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  1. So did you end up paying them a figure, Mike, or did you just leave it? I'm just wondering whether to play a waiting game or just finish it off....
  2. Hi and happy new year all. Before I got round to writing a reply, HSBC have written to me upping their offer from MCS, to a 30% discount full and final settlement. They state that if I pay this, the account will be closed and they will not pursue anymore/I wont be liable....but they will record the debt with the CRA as 'partially settled'. Is this a good deal in your experience, or should I push for better?
  3. Ah - I heard about that one. Fake law firms? So that had a knock on effect with MCS? Mcs where HSBC anyways. It seems only the logo has changed...
  4. Hi all, In brief... I had a First Direct a/c from years back. Reclaimed £100s on O/D and bank charges about 7 years ago. The amount that is overdrawn is exactly what I owe, no other charges like PPI. The account has been on a DMP for some years. Now I'm going it alone. It had been moved to MCS, and payments made through DMP until 3 months ago. Now they wrote to me and said the account has been passed from MCS back to "HSBC Repayment Services" My thoughts on action are this: --- No point in CCA (bank account), and still with original creditor (HSBC=First Direct, right?) --- No charges to claim back, I've already done that some time ago. There is interest accumulating - not every creditor has to freeze the amount owed as far as I know. the interest is only pennies really, as the overall debt is around £400 --- So make a full and final settlement offer? Threads I've read here suggest start neg at 15% of total debt Last I heard from MCS was that they offered *me* a settlement figure in March 2014 of a 15% *reduction*, i.e to pay 85% of the amount owed.... any advice on this? Shall I go for an adapted letter from the template area on this site and neg with HSBC? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks SabreSheep, A very interesting thread and well done with that one. The tricky thing is with county court action - either myself threatening action, or a company/dca threatening me - is how it could logistically happen when I am resident on the other side of the globe, literally. Its hard enough trying to get letters sent from here with UK postal orders. The closest I have ever come to this is one creditor writing to me here saying that if payment is not recieved, they will persue legal action through the local courts in my area. I'd like to see them try!
  6. Just got that dx as I was composing my letter. Yes, I agree. At least I dont need to write to Barclaycard for that one.
  7. OK, regarding at least updating Barclaycard with my address (for a third time), just incase of CCJs, dcas, and so on, I have composed the following letter: "Dear Sir/Madam RE: account XXXXXXXXXX I have sent you two letters and still no reply. Please confirm that you have updated your records accordingly to my address as shown above. The first letter I sent you was December 2013 as a request for a copy of the original CCA agreement. The second letter was in July 2014, well in excess of the statutory time, to inform you that I would withhold payments as the CCA request had not been acknowledged. I have not heard from Barclaycard since December 2010. For the last time, your department needs to update its records as to my current address. Yours faithfully, XXXX" Not sure what else to do...I dont want to spend £10 on an SAR which might not be acknowledged either! I figure at least establishing a link of communication first.
  8. Ah ok. I had sent the CCA to barclaycard back in 2013. Along with the with hold payment letter in July. There may well be a new owner, but I have never been informed. Payplans listing was just Barclaycard's 'External Relationship Team' in Kirkby. Seems to me like a lost debt!
  9. Oh - btw, I sent Barclaycard a second letter in July, to say that the CCA I sent in December 2013 had not been acknowledged, and as a result I would with hold any payments.... Now its December 2014, still not heard a sausage I'll crack on with an SAR then.
  10. Thanks all. Ive never done an SAR before - £10 PO is tricky from abroad. Im not resident in the UK anymore, so those relatives will still come in handy after all. Regarding the signature -obviously not on the CCA, but if the SAR is in the same envelope - I assume that shouldnt be signed either? And is it necessary to get this Digital Anti Tamper one or would just typed capitals suffice? Previously I've only ever done it the latter. The noddle link definitely does not work. it goes to the .co.uk link but comes up as Chromes 'this webpage is not available'. Maybe because of my location, Im not sure. Is it only for people resident in the UK? Might need one of those VPN's if so.
  11. Still waiting on the credit file. Noddle is down for some reason. Will go with experian 30 day free.
  12. Im tempted to do that, but just wondering if the onus is on me to ensure they have the correct address. 4 years is a long time to not even send a statement. Who knows it could have amassed huge interest, charges - and I wouldnt even know about it. So i guess my question is if I wrote to them to ensure they know where I live, would that communication then act as some kind of 'acknowledgement of debt' or reset the SB clock or whatever?
  13. Like many other debts I am trying to sort out independently after Payplan dmp closure. Barclaycard Visa, I last heard from them by mail 4 years ago, at my old address, when I was living there. My guess is they have not updated my new address details. I have been paying them through PaySham until a few months ago. Paysham estimate the debt as £350. In reality, who knows. It may have even been transferred to a DCA. Again, who knows. I wrote to them with a CCA a year ago. And then again in June stating that as I had not heard from them, I would withhold payment (as I did with other creditors). No response. Common sense says I write to them again confirming my updated address. But is there any merit in just leaving it, as the ball is in their court so to speak? And if I do write to them, they may have already sold the debt on
  14. Now there's a thought! The problem is that PAYPLAN don't know if any of the creditors they are paying actually freeze interest or not, so the balances they tell me are only approximations. Actually PAYPLAN locked me out so I can't see any account history and so on. Much better without them. Think it will take time now to repair the damage!
  15. Hi there, I have a Lloyds TSB Credit Card debt. Until 3 months ago, they were happy to recieve payments via my DMP Payplan. Despite that, they havent actually written to me for 2 years. No sign of being passed to a DCA. Now my PayPlan account is closed as I have decided to deal with all my creditors myself. Not sure if I should just wait to hear from them or take some other course of action? The outstanding balance is confusing because of PayPlans shoddiness, and my over-reliance on them. For example, I have another bank a/c debt with Lloyds. Payplan said the outstanding was £179. Since stopping with PayPlan, the debt has been passed to Wescot, who say the debt is £451. (This is on a separate thread). So back to the Credit Card debt - I am unsure of the amount outstanding, and wouldnt CCA request them because - as far as I know - Lloyds themselves are still dealing with it. Thanks again in advance
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