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  1. No arrears or other charges, always paid on time in full. Just eagerly waiting for the 16 months to pass!
  2. I thought I was good at maths but can anyone explain this to me? I have just 1 year and 4 months left on my mortgage. The mortgage rate has just reduced by 0.25% thus my mortgage rate has also reduced fro 3.75% to 3.50%. My repayments were £357.62 a month but have INCREASED to £378.10. That about 6% INCREASE per month. The mortgage company put a note with their letter saying the increase is because I am near the end of the mortgage term but I really do not understand that. If the rate has gone down surely the repayments should go down too. Can an
  3. Thank you so much for those links. That information will at least lighten the weight of the problem for my friend's widow. I will try and get her to a solicitor before the funeral if she is emotionally capable. Once again, Thanks.
  4. I don't know if this is the right forum for this - if not perhaps you could direct me to the correct place. My friend recently died following an operation in hospital. He only married his wife (now widow) 3 years and 8 months ago (2008). My friend left a will dated 1999, which was 7 years before he met his wife, but apparently did not alter it (unless a later will has magically disappeared). The will leaves 100% of the estate to his only sister and the executor named is his sisters husband (ie brother-in-law). Thus his widow is left with nothing, neither cash nor property.
  5. No confirmation - totally ignored. May or may not have sent signed for (I would have to check my files) but a cashed cheque of the same date as my letter should be proof of receipt. Also, I use Royal Mail online postage which does give proof of payment of postage to the address and a reference number to track that it was actually posted subject to the post office's usual lethargic system. However, even signed for can be a pain to prove - I have found that tracking a signed for to banks sometimes comes up still in process. I think that they must have a way of recieving without signing to cause
  6. Thanks for your replies. The letter I sent with the £1 did state "I enclose the sum of £1.00 which is the statutory fee. Note that these funds are not to be used for any other purpose. If you are unable to comply fully and properly with this request, you should confirm this in writing at the earliest opportunity and certainly within the statutory time limit for compliance. Under those circumstances, you must return the fee." They did not supply nor return the cheque. OK - I see your point - Lowells may try to claim that this was a payment but sure Barclays STOLE my £1 by not using i
  7. My Last letter to Barclays in December 2009 to which no reply was received. Thay have now recently sold the account to Lowells who are suddenly demanding payment. Letter dated 14 December 2009: I refer to my letter, dated 12th November 2009 which contained formal request pursuant to sections 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act to which you failed to respond direct. Whilst I note that you passed this to customer relations as a complaint, such action failed to address your legal requirement under the above mentioned act. Customer Relations response was to cite the “statute of lim
  8. I am in England. Yes, your dates are correct but letters have been going back and forth which may or may not cancel the statute bar. At one point, long before it could have been statute Barred, Barclays claimed that it WAS statute barred and explained to me that it meant that they did not have to supply proof any more but that I had to pay!!! I am about to post my last letter to them in which you will see this and other "Jokes" they tried to pull the wool over my eyes in an attempt to get my money. At one point, they sent me an undecipherable computer coded "statement" of an account that w
  9. Thanks for your response. Barclays cashed the £1 cheque which showed on my bank statement. Alliance and Leicester did not give stubs with their cheques but I would hope to get proof from them that it was paid to Barclays if needed. This whole fiasco has been bouncing from company to company for years. Barclays themselves seem to employ either mentally deficient or clowns for their collection operations. The route has been bouncing between Barclays and a number of other companies including Bryan Carter whom I previously issued a CCA. Bryan Carter returned my cheque and directed me bac
  10. Thanks for your response. Notification came from both Barclays and Lowells IN THE SAME ENVELOPE and judging by the addresses they appear to be operating from the same office! Bank loan and last payment many years ago - default was in January 2006 and should have now automatically dropped off my credit report.
  11. I'll try to keep this brief. BARCLAYS BANK. After years of hassle I sent a CCA in 2009. Barclays ignored it but kept my £1 fee. I sent an "in dispute and time expired " letter which was also ignored. Since then, total silence. Now some two and a half years later I have suddenly received notification that the debt has been sold to Lowells who have now sent me 2 letters demanding immediate payment. Does the expired CCA still apply to Lowells or do I have to go thru the whole CCA procedure again for them? Thanks in advance.
  12. I have had bills in the last 12 months but they have all been severely overcharging me. For 2 years (mid 2003 to mid 2005) I had no bills at all (excuse was the company changed ownership) and when I got them they were overcharged and showed over £5000 outstanding. I have without fail paid the DD which covered my use but it has been years of arguing to get to this point where it shows £1500 outstanding. So many mistakes, excuses and apologies. 3 years ago they sent a ghost to test my meter - well it must have been a ghost because no-one called on the appointed day that I know of (I'm alway
  13. Trying to keep a long story short (7 years long!). Atlantic Electricity - I was paying £100 a month, they demand £200 a month. I increased to £135 a month which is the most I can afford but they are demanding £200 or else "regrettably our collections procedure will continue". What can they do if I only pay the £135 a month. 7 years of hell - more than 2 years without a bill even with meters being read and when eventually received 4 years ago there were many thousands of pounds of overcharging (partly due to economy 7 nightime rate being charged at full rate). 4 years of stress and fight
  14. I had a MBNA credit card debt of over £13,000 and eventually did a deal with them. It took around 3 years of haggling but eventually they came round. I paid nothing during the haggling. I work on the principle that if an IVA can reduce a debt to 25%, then the creditor may be better of to accept 30%. I offered MBNA £4000 to clear the debt. They originally responded by requesting 70%. I always responded to their letters with the same 30% offer. More than 2 years passed with their continued rejections gradually reducing the required amount and my continued 30% offers. Eventually, they accept
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