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Found 8 results

  1. Hi.. Good afternoon everyone, I really hope someone is able to help me. This morning I've received a County Court claim. The perusing claimant is Mortimer Clarke Solicitors acting on behalf of Cabot Financial. The debt of £413 is from a Capital One card from 2004 (£213 of this is interest charges). The last payment I believe I made to (Aktiv Kapital) was back in December 2009, although I can't confirm this as I have a different bank account now, and I've made no contact or acknowledgement since. I checked my credit file in late December (screen shot attached) and seen
  2. Hi all, In brief... I had a First Direct a/c from years back. Reclaimed £100s on O/D and bank charges about 7 years ago. The amount that is overdrawn is exactly what I owe, no other charges like PPI. The account has been on a DMP for some years. Now I'm going it alone. It had been moved to MCS, and payments made through DMP until 3 months ago. Now they wrote to me and said the account has been passed from MCS back to "HSBC Repayment Services" My thoughts on action are this: --- No point in CCA (bank account), and still with original credito
  3. kev 123


    Hi, hope someone can help. I have had a payment agreement in place since Jan for a period of 6 months, the plan has now come to an end from a previous thread i started i received some great help and advice. The last letter i received from HSBC stated that my account had been passed to Metropolitan Collection Services and Once the six months had expired MCS would contact me. The account is for a personal loan it was given to me as i was always OD and just about paying the minimum on my credit card they put it all in one loan. I have been paying it back for
  4. I have an old debt (approx 6yrs) which was passed from 1st Direct to Met Collections. I've been paying a small sum for many years, every 3-6 months they write and request I call to arrange higher payments. Last time I spoke to them the call centre operator began demanding income/exp breakdown, and I asked for her to send me the original contract. That didn't happen, but they left the current direct debit instated. I'm preparing to tackle this one way or another now - the outstanding is roughly 7k, I paid a chunk off the original debt to first direct but they r
  5. Good Evening All, Apologies for the duplicated post - my original one is in the "General Debt" forum but as I listed several queries, I was advised to split them up in to the relevant sub-forums. Anyway, several years back I held a HSBC Bank Account and before/during a divorce the account went overdrawn severely - but as it was in my sole name, and after much fighting during the divorce - it is me who has to foot the bill - and they had accepted my £5 / month offer and smacked a default on my account although the circumstances were explained to them (divorce). However, the debt
  6. I live in New Zealand but for some years maintained a legacy UK bank account/ loan facility in the UK with First Direct just in case. Around three years ago I used 9,000 GBP in an emergency (handling my brother's accidental death in South Africa). I then paid some off each month with the interest clicking up. 18 months ago FD decided that it didn't like me having the facility and I happily converted it into a loan account and paid 250 GBP each month but had to do this through a currency transaction manually every month with the associated costs. I missed a payment and immediately
  7. Hi, OH has a debt with MCS, HSBC inhouse collectors. I sent a CCA about 6weeks ago and have recently received a letter from them stating sorry its taken so long blah blah but at this present point they cannot supply a CCA. He was paying monthly towards the debt, but has now stopped paying them and sent a follow up to the no CCA letter. My first question, should he have stopped paying them?? and second question should he now offer a F&F as we just want rid, its for about £1500. thanks
  8. Extremely abusive husband who left me for another woman when I was diagnosed with breast cancer..........in a nutshell my excuse for me being such a numpty and not fighting harder against HSBC. This was 2001, I had a £5,000 overdraft with HSBC had been forced to leave family home awaiting divorce. I moved into a rented house with a friend who was director of her own company and I agreed to help out as company secretary for no fee/salary. The account was held at the same branch as my personal account, but was of no consequence as I was not financially linked. I was unable to wor
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