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  1. Brief summary of events Defendant householder cut through electricity supply cable encased in concrete under his driveway. Claimant repaired the cable Claimant says cable was 200mm below surface of driveway Claimant issued Letter before Claim(LBC) 4 months later - no previous correspondence and begins "We are now in a position to serve our Letter of Claim pursuant to the Pre Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes. Claim is in negligence, claims for it's "losses" Included in it's LBC is it's "invoice" for the repair works. (£536) Claimant
  2. like it says on tin!!! i remortgaged last year(june 2006) with different company (GMAC!!!) conveyancing lawyer was numpty and it ook 3 months to complete. anyway got a letter from her this morning saying that they don't have the Standard Security (well really she says that the Registers of Scotland sent it but they didn't get it) enclosed is a Security for me to sign and return. what does this mean? i can't imagine the Register for Scotland sending something that sounds important thru ordinary mail. any ideas
  3. Hi all Had a standard life endowment back in 1989 , stopped paying it probs 10 year into it, not got any details of old policy , is there anyway I can get policy details from standard life cheers
  4. Around 20 million energy customers (mainly with large suppliers) in Britain are on ‘standard variable’ rate tariffs, and are potentially missing out on significant savings. Ofgem has published its own league table comparing the cheapest and priciest energy deals on the market. The table compares how much customers on standard variable tariffs (often the most expensive on the market) with each provider could save by switching to a cheaper deal, without even switching companies. More than 1.7 million Npower customers could save £261 a year, simply by moving to another Npower t
  5. Hello folk, I called my electricity supplier (extra energy) to tell them I wanted to go onto an economy 7/10 tariff, they told me that they can't do it because it meant replacing my meter Am I being lead down the garden path?
  6. Hi I was caught doing 80mph on a dual carriageway back in March and just had my court hearing on Tuesday July 26th. During which time my points have gone from 9 down to just 3. I was unable to make court as it was 150 miles away and only had a few days notice. My case was heard and I was disqualified from driving for 6 months from the 26th July. If they are to take the 6 months from the 26th then I only had 3 points at that time and should only get 3 points and £100 fine? Have I got a case here?? Would appreciate any help MK
  7. Hello, I'm after some insight into employment law please, as I'm at a total loss. I was employed last year on a 24 hour a week contract. (I've now worked about 11 months, so I'm well aware I'm under the two years needed to avoid being fired for any reason for making a fuss). However, every week since I commenced my employment I've regularly worked between 30 and 65 hours a week. I'm also paid weekly. I asked about holiday entitlement yesterday as I've already had two weeks off (10 days) but was only paid 4 of them as holiday. I was told that because my contract is for
  8. I have just received a court summons with three options and need a little advise on how to act. On the morning in question I was in a carriage on the Thameslink service from Bedford to Brighton along with 7 people and two kids. We were asked to provide tickets by an inspector which I did so. The inspector took my rail wallet which included my work ID to access my building and previously purchased tickets. I asked for my wallet back to which he refused. He talked to two other passengers before speaking with me and ignored a woman and two kids opposite which I thought wa
  9. Hi My parents wanted to close down their investment accounts with Standard Life and have the money in their banks so they could access their money more easily. They are in their 80s and are not that bothered about earning interest. We wrote to Standard Life, at their request, quite clearly stating which bank account to deposit the money. They paid the money, £27,500, into the wrong account. They paid it into a joint account, which is shared with my brother. Because my brother has been helping himself to the money, we have had to use my Dad's sole current account for any depos
  10. We were sold a 25 year Standard Life Decreasing Term Life Assurance policy / Mortgage Protection Plan on our first property / mortgage in 1990. It was also a condition according to the company representative who we had the meeting with. We have moved twice since then and mortgage amounts increased (with same lender) but we continued to pay the same monthly premium. Should the original policy been amended / updated to coincide with increased borrowing / coverage ? Contacted Standard Life in writing and received a reply stating that even if another property was purchased (i
  11. We were sold a 25 year Standard Life Decreasing Term Life Assurance policy / Mortgage Protection Plan on our first property / mortgage in 1990. It was also a condition according to the company representative who we had the meeting with. We have moved twice since then and mortgage amounts increased (with same lender) but we continued to pay the same monthly premium. Should the original policy been amended / updated to coincide with increased borrowing / coverage ? Thank-you
  12. Hi all, I received a ticket from Carparkingpartnership. I normally send them the standard letter at which point they scrap the fine. However this time they have rejected my appeal. Any help and guidance would be gratefully received
  13. If you were a policyholder with Standard Life when it demutalised in 2006, you would have been entitled to cash or shares. There are still 60,000 people who can claim shares and about 5,000 entitled to claim cash. Those who held a with-profits policy which started before March 2004 and was in force in October 2005 may be eleigible. The last date for claims is 9th July 2016. Anyone with a valid claim should contact Capita Asset Services on 0345 608 1478 http://www.standardlife.co.uk/c1/news-and-blog/uncategorized/dont-miss-money-thats/
  14. Don't know if this is the correct forum, so feel free to move if necessary. So I got two seperate letters from Standard Life pensions. One was a standard single letter and another more detailed set of letters accompanied with a terms and conditions booklet. Apparently someone has set up a pension using my address (but a different name). What do? I am not going to ring up some £3 minute line, plus the Standard Life website has 3 phone numbers and none of them match the employeezone.co.uk one on the letters. The employeezone.co.uk one doesn't match the one on the letters eith
  15. Hi I am trying to obtain some help for some close friends who naively accepted a 100% interest only mortgage about 8 years ago with no capitol repayment plan put in place. They bought the property in Scotland at peak price period. It is a sought after area outside Glasgow 5 min walk to a station with a 15 min commute into Glasgow City Centre. The area has been a low turnover in regards to property sales but downside has been an elderly population who have lived there all their lives. Over the last five years a significant number of properties have hit the market from deceased or el
  16. Hi everyone, In June 2011 I was caught travelling on an incorrect ticket and was interviewed under caution by a FCC revenue Protection Officer. He didn't take my signatures on the statement or his notes although I clearly remember him stating the caution and then proceeding with the interview. Thnaks to this forum, I got some good guidance on how to handle such a case and managed to pay a charge to FCC prosecution department and persuaded not to proceed further with the case (a substantially high amount imho but I was travelling without a valid ticket so was clearly in the wrong).
