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  1. Thanks for posting the above guidelines they are very relevant. Section 3.7 b, i and j would be particularly useful for me to highlight. Upon receipt of the invoice, I intend to formally respond with a repayment plan proposing 12 monthly payments. I would hope this would be viewed as sufficient. I don't know if it would be useful to cite these guidelines in the content of the letter?
  2. There's nothing mentioned in the agreement regarding payment terms for the outstanding fees. There is something mentioned regarding wage deductions but they have signalled that is not something they would do to recoup the costs.
  3. Afternoon all. First time poster here looking for advice. I am leaving my current employer to take up a post with another company. I am currently undertaking a distance learning course (half of which has been deferred to 2017 due to personal circumstances), which has not yet finished, so under a signed training agreement I am liable for the full balance of the outstanding costs. I held a meeting with my current employer to attempt to set up a repayment plan, as the balance outstanding is over £3,000 and I am not in a position to pay this immediately, but I have informed that my current employer intends to issue me with an invoice for the full amount upon my last day, with an expectation for the full balance to be repaid within 30 days. I have offered to re-pay the balance with 12 monthly payments, but they will not accept this. I have also attempted to explain that I do not have this money available, and that I am more than willing to repay as per a repayment plan. The HR manager also questioned me regarding my lifestyle, and advised that I should take a bank loan to repay the sum owed, which I found rather unprofessional. What are options around this?
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