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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Has anyone ever reclaimed this con that Vanquis Bank call ROP. I have been paying it unknowing for years. I know i would not have signed up for it and should not have been given it. I was on a fixed term appointment within the civil service (HMRC), I never claimed or used it when the contract ended. Because I was on fixed term contract surely that means I should not have been offered it. I have been in touch with couple of companies that said they have been successful, but they lied! Once I had given them all the info, they said they could not pursue claims against Vanquis. Has anyone ever actually claimed it back successfully? If so, please can you advise me how. I have been paying for over 4 years and its only recently I discovered what i was i was paying. i thought it was some monthly charge. thanks in advance
  2. I applied for an &More Credit Card in 2003. Under Payment Protection are the words "We strongly recommend you take cover by ticking the box and signing below". Can this be interpreted as coercement and subject to a mis-sold PPI Claim?
  3. I have had a great many credit cards over the years and have certainly paid a great deal of PPI though none of it in recent times. Unfortunately over the mists of time I've forgotten exactly who I had PPI with, for what period and how much I paid. I've actually been self-employed all my working life and am led to believe that I would never have been able to claim on it even if I'd wanted to. Would I be able to find out this information by asking for an SAR? Would they have all of my information (some of these accounts go back into the 1980s) and should I expect to see all of this information In short, I'm pretty sure I was mis-sold PPI but currently have absolutely no documentary evidence. Is this worth pursuing?
  4. i did have claim management company working on my ppi claims for 2 years, i really need some help and advice, as i can no longer make contact with the cmc, i really not sure what to do next, or how to approach the companies i need to make ppi claim with, and i am really not sure what the cmc has actually done, can some one help please
  5. HI i have a first plus loan which was taken out just under 5 years ago. i visited their site to claim back my ppi the loan was FOR about £13k and they added the ppi loan of about 2500k. i was paying aroud £168 amonth back. they have now said that that i was misssold and are offering the following : a refund of £1680 + *% interest also the will take 250k ppi + intrest of the loan my payments will be to around 140 a month its this correct or should i get the whole of the ppi money and my payments stay the same? the £1680 is the 140 - 168 =28*12 =336*5 any help would be grateful and hope this make sense as i went through their site and not the FOS or any ppi comapny thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I'm new to the site and it looks like an amazing resource with lots of helpful people. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me with a couple of questions that I have: Firstly, I have a credit card that has definitely had PPI active on the life of the card. This card was originally taken out with Abbey, but it was actually an MBNA card, that I think was managed by Abbey. Then more recently, the card was taken over by the Bank of America, as (as far as I understand) MBNA was taken over (or their credit cards were) by Bank of America. I am planning on doing a SAR to find out everything so I can best prepare my compliant, and I'm a little confused to who I should send it to. I think that I would have to send it to Bank of America, but I'm unsure. As I am trying to obtain copies of original agreements and records of telephone calls relating to my CC application, does anybody know if Bank of America will be able to supply this information, as the agreements were originally with Abbey? Or will it be possible to get that info through Santander (previously Abbey National)? I'm unsure when I originally took out the card (bizzarely, it doesn't seem to show up on my credit report, so I can't check), but I think it was about 8 years ago, and as I said, the card is still active and had PPI on it on the last statement. Secondly, I'm also looking to investigate a loan that was settled in 2009 with Santander, but am struggling to find the account number. If i send a SAR to Santander in relation to this, with my full name and address, and the dates that the account was opened, is it likely that this will be enough for them, or are they likely to try and fob me off? Hope that makes sense. If you need me to clarify anything, just let me know. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks,
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