  17. Interesting one from the MAS https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/static/standard-financial-statement-consultation W
  18. My late husband left me two pensions. One with Aviva and another with Standard Life. The terms of the Aviva pension was that 3 years after his death it would reduce by 1/3rd so I was getting £202 per month which has now reduced to £137 per month (wow!) The Standard Life pension was a much smaller one, only £75 per month (even bigger wow!). The Standard Life pension is paid on the 1st of the month. When I checked my bank account I got the shock of my life to find it had been slashed in half to £38 a month. They haven't even bothered writing to me to inform me they were doing t
  19. Hello there, Could someone point me to the most recent 'Standard' response to a parking 'fine' please? I only need a bog standard one because I paid on a Friday (up till 4am is the NCP time limit for some reason), went to London on the train, stayed over a friends, and the following morning paid for an additional 1 day's parking via RingGo..... it appears the 'fine' was timed at 9.30am but I used RingGo at 10.15am..... i found the fine at 6pm when I got back to the station. Thanks guys and gals!
  20. Hi, Took out a Standard Life Income Protection Plan in 1995, after reading some of the post's regarding these plans, now believe it was not required as I was entitled to Full Company Sick Pay. at the time it was sold the Financial Advisor informed me that I could use up my Company Sick Pay, then apply for the Income Protection when the Sick Pay ran out, can this be deemed as mis-selling Thanks in advance
  21. My mum and dad are in their 70's and have had standard life healthcare for donkeys and every year their premiums keep going up. My dad had a heart attack recently and now their premium has been advised that it will go up from £440 to £680 a month. yep a month! They have a small place in Florida that they travel to for 3 months of the year to get away from the UK winter weather and becuase this premium has gone up so much they are now thinking they will have to sell as they cannot afford to renew their health insurance (which also gives them travel cover) What is the point in having
  22. Hello, I am a new user and wanted some information regarding a 'Standard Order for stay for Settlement with consent of all the parties' I arrived home today to find one of these in the post. From what I can gather this means that someone has put in a claim against me for recovery of money and the judge has ruled for a length of time to be given to sort this out between ourselves. I understand that I will have to contact the court next but my issues are: 1. I have never heard of the individual named as the claimant 2. There has been no contact prior to this so how can it
  23. Have you all seen this! http://www.rossendaleshighcourtenforcement.com/index.php/news/37/51/Rossendales-Secure-Prestigious-Government-Standard Rossendales Secure Prestigious Government Standard Rossendales has now secured the prestigious Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Government Standard! When it comes to Customer Service the Government is very clear, “They want services for all that are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering – with the citizen always and everywhere at the heart of service provision.” Rossendales
  24. Hi My 14 year old son was stopped in TKMaxx and accused of shoplifting. He hadn't left the store but was stopped near the tills. Taken to the back and made to confess and sign a banning order. I was called and advised by security that they would give him the benefit of the doubt and let him go. No Police etc called. Received letter attached which i am currently writing a response too. I am going to deny all liability etc and ask that they forgo the usual barrage of letter and go straight to court. I am not paying a penny and would love to take this further etc. Is the letter attac
  25. In August last year, my wife purchased an Asus netbook as a Christmas present for our Granddaughter. In August this year the charger would no longer work. We purchased a new charger, and contacted Littlewoods, explaining that although it was purchased in August, it was not used before Christmas day. My wife has since received an E-mail stating that a laptop charger is classed as a consumable part and therefore only has a six month warranty, and as this item was 12 months old when reported faulty we would not be able to reimburse you any costs. We did not really expe
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