyone. I need some help/advice on a financial assessment that my mother recently had:- On the 2nd June my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As a result of this she now has to have carers coming in to make sure she has taken her tablets, eaten, washed etc etc. Because of this she had to have a Financial Assessment done to determine as to whether she would have to contribute anything towards the cost of the carers. This Financial Assessment was done on the 12th July. The outcome of it was that she has to pay £7.60 per wk towards the cost of this care. I was asked if my mum w
  5. racy tracy

    help with mum

    Hello friends, Im looking for some help and advice regarding the possibility of my lovely mum going in a nursing home, not sure if im posting this in the right place so if not im sorry. My mum's memory is failing her and it seems to be getting that bit worse every day. She has deteriorated quite quickly over the past 6 months. I would say it started shortly after my dad died in Dec 2014, up until that point she was very much 'on the ball'.......my dad used to call her a walking diary because she could remember things so quickly. Anyway, as I say, she seems to have got worse in the p
  6. Hello......I am currently paying back an overpayment of tax credit, £19.98 is taken from my bank every month. This has been going out of my bank now for quite some time, 1st initial payment of £20.00 went out in Nov 2008, and then from Dec 2008 every month via Direct Debit. As most of you will have worked out by now, this was quite a hefty overpayment, I think it was around £13,000....I did appeal it but lost my appeal, I had evidence that I had written to them given them an update on my living arrangements, but they say they didn't receive this letter, and therefore as far as they are concern
  7. as far as im aware im not paying for the System Speedup Program......when I installed Avira in was with that..........with regards to Windows 8 or 8.1 (i know what you mean when you shudder) i think il just leave everything the way it is.....with much thanks to you I have finally got my laptop working again so I think upgrading things, could just be asking for trouble........with regards to Dropbox, if im not mistaken it was already installed on the laptop when I bought it............so is it pretty self explanatory on how to use it?......i dont know why, but it scares me moving things to som
  8. il do that....so if they ask me what this 'it person' has done what do I tell them?............also the speed has come back now, it is so much faster, and I would go as far to say, that its even faster than it originally was, when it wasn't dropping...................when I used to switch my laptop on and my desktop eventually would come up, I used to get a pop up at the bottom of the screen basically showing how long it had took for everything to spring to life, it was called 'Avira System Speedup'.........it also said that if i clicked on it, it could speed up how long it would take for my c
  9. p.p.s.............should i keep it on the channel that i set it too, or change it back to its original channel, the one it was on before
  10. p.s......ive been on since about 7.00pm and it hasn't dropped once..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!............
  11. i will...but what should i tell BT when they get in touch with me again.............also why couldn't they do what you have
  12. Hello...well so far so good ......ive been out from 3.15 until 5.45 and all that time my son has been on the laptop playing one of his games (Euro Truck Simulator), and he says it hasn't dropped once!!!!!.........before as soon as he would log on to play that game, the connection would drop, and so far it hasn't
  13. yes definately, I agree......im going to try and play a few games, and see how that affects it, because normally when doing that it would either run really really slow or drop altogether......im also going to watch a video on YouTube regarding installing laminate flooring, so let's see how it copes with all that
  14. yea that helps.....unfortunately when speaking to me about techno things, it has to be explained in baby talk ........I have noticed that it is a lot slower, and last night when my son was on the laptop playing one of his games, it dropped out a lot, which he found very annoying because he had to keep logging back in again on the game...............ive had a text message from BT saying that they are going to send me a new ethernet cable in case the one i already have isn't working correctly, feel like telling them to go away in short jerky movements
  15. ok. ive done that......please could I ask, what is it that ive actually done......just getting a bit confused now
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